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Closed, roped off children's playground amid COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic in Europe
Frosted grass on a blurry bokeh sunrise backdrop
Closed, roped off children's playground swinging cat toy amid COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic in Europe
COVID-19 Coronavirus warning sign taped on a closed, roped off skatepark slope
House and garden trees covered in snow on a cold, sunny winters day with clear, blue, azure skies
Garden covered in snow on a cold, sunny winters day
Closeup of frozen flowers on a meadow in winter, with a shallow depth of field and neutral colors
Electric car charging spot traffic sign in blue and white
Disc golf (frolf) basket on a forest course in autumn with a shallow depth of field
Rainwater shooting from a gutter into a water collecting reservoir
Beautiful blossoming cool purple scotch heather (Calluna vulgaris) bush background with a shallow depth of field
White saloon (sedan) car driving along a snowy forest road covered in heavy snow
Close-up of solar panels at sunset
Winter sunset sundog halo and diamond dust snow falling
No car carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions allowed sign attached to a stone wall in an environmentally friendly district
Closeup of a bare christmas spruce tree at home without decorations
Sun rising through frosted apple tree leaves
Cold early morning sunrise in a frosted garden
Frozen wild flowers on a cold winter morning
Sunrise on the motorway on a foggy countryside morning
Small hatchback car driving along a snowy, icy road on a beautiful, cold and sunny winters day
European hedgehog carefully walking in the garden beside a house
Ground mounted solar panels with a sunset backdrop
Power lines on a steel construction above a railway
Man trimming a hedge next to a house
Blurry blue metal plated house facade with light reflections and square shapes
European hedgehog drinking rain water from a bucket
Sunset on a meadow
Long, endless road in the middle of a forest on a gloomy day
Yellow and green watering cans in the garden
Parallel road lines in white and yellow
Blurred image of a crane and a building site behind temporary steel construction fencing
Sunset in the countryside on a cold winter's night
Isolated poisonous toadstool, fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) mushroom growing in green moss
Old wooden and weathered town house facade
Wild spruce (fir) trees covered in heavy snow
Car driving along a countryside road in heavy fog
Wide shot of a foggy countryside road leading trough trees and green fields
Closeup of a white saloon (sedan) car driving along a snowy forest road covered in heavy snow
Two wild spruce (fir) trees covered in heavy snow
Dark green frozen rose bush leaves background
Closeup of dried meadow flowers in cool tones with a blurry background and shallow depth of field
Dry plant branches on a windy winter beach in cool tones with a shallow depth of field and blurry background
Closeup of textural stratified rocks in dark gray cool tones with a blurred background
Closeup of textural stratified rocks on the coast in gray and beige cool tones with a blurred background
Textural stratified rocks in light gray cool tones
Sun shining through pristine pine trees
Big ground mounted solar power plant
Abstract background of textures in frozen icy azure blue water
Snowy mountain tops (Austrian Alps) in clouds
Abstract background of a pastel sunset on a peaceful sea with calm waves wafting to the shore
White calcium carbonate rocks in white water near fossil fuel production
Green water lily leaves flowing in dark river water
Sun setting on a cold winters day over a frozen lake, painting it cream white and blue
Frozen lake covered in blue ice
Steep mountains (Austrian Alps) covered in snow
Panorama of the highest mountain range and highest point (Grossglockner) in the Austrian Alps covered in snow
Crystal clear emerald green seawater
Mountain river (Isonzo) with turquoise blue water running through the forest in Triglav national park (Slovenia)
Light pink bleeding heart blossoms hanging from a flower pot
Freshly cut grass with curved lawn mowing lines
Trees covered in hoarfrost on a cold winter day
Golden crop field with a blurred sun halo background
Cold autumn morning sun shining through tree leaves in a garden
Closeup of frosted grass with a blurry bokeh autumn morning sunrise background
Dark red rose blossoms covered with frost
Abstract blurred bokeh modern office space background - white work desk and chairs, green plants and floor to ceiling windows
Sun shining through trees in the park
Glass bus station next to a highway in the industrial part of the city
Defocused blurry bokeh apple tree garden background with green grass on a sunny day
Oil refinery tanks at night in an industrial area
Aerial view from Pakri limestone cliff overlooking the sea at sunset
Wooden boardwalk in a pine forest with sunlight shining through the trees
White lilac blossoms with a family house in the background
Spring blossoms and European starling bringing food to his nest
Wooden stairs leading to an empty beach
Pink and purple bleeding heart blossoms hanging from a flower pot
Wicker basket full of freshly picked wild mushrooms
Spruce tree branches at Christmas time in an old rusty decorative bucket
Wooden garden gate on a cold and snowy winter night with bokeh Christmas lights on the foreground
Young man walking on a wooden boardwalk in an autumnal peatland carrying a camera bag
River flowing into and merging with the sea
Bright yellow rape blossom (Brassica napus) field with blue skies and white clouds
Amazing multicolored sunset sky, silhouette of tree branches and forest
Blanching milkcap mushrooms (Lactarius rufus) in water
Apple tree blooming on a sunny spring day
Man taming a hedge with an electric trimmer
Blooming dark purple German iris on a green background
Sun setting on a snowy winter forest landscape
Window after a summer rain with a green garden background
English lavender closeup on a green background
Pink petals fallen onto mulch covered ground
Sun setting in a countryside hay field
Sun shining through bright green leaves
River flowing through a pristine green forest
Solar panels against blue sky and white clouds
Man holding a freshly picked Boletus edulis mushroom in a bright autumn forest
Abstract blurred winter frozen lake background with frost crystals on the foreground in pastel colors
Sunbeams shining through snowy treetops on a cold winter morning
Snowy and icy, empty countryside winter road at sunset
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