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BUKOVEL,Ukraine-July 8,2014:Unusual house upside down in mountain landscape
Woman counts revenue in dollar bills
Portrait of a girl covering her eyes with a pumpkin in her hand
The girl squeezes the pumpkin with her hands and covers one eye
Young girl studying a lesson from a book and drinking  cup of tea
Girl with a cup of tea reads a book
a gypsy fortune teller girl holds a magic ball
Autumn still life of candles, leaves and opened book
Girl holds a pumpkin on a background of autumn yellow leaves
Autumn composition of a cup of coffee, a warm scarf, fallen leaves, cookies in the form of coffee beans
Iguana lurking in a dried tree
Cream for skin care on female fingers
Girl lies with her hair spread out,  outstretched arms on the grass and smiling
Budapest,Hungary august 20,2019:Not in focus,blurred view of firework near parlament of Hungary in St. Stephen’s Day
Exotic cactus thickets in the home garden
Step in the center of the circle laid out with paving stones
Home gardening, thickets of exotic cactus plants
Budapest,Hungary-august 18,2019:View of the Hungarian Parliament in the evening
little girl points a finger the right direction in the bushes
Outstretched hand under the water leaking underground source
Car tire skids on slippery roads
boy and girl on childrens fitness equipment
Blur image of man tries to touch a hand to prickly cactus
Abandoned wooden boat on the lake
Girl sits on the green grass of a football field and looks thoughtfully into the distance
pair of legs on tiptoe in socks with hemp pattern
Hans clasped together and outstretched towards the blue sky
people are trying to catch a dollar bill hanging on a hook
composition on the chair from a cup of hot coffee,fallen autumn leaves and tassel of mountain ash
Lonely girl sitting on the tribune sports stadium
Cup of hot coffee in hand close up
Beautiful,spinous, whimsical form seashell for souvenir
          black moustached beetle on a finger
Man's hand is flipping a coin isolated on white
Sopot, Poland, desember 14,2014-Unusual curve house
They are trying to divide the  coin on a plate by forks
Two hands touched a blank stone wall,an impassable barricade or obstacle close up.
Frozen snow crystals on dried leaves
Girl is hid in winter behind a tree
cold snow cristals on fingers
Girl is walking in winter park
Not sustainable сoins pyramid sways and falling out of hand isolated on white
Snow cat on a tree
Drilling holes in the concrete wall on the building
A young girl crawls through a tunnel of rings
Two girls something dropped and  look down with a frightened expression
The girl whispers secret to the guy
The girl put her hand to her ear and listens to the sounds
hungry people cuts the pizza at same time
a large number of apples on a branch
Coins poured from the open door of a toy car
ripening wheat spikelets and blue sky
guinea-pig in dense grass
pears, apples, grapes in a basket close up
sweet pancakes with honey on a saucer
two delicious pizzas
euro coins lined in the form of a flower isolated on white
the tents in the forest camp
the fire in marching camp is ready for cooking food
 Beautiful butterfly sits on yellow flower
Amazig butterfly landed on yellow flower
Decoration in the garden with an inverted pot and sand poured out of it
Young girl makes a tattoo on his neck
 The girl looks up and dreams
Onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, dill on a plate
A pile of paving stones is prepared for laying in the park road
Man teaches to make a clay pot on a potter's wheel(closeup)
The girl watches through binoculars
The young girl looks through binoculars
The young boy runs through the tunnel
the young boy helps in gardennig
the young boy watering flowers from the hose
A pensive girl sits with head is leaned on fists
Young girl bend down tree by force
Young girl holding a bouquet of dandelions in hands
Smoking industrial pipe
A young girl jumped high
Young girl lies on the lawn with dandelions
Not in focus girl in ballerina pose with a skirt of dandelions
Street night light in old style
boat made from banknote isolated on white
boxes with present in hands on holiday
there is a box with violet gift bandaged with ribbon and bow on hads
Man drops the needle on a record player
Gdansk,Poland-November 15,2014:Illuminated Yellow Bridge on the night
the girl pushes the engine of the locomotive wheels with force
The girl brought a wheelbarrow of green grass to the forage and wiped her sweaty forehead
not edible mushroom in the grass
A young girl on the field with mature wheat
Two halves of a girl on the couch (illusion)
The girl put her head on hands and dreams
Frightened faces of two girls
The girl near the fountain put her hand under the stream of water
An umbrella lies on the road in the rain
The butterfly sits on marigolds
Clothes hanging on hangers in the wardrobe
the girl in the mountains looks down (illusion)
Frightened girl hanging on the edge of a skyscraper(illusion)
The girl stands near the colored flags and salutes
Girl smiling holding a big piece of watermelon
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