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Midwestern prairie in late summer
a reading spot in a library
penguins at the new england aquarium in boston
One purple coneflower rising above the rest
an intersection on a college campus
A vervet monkey shows his fangs
a steel roller coaster
On safari in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania
Southern ground hornbill coming in for a landing
moody silhouette
A chameleon species endemic to the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania
Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro Crater, one of the seven natural wonders of the world
mailbox dropbox - isolated
An elephant grazing below a tree
isolated pumpkin, view from the top
college campus
a river in the valley of rocky mountain national park
Herds of cattle grazing before a rainstorm
Oldoinyo Lengai, an active volcano and Maasai goddess
kansas city skyline
blue skies in the Serengeti
sunburned skin
bikes in the snow
a storm approaching a campsite in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania
blurry background
pink and purple hair
a rock formation in the serengeti
colorful furniture in a library
a gas pump
hopeful silhouette
A chameleon species endemic to the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania
an elderly Tanzanian man
kansas city skyline
running giraffes with selective saturation
an adult zebra in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania
kansas city skyline
microscope and slide
A monarch butterfly
Mosque at Sunset in Arusha, Tanzania
a bathroom counter
a science workstation
trail in rocky mountain national park
female impala in the serengeti watching a hyena in the distance
a kaleidoscope
a college dorm
bikes in the snow
a brick path in a park in winter
Dirt road, grass, and cloudy sky
a winding path through a park
closed sign on rusty surface
a carpet pattern
a wall cloud that later produced a tornado
environmental studies center
can you tie the knot?
blurred abstract background
a juvenile zebra in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania
a mailbox dropbox
A monarch butterfly
bikes in the snow
music notes, christmas lights
a half-eaten cake cone
pollution in the water
A zebra in Ngorongoro Crater
laboratory desktop
mexican duck
striped mattress
pollution in the water
an old victorian house
an elaborate wedding cake, isolated on black background
a reflecting pool in a garden
a stairway
butt nothing!
pollution in the water
winter on campus
maroon texture
studying in the springtime
an array of fun-colored apples
microscope and slide
jar of peanut butter
a snowy road in the winter
detail of a wet rose
long exposure of female kicking
rocky lips
a dandelion gone to seed, reaching toward the overcast sky
a bridge in a forest, covered in autumn leaves
pollution in the water
reflecting pool
A monarch butterfly
prairie flower (higher contrast)
body geometry
autumn decorative grass
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