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Calais, Vermont, USA - March 4, 2014: Residents discuss proposals put forward to voters at Town Meeting in the Calais Town Hall.
Traffic control is hazardous work, which is why they wear high visibility clothing.
Calais, Vermont, USA - March 4, 2014: Voters raise yellow cards to register their vote on this vote from the floor at the Calais Town Hall during the school board meeting on Town Meeting Day.
Burlington, VT, USA - September 30, 2013: People gather to watch the boats along the water at the Burlington Marina while pedestrians walk the Island Line Trail along the waterfront in the sun.
A big red, white and black danger warns trespassers away from this substation.
With 40,000 residents, Burlington, Vermont is the largest city in the state.
The Kentucky coffee tree is a small tree of south eastern North America. Its leaves are doubly compound.
A group of freshly hatched turkey poults rests under a brooder lamp.  One poult is on its feet, looking for a midnight snack.  These are broad-breasted bronze poults, about 3 days old.
Two rocking chairs invite one to sit a while on this old porch.
This is the fruit pod of the American hop hornbeam tree. This tree is known for its exceptionally dense wood.
VERMONT, USA - SEPTEMBER 15, 2013:  Stands at the midway of the Tunbridge Fair offer a variety of fried foods, including this plate of deep fried Oreos. The Oreo brand is owned by Nabisco.
A sheepberry viburnum (Nannyberry, Viburnum lentago) flower head lit in the golden glow of the setting sun.  Also visible are the lamb's ear shaped leaves of this popular landscaping shrub.
Two rocking chairs create a peaceful scene on this old porch.
A water drilling rig is set up ready for use. Stacked against the rig are numerous casings for the well.
This pig has a sorrowful expression on his face, as if to say "I ate way too much!". The focus is on the expressive eyes, and the snout is distorted as it reaches for the camera lens.
An large white rocking chair invites customers to stay a while and chat on the porch of the old general store.
 Traffic is light on Central Street by the Woodstock Village Green in Woodstock, Vermont on a Sunday evening in summer.
A bake sale is in full progress. All items for sale have been labeled with ingredients for the benefit of those with food allergies.
Rye, NH, USA - August 7, 2014: A Star Island visitor walks along the island cliffs as a sightseeing ferry takes shelter in the harbor during a summer storm.
Montpelier, Vermont sits astride the Winooski River in the center of the state.
Solar panels grace the roof of an apartment building in this autumn cityscape view of Montpelier, Vermont's state capital.
Japanese knotweed is a much reviled invasive species. However, its tender young sprouts are edible and tasty.
With 40,000 residents, Burlington, Vermont is the largest city in the state.
A pile of carrot seeds is ready to plant in a spring garden. These seeds are from the Scarlet Nantes variety.
A serving of strawberry shortcake sits on a plate. Under the plate is a white napkin with fancy red and black embroidery.
Portsmouth, NH, USA - August 9, 2014: A motorboat cruises out of Old Harbor on a sunny summer morning.
With 40,000 residents, Burlington, Vermont is the largest city in the state.
A pile of broccoli seeds is ready to plant in a spring garden. These seeds are from the Tender Green variety.
The macoun apple is a popular heirloom apple.
The edge of a Persian rug is shown in close up.
VERMONT, USA - SEPTEMBER 15, 2013: Children line up with their heifers to hear the results of the 4H livestock competition at the Tunbridge Fair.
A bottle of nitric acid sits on a laboratory bench.
A horse peeks out the window near a No Smoking sign on an old red barn.
A pile of parsley seeds is ready to plant in a spring garden. These seeds are from the Gigante d'Italia variety.
The letters on this telephone pole show that it is owned by an electrical cooperative. Electrical co-ops provide power throughout many of the rural areas of the United States.
A pile of cabbage seeds is ready to plant in a spring garden. These seeds are from the Golden Acres variety.
A freshly popped batch of kettle corn awaits customers.
 This man is shown dressed for a fishing expedition, with fishing pole, tackle box, fishing hat, and rubber boots, asleep in the back of his canoe.  Lily pads fill the water around the boat.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA - January 16, 2014: A flag flaps in the wind beneath the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospital tower on a winter day.
Rye, NH, USA - August 9, 2014: Early morning fishermen try their luck in the strait between Star Island and White Island on a clear summer day.
Lebanon, New Hampshire City Hall is located on North Park Street in downtown Lebanon.
This road sign in the tiny village of Derby Line, VT marks the border between the US and Canada.  The Canadian customs inspection building is visible in the left side of the picture.
Wild black cherry (Prunus serotina) blossoms shine brightly in the spring sun.
The Gila Cliff dwellings are featured in the Gila National Monument in southern New Mexico.
The tiny Gaspe (Quebec) village of Petite Valle can be seen from the coastal road.
A horse peers out of its stall in a weathered barn on a late June morning with green plants and flowers growing up the side of the barn.
The Liberty apple is known for producing healthy fruit without the need for pesticide sprays.
This pair of Tamworth piglets are enjoying playing in the pasture in spring.  Tamworth is a heritage breed of pig, distinguished by its tan coloring and long bodies.
Richmond, VT, USA - October 10, 2013: Local residents pause to chat with each other outside the Richmond Town Offices on a sunny autumn afternoon.
Deep maroon cones contrast with the fresh green needles on a tamarack (Larix laricina) branch in spring in Nova Scotia.
A slice of bread is spread with farm fresh herbed goat cheese.
Red elder (Sambucus racemosa) is one of the earliest flowering wild shrubs of spring.
Queensboro Light graces Chedabucto Bay north of Halifax.
This brilliant red flower of the staghorn sumac will soon be followed by edible berries rich in vitamin C.
A forester has strung diameter tape around an old sugar maple in a section of old growth forest in Vermont.  According to the tape, the tree is 121 inches (310 cm) at breast height.
Green araucana eggs sit on a plate with a thick slice of ham. These eggs are from Araucana chickens and appear in their natural colors--they are not dyed.
Maple syrup is being poured into a steel mixing bowl containing the raw ingredients for granola: oats, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, ground flax seeds, and cashews.
Small fishing boats are pulled up to the rocky coast just outside of St Pierre city.
This dish contains corn and kale fried in butter.
Bolton, VT, USA - October 9, 2013: A traffic control  worker stops traffic on Vermont  State Highway 2 during a paving project on a clear autumn day while cars stream by on the adjacent Interstate 89.
A blueberry danish with white frosting tempts diners on a blue plate.
The Cox's orange pippin apple is a popular heirloom apple.
This homemade apple pie is served up with a chunk of artisinal cheddar cheese.
A narrow country road winds through an old apple orchard in Vermont.
A pile of spinach seeds is ready to plant in a spring garden. These seeds are from the Bordeaux variety.
These 10-day old piglets are rooting in the dirt near a metal fence.  The piglets are a cross between Tamworth and Berkshire, both heritage breeds.
A Tamworth Berkshire cross piglet delights in rooting in the grass on its first trip out of the barn.
Edible high bush cranberries sparkle with ripeness in early autumn.
This bus is headed straight to Montreal. The stickers on the bus door prove that the bus has passed state inspections.
This red berry of the partridge berry plant (Mitchella repens) is a tasty wild edible fruit.
Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont is America's oldest private military college.
A traditional Saami (Lapp) is shown together with a hunting knife from northern Lappland.  The knife shows the wear and stains of heavy use.
A woman stirs salt into a freshly popped batch of kettle corn.
A market sized Tamworth pig stands in a pasture of green grass with his nose almost touching the wires of an electric fence. The Tamworth is a heritage breed, known for excellent bacon.
Huntington, VT, USA - October 10, 2013: A local resident advertises fresh eggs with a sign tacked to a telephone pole on Main Street on this sunny autumn afternoon.
These dairy cows enjoy some of Vermont's finest mountain views.
An old barn is brought up to date with solar panels on this Vermont farm.
Montpelier, VT, USA - April 21, 2014: Pedestrians stroll in front of the Vermont Statehouse in Montpelier on a warm spring evening.
This National Historic Landmark is the site of Henry David Thoreau's original cabin along Walden Pond in Concord, MA. Visitors traditionally leave a rock on the site to honor Thoreau.
A bowl of oatmeal with dried sour cherries and chocolate chips awaits the morning diner.
Portsmouth, NH, USA - August 9, 2014: Boats are moored off the dock below Harbor Place in downtown Portsmouth on this sunny summer morning.
The tiny village of Perce is on the southern coast of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. This photo was taken from the shore near Perce rock.
Vermont's state capitol is nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains.
Couplings and drill casings are lined up ready for use at a water drilling site.
Wrightsville Reservoir is a popular recreational area for swimming and boating in Middlesex, Vermont.
This bucket contains wild onions, also known as ramps, wild leeks, or wild garlic. They are a favorite wild edible of spring.
Portsmouth, NH, USA - August 2, 2014: Cranes stand at the ready at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on this Saturday afternoon in mid-summer.
These beech (Fagus grandifolia) leaves have just begun turning from green to yellow in the fall.
This hand made milking stool has seen years of heavy use.  It has a handle attached to the seat according to traditional design.
This American chestnut (Castanea dentata) is in full bloom in early summer.
A stone church with an ornate wooden door has hearts hung to one side.
This sneaky goat has discovered the wisdom of the old adage "The grass grows greener on the other side of the fence."
These heavy handmade sheepskin mittens have seen years of use in keeping hands warm.
The Long Trail is a popular hiking trail that runs throughout the state of Vermont from north to south.
Lake Groton is in the heart of Vermont's Groton State Forest.
Berlin, VT, USA - October 2, 2013: On a warm autumn morning, members of the Berlin, Vermont road crew cut a trench in Paine Turnpike Rd in order to install a new culvert.
The Brown Public Library serves patrons in the small town of Northfield, Vermont.
A pair of young paper birch leaves are backlit by the sun on a summer morning.
A section of a tribal rug is shown in close up for detail.
A woman chemistry instructor writes out a chemical equation on a chalk board. The equation describes the chemistry behind the "breathalyzer" test.
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