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statue of an astonaut
traffic at the toll booth
city street color
baseball catcher in gear
cat in the leaves
baseball player
belmont from the el platform
fishing in the Grand River
chicago police boat
Bike path in the flood
High Quality Digital Media Asset
spring hosta leaves
jogger along Lake Michigan shoreline
picnic table at the river
tiger at the zoo
cross in the dawn sky
elevated train platform in Chicago
water intake island in Lake Michigan
city street sepia
mirror building in downtown Grand Rapids
winter sun
sunset at the Grand river
Old Covered Bridge
path through the trees
clock on a building in downtown Grand Rapids
storm drain
ice jam on the river
river otter color
church window
river otter head color
road and building construction
telephone pole with banner
inside an "el" station in Chicago
tree in the fog
High Quality Digital Media Asset
barn in the countryside
dates in the concrete
grizzly bear color
sign at the baseball stadium
screw and weld spot
screw on a water tower
goat head color
tree roots
tire swing
fire hydrant
sculpture in downtown Grand Rapids
sunset in March
gecko kite flying
stadium seats
spider monkey
High Quality Digital Media Asset
High Quality Digital Media Asset
neon sign
bottle in bag
cat close up
grassy dune on Lake Michigan
black and white turkey at the petting zoo
grizzly bear
seagull over the Grand River
beluga whale
fountain steps
building abstract
bridge in sepia
kite flying
grizzly bear black and white
city buildings
walking on the beach
llama head color
river otter black and white
canadian goose
dall sheep at the zoo
chimpanzee at the zoo
llama head black and white
goat head black and white
river otter head black and white
goat at the petting zoo
building along the river
bridge over the river
High Quality Digital Media Asset
weathered post on a handrail
ladder on a water tower
my tennis shoe
just a duck
snow trees
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