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Black Teen Boys Wearing Coats, Vest or Jackets
Side Walk Cycle for Business Woman
4 Black or African American Women Sitting Down
Teen Girl sleeping on Back
Nurses or Surgeons Wearing Scrubs
Nurses or Surgeons Wearing Scrubs in Colored Silhouette
People Viewed From Behind
Five White or Caucasian Doctors Both Sexes, Male and Female
Black Chef Making A Salad
Black or African American Doctors, Nurses or Surgeons in Scrubs.
Two Men Sitting in Chairs Facing Each Other Having in Conversation
Black or African Doctors Wearing Lab Coats
Woman having A Gynecological Examination
Doctors / Physicians in Silhouette
White or Caucasian Sitting in Chairs Viewed from the Back
Casually Dressed Teens or Young Adult Women Sitting
Young Men Walking and Texting
Female Nurse Giving Patient a Shot
Young Women Walking Away
Black or African American Men Socializing in Group Therapy
Men View from the back Standing Around Talking or Looking at Something
White or Caucasian American Businessman Sitting in Chairs Having a Meeting
Trio of Overweight Black Women Walking
Business  Men Waiting in Line
Black or African Teen Boys Walking (Side View)
Business women
Businessman wearing suits.
African American Business Men
Surgeon Ready For Surgery
Woman Doing Yoga Poses
Woman on All Fours
Black Business Men Sitting
Celebrating Businessmen
Black or African American Business man Lying on his Back
Business Men from the back
Black or African Business Men sitting In Chairs Viewed from Behind
Men Walking Away
Women Sitting Down while wearing Dresses or Skirts
Bald Business Men
White Male Lying Down
 Waiting in Line
Black or African American Man and Woman in Wheelchair
Black Business Women Walking Away
White or Caucasian Woman Lying on her Back
Overweight Women Walking Together
Businessmen Pointing or Motioning Toward Something
White or Caucasian American Businessman Sitting in Chairs Having a Meeting
Black or African American Couple Walking Away
Men Wearing Jackets & Pants Viewed from Behind
Businessmen on Mobile Phone in Business Casual Dress
Doctor Sitting On Stool Viewed from the Back
Waiting in Line
Older Black or African American Businessmen
Walking Business Men
Men Doing Hand Gestures
Two Seated Black Men Having a Conversation
Business Women in Profile View
People Sitting on the Ground or Floor
Men Sitting in Chairs Viewed from Behind
Happy Businessmen Celebrating
Teen Boys
Female Physician / Doctor in a Lab Coat with Stethoscope
Black Men Viewed from Behind Sitting in Chairs
Pregnancy Stages
Caucasian delivery man with hand truck
Young Women or Teenage Girls Walking and Texting
Businessman with Briefcase
Walking Away
Overweight Caucasian Women Walking
Family Walking Together
African Family
Black Business Women
Teen Girls
Caucasian (white) mothers with their children
Black fathers and their children
Well dress young men
Sitting Down
Men Walking
Women Wearing Dress
Joggers and Runners
Businessmen Waiting In Line Using Cell Phone or Reading
Black Men Squatting or Kneeling
African American Woman Choosing Between Two Men
Man Sitting at Table Reading Newspaper
Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil Businessman
Three Young Women Viewed from Behind while Wearing Casual clothes
Couple walking Away holding hands
Businessmen Stepping Up from Rear view
Well-dressed adult men
Asian Men Wearing Business Shirts
Business Men with Hands on Hips and Making Thumbs Up Sign
6 Obese Women
Young Men Viewed from the Back
People walking in Line
Young Black Men Viewed from the Back
Older businessmen
Teen Boys Viewed From the Back
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