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Corner of Rug
Statue at Central Park
Santo Domingo
Columbus's Palace in Santo Domingo
Abu El-Abbas El-Morsi Mosque, Alexandria, Egypt
Roman Amphitheater in Alexandria, Egypt
Malibu Beach
Statue of Egyptian Nationalist Saad Zaghloul Overlooking Alexandria
Cathedral in Sevilla, Spain
Bridge in Antoni Gaudi's Park Guell in Barcelona
Columbus Statue
Santo Domingo Cathedral
Interior Room of Versailles
Palace of Versailles
View of Lourdes from the top of the Basilica
View of Cairo
Arabesque Architecture in Aljaferia, Zaragoza, Spain
Caso De Campo
Al Azhar Mosque, Cairo, Egypt
Florida Trees and Sunset
Santo Domingo Architecture
San Juan Plaza with Statue of Christopher Columbus
Santo Domingo Building
Balto Statue
Detail of Court
Statue of Courthouse
Beach of Santa Monica
Colonial Palace
Elephant Statue and Arch in Hollywood and Highland Center Courtyard
Statue of Columbus
Derek Jeter On Base
Lower Manhattan Courthouse
Rug Corner
Mont Serrat Monastery in Mountains Outside of Barcelona, Spain
View of Chartres from Cathedral Tower
River View of Lourdes Cathedral
Palm Tree Lined Pathway to Beach
Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, and Bernie Williams
Statue of Balto, Medicine Carrying Alaskan Husky, in Central Park
El Morro Fort
Notre Dame de Paris
Fountain and Obelisk in the Place de la Concorde, Paris
View of Sultan Hassan and Al-Refa'i Mosques from Cairo Citadel
Le Pont des Invalides
Statue of Goya Outside of Prado Museum, Madrid
Globe in Front of Trump Tower
Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Cairo
View of Alexandria
Silver Globe of Trump Tower
Church of El Morro
Christopher Columbus Statue in San Juan
Jail Cells of El Morro Fort, Puerto Rico
Cannon Tower of El Morro Fortress
Malibu Pier
Citibank Building
View of L'Arc De Triomphe Along the Champs Elysees
Interior of Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral
Tower in Santo Domingo
Interior of Great Pyramid
Toulouse Basilica
Moorish Palace in Andalucia, Spain
Inner Courtyard In Toulouse Basilica
St. Bartholomew's Cafe In NYC
Waterfall in Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii
Liters of Beer
Muhammad Ali Mosque Pillars
View of Cairo from Mosque of Ibn Tulun
View of Madrid Park
Tommy Haas After Hitting A Forehand
Santa Monica Pier Pacific Wheel
Statue of King Ferdinand of Aragon
Lake in Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii
Polynesian Cultural Center, Hawaii
Alhambra Gardens
Multicolored Parrot
Parrot in Ocho Rios
Interior of Mosque of Muhammad Ali
Interior Room of the Louvre
USS Missouri
Bridge Going Into Miami
A-Rod Swinging
National Park in Barcelona, Spain
Dome of Abu El-Abbas El-Morsi Mosque, Alexandria, Egypt
Toledo Cathedral
Architecture of Ibn Tulun Mosque
View of Granada from the Al Hambra
Jason Giambi
Silhouette of Asian Girl on Beach Full Body
Derek Jeter Warming Up
East Village Architecture
US Coast Guard Boat
El Morro Cemetery
Church in Lourdes
Alex Rodriguez Swinging
Derek Jeter At Bat
Derek Jeter Tagging Out Runner
Globe Statue at UN HQ
Central Park and Manhattan Skyline
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