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BOSTON UK, ‎‎June 23, ‎2020: Side view of red vintage Volkswagen beetle
Elephant wearing a plant as a hat under a palm tree at Manila zoo
BOSTON UK, April 2. 2020: Queue of people practising the new social distancing rules outside Aldi supermarket
BOSTON UK, ‎‎June 25 ‎2020: Stone building housing various council services including the library & registry office
‎BOSTON UK, June 12 ‎2020: COVID-19 warning sign near orange road barriers on the town bridge
BOSTON UK, April 01, 2020: Police car pulling over a driver during the coronavirus lockdown
pair of swans feeding on river weed in the water on a sunny spring evening
‎BOSTON UK, June 12 ‎2020: Roadworks on the town bridge with red warning signs & barriers
Lincoln UK  July 3 2015: A vintage style take away food van parked outside the railway station.
BOSTON UK ‎May 12 ‎, ‎2020: Security camera mounted on an outside window of a house
Head portrait of tabby cat in the garden viewed from above.
Tabby cat in the garden looking up at his owner whose feet are in view
Single yellow coriander flower close up
reflections on water on a very calm sunny day in autumn
Close up of a common garden spider on a web
Close up of a Boxer dog looking over a garden fence
Luzon Philippines, April 1 2018: A back yard tropical garden of a farmhouse in the province
Colourful flowers and plants in a garden with overhanging trees in springtime
Manila Philippines December 24 2014: Sign with small child at manila ocean park
guangzhou  China, December 8 2013: terminal at Baiyun International Airport
Manila Philippines, April 3 2018: A view of Robinsons Place Mall from high above.
Manila Philippines December 18 2013: Highway Patrol Group of the Philippine National police Dept.
Luzon Philippines, April 01, 2018: Bride walking to the chapel aisle at a traditional catholic Filipino wedding
Luzon Philippines, April 01, 2018: People at a filipino wedding celebration outdoors with food marque in background.
Luzon Philippines, April 01, 2018: Happy bridesmaids at a Filipino wedding reception
Quezon city, Manila Philippines, December 17 2013: A line of traffic on the main road at the end of broadway Ave.
BOSTON UK, August 32 2020: Gravestones ‎with overhanging branches at the local cemetery
Old gravestones in an overgrown  wooded field
pathway in a wooded area with bicycle parked near the stone wall of a chapel.
A long strait road through a wooded cemetery looking in to the distance.
A narrow road through a wooded cemetery
BOSTON UK, ‎September ‎03 ‎2020: New road being built on London Rd. Wyberton as part of the quadrant development
Orange flowers in hanging basket with striped shaded background
sunset with reflections on river
 ‎June ‎15 ‎2020: Working on the old town bridge on the river Haven
BOSTON UK, ‎September ‎03 ‎2020: New road surface on London Rd. Wyberton as part of the quadrant development
‎BOSTON UK, 19th ‎August ‎2020: The green auction held for the first time after the lockdown with the auctioneer & assistants wearing face visors.
Rainbow with storm clouds in the sky over the riverbank on a late summer evening
BOSTON UK, ‎‎June 23, ‎2020: A red vintage Volkswagen beetle in the library building car park
Rays of light shining across an orange & blue sky at sunset with reflections on the river
A bird perched on a rooftop tv aerial in the early morning sunlight
‎BOSTON UK, 19th ‎August ‎2020: A traditional burger stand in the marketplace waiting to serve food behind clear plastic screens.
Sunlit red pink rose on a dark background
bouquet of decorative pink & orange roses from above
Pair of white swans feeding in the water on a sunny summer evening
English marigold flower side view
‎BOSTON UK, 19th ‎August ‎2020: The marketplace on a rainy day in summer
Close up of a bee collecting pollen on a light purple Malva flower
A pigeon perched on a a branch of tree blossom on a sunny spring evening
BOSTON UK, ‎ ‎April ‎22 2020, People in a social distancing queue while queuing outside Lloyds bank during the COVID 19 pandemic
Close up of ripe blackberries
BOSTON UK, August 08 2020: sea birds feeding on waste outside a fish processing plant near the river in the port of Boston
One black headed gull on the grass with open mouth
Pair of Grey lag geese standing in a field
Close up of record player stylus with turntable blurred in background
BOSTON UK, February 06 2020: Twin engine emirates airliner flying high with contrails
Injured young bird with food in its beak while being hand fed
close up of dandelion clock with blurred background
A black cat with green eyes sitting on the garden lawn
BOSTON UK, July 24 2020: A police car parked outside an ASDA supermarket in the car park during lockdown
the centre of an english marigold flower
BOSTON UK, ‎August ‎‎04 2020,  Row of fishing boats moored on the Haven riverside near the  high street on a sunny day.
Close up of blackberries ripening on a stalk with blue sky
A pint glass of beer& can on a table in an outdoor area of a pub
Close up of a young injured bird being nursed back to health by hand.
Lupine flowers in the garden
A whole pizza served on a wooden paddle board with a glass of beer in the background
Close up of two yellow & black moth caterpillars on leaves
A white cat standing near the edge of a river where ducklings are feeding nearby
BOSTON UK, July ‎‎‎06 ‎‎2020: blue digger truck working on the riverbank opposite the new flood barrier
Close up of domestic cat showing affection while being stroked by his owner
Collared dove perched on a bird feeder in the garden
Acanthus flowers in the summer growing under a tree in the garden
Row of clay hanging baskets on a garden fence in the sunshine
Young sparrow being cared for in the hands of an animal lover
Trees along a pathway in the park during summer
pair of common wood pigeons (Columba palumbus) feeding in a park
footpath near the railway crossing on the High street riverbank in BOSTON UK,
BOSTON UK, ‎‎‎‎July 12 ‎2020: Charity shops remaining closed in the town centre even after non essential shops opened on June 15th during the COVID 19 lockdown
Close up of a red cherry on a wooden fence post
honey suckle flower on a blurred garden background
Orange Tiger Lilly close up
pink magenta Lilly flower with garden background
pink magenta rose on dark background
Pink orange rose in the sunshine on dark garden background
purple Clematis flower in the sunshine
pink rose with sky & garden background
pink rose and leaves on sky & garden background
Seagull perched on a concrete river side wall in the summer with blurred buildings in the background
BOSTON, UK, ‎December ‎15 ‎2019: Dark alleyway with street lamp & twilight sky
BOSTON UK, July 06 ‎2020: One of the new modern buses being used in the area by Brylaine travel

 in the sunlight on a dark background
Three excited boxer dogs behind a wire fence in the back yard
BOSTON UK, June ‎23 ‎‎2020: Bargain Buys shop entrance displaying bunches of flowers in the sunshine.
pink & mauve clematis flowers (Nelly Moser
Close up of Fuchsia flowers on a dark background
Close up of English marigold flower with water droplets on petals (calendula)
‎BOSTON, UK, June ‎‎26, 2020: Weather app on a tablet PC showing the current temperature & humidity on a hot summers day.
Close up of boat mooring rope on the riverside
Garden furniture with the sun shining through the fence on a summer evening
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