Debbie Steinhausser

I specialize in wildlife and nature photography, but I enjoy other types of photography as well.
United States
United States

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White tailed Fawn in Orange Wildflowers
Baby Skunk Ready to Spray
Baby Fawn Resting in a Wildflower Meadow
Agility Dog Doing Weave Poles
Woodchuck Mother and Baby
Baby Raccoon Hanging from a Log with one Paw Outstretched
Fawn chest deep in wildflowers
Agility Dog Working Weave Poles
Momma Bear with Two Cubs in a Tree
Baby Skunk Sitting on Edge of a Log
Skunk Buddies
Wolf Puppy Running Through Daisies to Mom
Baby Skunk Walking on a Log
Grey wolf mother and pup at den
Grey wolf pup licking mom's face
Two wolf puppies playing with each other
Black Wolf Puppy Close Up
Mom and Baby Groundhog on Tree Stump
Mom and baby woodchuck on stump
Mother skunk carrying baby by its neck
Mother skunk moving baby by the scruff of its neck
Young Brown coastal bear resting in wildflowers
Sleepy Brown Coastal Bear in Wildflowers
Fawn Standing in Orange Wildflowers
Honeycomb and bees in fallen tree
Wolf Pup and Male wolf
Young Red Fox Hiding in Tree Stump Den
Grey Fox Baby All Alone
Grey Fox baby walking along a log
Eagle with freshly caught fish
Little Raccoon Peeking out of Hole in Tree
Yellow Bellied Marmot Standing in Grasses
Gray Wolves standing on a fallen tree trunk
White tailed fawn resting in a bed of wildflowers
Grey Wolf Head in Profile
Fawn laying in a bed of orange wildflowers
Mustang Silhouettes on the Mountain at Sunrise
Wild Horses Silhouetted Against an Orange Sky at Sunrise
Three Mustangs Leaving the Water Hole
Wild Horses Free on the Range
White tailed Fawn with Reflection in Quite Lake
Young Fawn in the Woods
Howling Wolf Dog in Wildflowers
American Mink Looking Through a Hole in Her Log
Mom and Baby Mink Peeking our of Holes in Their Log
Male wolf playing with wolf pup
Grizzly Bear Reflection in Alaska
Pretty Little Skunk
golden shovels
Family of Baby Skunks
Baby Grey Fox
Hunter Standing in a Field with Shotgun over his Shoulder
Grey Wolf Puppy Chewing on a Stick
Barred Owl Perched on Fence Post
Great Horned Owl Perched on Fence post
Brown Coastal Bear in Sedge Grass
Baby Raccoon with Head and One Paw Sticking out of a Hole in a Tree
Beautiful Eastern Bluebird in Flowers
Brown Coastal Bear Laying in a Meadow
Black and White Pinto Stallion in the Wild
Woodchuck Mom and Baby with Flowers in the Background
Two Playful Black Bear Cubs
Baby Bear in Tree
White tailed fawn smelling an orange wildflower while laying in a meadow
Young grey fox sitting with its tongue sticking out
Head shot of dark brown wolf with amber eyes
Bobcat Kitten Coming out of a Hole in a Log
Brown Coastal Bear Sitting in a Meadow
Barred Owl Portrait Perched on Fence Post
Wild Pinto on the Prairie
Wild Stallion Standing Guard While His Band Drinks from the Water Hole
White Tailed Fawn at Water's Edge
Little Fawn Looking at Its Reflection in a Quiet Lake
Wild Horse Silhouette Against an Orange Sky
Grizzly Bear Sitting in Wildflowers
White Tailed Fawn Laying in Wildflowers
Black Bear Mom Playing with her Cub
Two Cubs Side By Side in Tree
Mother wolf with Two Pups
Wolf Walking Alone Looks over His Shoulder
Eagle flying with Wings Spread Wide
Mother Groundhog Guards her Young
Male Eastern Bluebird with a Musical Score in the Background
Baby Skunk with Tail Up
German Shepherd on A Frame Obstacle
Close up of Wild Horses Looking at Camera
Wild Horse Baby Grazing Close to its Mother
Mother skunk Preparing to Move Baby by Picking it up with Her Mouth
Two Skunk Babies Playing on a Log
Brown Coastal Bear Using a Fallen Tree as a Scratching Post
Grey Wolf Pup Running Through Woods
Bald Eagle in Flight over Mississippi River
Red Fox Family Playing Near a Lake
Fawn Resting in a Bed of Wildflowers
Gray fox mom ;picking baby up by the scruff of his neck
Baby Grey Fox Waiting for Mom
Bald Eagle with Fish in Talons
American Bald Eagle on the Hunt
Red fox family reflected in quiet lake
Family of Playful red Foxes
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