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This is a view of Troia. Taken from the top of the mountain, the house is a cleric monastery.(portugal)
Motorcycle Suspender.
This was taken at the beach. Meco beach(Portugal)
This is a Sub-woofer speaker.
Some Rocks in B&W
This is the power lines post.
This is Vasco Da Gama Bridge in Portugal.
The Walk.
This is a Train Station in Gare Do Oriente, Portugal. With a Dreamy Effect.
Lighting control.
This is a radiomodelism car, you can see the motor, carburetor, filter, and exaust pipe.
A tree in a castle and the village down under.
This is a lizard taken at the Lisbon zoo
Pairrots at the zoo
Fishing Boat
Taken near serra da estrela. Portugal, At an old village.
This is a university roof.
This is a tear made of water-drops.
This is a train station at Gare Do Oreinte. (portugal).
Green Grasshopper
Dual Apples
This is a radiomodelism motor.
This is a wind mill.
This is a radiomodelism motor. You can see the filter, carburetor, ignition, and the yellow part is where the suspenders attach.
Old house taken north of Portugal near Serra Da Estrela.
This is an impressionist tree, seems like a painting.
The radiomodelism motor and filter.
Taken in Palmela. Its the castles tower.
This is Palmela Village(Portugal)
Artist model with eyes.
This is a tree and a bench. The effect is totaly from the camera. Just a blur effect to create an impressionist effect.
These are seats to see the landscape from the castle
Small Boat
This is in Coimbra(Portugal), its in a botanic park. Seems like miami to me.
Train station at Gare Do Oriente, Portugal. With Dreamy Effect
This was taken at a botanic park. It was then treated in photoshop to give it a dreamy effect.
this is a lamp from the castle
House in Ruins.
One of the castles house.
Old house in an old portuguese village.
This is a little cleric monument if you can call it that.
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