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windy day clear blue skies with American flag blowing on a flag pole. Room for text
a straw cowboy hat hanging on an brick adobe wall that was white washed with open space for text to the right of the hat.
A koi fish pond with lily pads and flowers floating on the water. Two  koi fish,  one black, white, and orange, the other is white and orange, swimming in the dark water
an abandoned falling apart couch in a fiels of long brown grass.
Wooden barn with metal roof with an old tractor to the side.
The Oregon coast sand dunes in the front with brown grass and footprints. mid picture the beach with some water and rocks. Back the large rocks that hug the coast line. Waves in the ocean cloudy day.
a close up on the back of the feathers on the back of a male peacock, blues, greens, and black and white.
A round clock that has the background cracked, broken, and time is frozen. conecpt of broken time.
A sunny day, blue sky with some clouds with an American flag on a flag pole. Lots of open space for text.
a large pink jelly fish floating with a blue background
rusty old sewage manhole cover with patterns of squares
American flag on a pole blowing in the breeze with blue sky in the background.
weathered wooden door with a rusty vintage horseshoe.
a close up of a female peacock, mouth open, blurred background
lifeguard tower on the beach in California ocean in the background on a stormy day.
red raspberries growing on a bush
ranch aluminum vintage windmill with blue sky in the background and trees on the bottom. Room for text
Wild elk buck, male, walking in tall grass in the field with pine trees in the background.
tree that looks like a man yelling.  Like a magic spell turned this man in to a tree. conceptual piece
Mt Soledad white cross with blue sky behind it. Red steps lead up to the cross with gate around it.
barn interior, like streaming in from the outside into the dark space.
The sun starting to go down over the ocean with clouds.
vintage door lock, key and handle from the church mission door
large grouping of pinto beans, full frame
variegated leaves growing in a bunch, green and off white
close up of two raspberries on the plant with the background blured
manhole cover with the patter of a sea shell and squares on the outside
a close-up of the center of a pink rose that has started to bloom
a California seal sunning itself on a rock by the ocean.
a male peacock walking in front of a farm fence.
old wooden pink color wagon falling apart with wheels metal rusting wooden falling apart.  Abstract
looking up at the Mt Soledad cross, blue skies with clouds
close up of the top of a white stucco bell tower with blue tile on the top. iron cross, blue sky and light clouds.
weathered by sun and rain board. great detail and texture.
blue sky with white clouds tall standing cactus
a diver going down in the water with the flippers splashing water in the air as he goes down. Flippers are all you see of the diver
two zebras at the zoo.
raspberries growing on a plant with the leaves.
blue cornflower with the background blured
a male peaock with the tail open
a large head of green cabbage ready to pick full frame.
colored rocks on the beach. good for background
a close up center of a blooming rose red and yellw
a butterfly side view on a branch with small leaves blurred background
A vintage white church on the hill with steps going up to the front door.
A blue sky with white clouds with a metal windmill.
A bee sitting on the center of a white dasiy.
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