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Pasque flowers hold the raindrops in place when they have faded
The raindrop turns everything upside down
The faded pasque flower looks very filigree after the rain
The maple's little head is holding onto a raindrop
The calyx has recently opened and is now shining in the evening sun
Blooming dandelions in the evening light
Look into the poppy blossom, it will now open
Sage bud in spring, nature awakens
The bee has to go deep into the calyx to get to the pollen
Water and wood do not go well. Beams rot and rust.
A bud of magnolia blossom. The cold April won't let them blossom.
Bad weather does not stop this bee from collecting its nectar
Rhododendron blossom in full bloom in all its glory
Bud of the rhododenron flower in the evening light
View into the excavation. The building of the house can begin
Even when it's very cold, the sun warms them both up
Long periods of drought and the bark beetle destroyed this spruce
This magnolia is in full bloom, although there is still night frost
The Scottish highland cow shows her long tongue.
The Scottish highland cow can hardly see anything with her long hair.
When the sun comes, the brief winter magic of the night frost is history
The jay feels safe on the apple tree. It would be better in the bird feeder
Veal fillet with mushrooms and fresh dumpling
Soft sunlight makes the frozen birch shine
Easter greeting with a piece of oak wood as an Easter bunny
Pasque flowers fight their way through the undergrowth

The open pasque lamp stretches towards the sun
Soon the pasque flower will be open
It still seems too cold for the narcissus
The catkins show up in the first spring sun
The first flowers open in the sun. But it still seems too cold for them
Immer wieder schön anzusehen sind die kleinen Gänseblümchen
Seems like a hairy thing. A budding pasque flower seen from above.
An old The last winter's day brings again interesting shapes and structures shows colors and forms of decay.
An old stump shows colors and shapes of decay.
Even in March, winter shows what is still in it
The bark hangs like scales on the dead spruce, the forest is at an end
Everything is waiting for spring, including this tree
Spruce needles lie on the intersection of the tree, the German spruce forest is dying
There was no unknown artist here, these are the traces of bark beetles
Despite the cold, the young mare enjoys the time on the pasture
Fern, moss, lichen and water. Winter is coming to an end
It's winter and the bees are already looking for food
The cormorant sits on a small island in the lake and lets its feathers dry
Cormorant on the move across the lake
The mute swan is looking for a breakfast
Flying carefully over you is high voltage
A hazelnut blossom in a thick layer of ice
The snowdrop in spite of the snow and ice
The frost has everything under control
The frost forms ice on the fronds of the pampas grass
Snow changes even the tricks in the garden
Now he has discovered the photographer
The freshly baked wholemeal bread doesn't just look delicious
the fresh rye bread lies on the garden table to cool off
It's autumn in the forest
The tinder fungus has conquered a spruce trunk
The last bloom of the hibiscus at the end of October
Cattails give the bank a pretty decor
These old walls have been very nicely preserved
The young bulls enjoy the beautiful November day in the pasture,
The rain grazes the autumn leaves with great water pearls
Walnuts to dry on the garden bench
Heavyweight, the giant pumpkin weighing 795 kilograms
Dinner for two a pumpkin curry pan
In addition to carving the pumpkin, painting the large berries is becoming increasingly popular
pumpkin harvest was successful. Many bishop's caps fill the box
Young cattle, Belgian blue on the pasture near Moresnet
Different shapes and colors, the pumpkin fits into every kitchen
A pumpkin that can turn into a escalope
Multi-colored and multi-shaped pumpkins that fit in every kitchen
A splendid sepia on the ocean floor
The moray eel opens its mouth violently
Hokkaido and patisson pumpkins with fresh mushrooms and goat cheese
The pumpkin harvest has begun. With it also the preparation of delicious pumpkin dishes
A delicious dinner for a warm summer day
homemade currywurst with french fries
a fresh loaf of rustic bread from the oven
City sausage with music, a popular dish on hot days in Middle Franconia
It is always nice to look at when the palm trees in the garden are blooming again
The gray heron is looking in the Rhine meadows
The flower of borage is a visual and culinary delicacy
A raindrop on a bud of borage
A beetle plunges hungrily into the flowers of the coriander
The wind and rain have driven the lime treeblossoms from the trees
The American preparation of the classic. 1.5 kg porterhouse steak grilled.
The moon is in the sky very early
Many races have already mated here
when the gaze wanders into the distance
A bee
Daisies stretch out towards the sun
The wide open veil of a wood anemone
The wild garlic not only tastes good, its flowers also look great
The cherry blossoms, the sweet fruits are already expected
One of the first flowers
The flowers of a white orchid after the rain, the water droplets hold on for long
The flowering borage is simply wonderful to look at
The ancient apple tree in the garden blooms beautifully again and again.
The flowering of the chives is a little beauty
A bee approaching the tempting blossom of the pasque flower
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