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Jesus with scripture
Wind damaged metal siding
A field of hay bales in eastern colorado.
Full side-view image of a Ladder  firetruck against a blue sky.
Men's room urinal
Tax Forms - W-2
Restroom Sign indicating they will be closed at dusk.
Emergency signage in white letters.
Isolated  fax machine
White tablet background, could be vitamins or medicine.
Window foam insulation
Abstract closeup of golfball
Closeup of prescription bottle cap for animals/pets use only.
Herd of black angus cattle
Tax form 4868 - Filing Extension
Golden Aspens trees in the Colorado high country reaching for the sky.
Bright Red EMERGENCY Sign.
Community Corrections Chow hall area interior.
Office fax machine
Isolated Fire Sprinkler head
Cocaine like substance shown with a razor blade, showing that it has a double edge, and will cut both ways.
Say No To Drugs!
Hospital Hallway with no foot traffic.
A burst of bright red leaves from a hedge.
Cocaine like substance shown with a razor blade, showing that it has a double edge, and will cut both ways.
Say No To Drugs!
View #2
A white ruler image from lower left to upper right in frame
Correctional facility sleeping area 1
Isolated, Red Emergency/party Light
A beautiful Colorado sunrise with clouds being highlighted by the sun, presenting a peaceful calm and a great start to a day.
God giveth, and the Tax man taketh away
Earth based satellite dish at dusk.
Ambulance in white letters on building.
Denver Colorado morning skyline looking south towards the city.
Tools of the trade for drafting.
Rocky Mountain Lake
Prescription bottle with cap & pills  inside and outside of bottle against a off white background.
Pills poured out of the bottle intended for pets.
White prescription drugs spilling out, lid upright next to bottle. All against a black background.
Abstract image of a several pens, pencils, scissors and markers.
Macro of a pencil eraser and leftover particles after removing a problem.
Paramedic Ambulance
Sunrise sky cloud formation over the rocky mountains in Colorado.
Inside View. The inside of a fisherman's flybox, with an assortment of hand-tied trout flies.
Ladder Fire Truck
Mass Mail Marketing
Gas Pipeline Marker/Sign
Four little chicks in a nest of green.
Abstract of a farm tractor
bank  of electrical meters
Restroom sink area in community correctional facility.
Four chicks seated in colored easter eggs in a nest of green.
Rolls of cable strand maps waiting for processing. Shown with a Template and pen
Abstract of Pill bottle with medication spilled out.
Coffee's on, come get it!
Thermometer abstract
Several hundreds of envelopes being stuffed.
Isolated metal handcuffs, against solid white background.
A wizard figurine, in a presenting pose.
Disc Golf tee - Hole No. 7
Macro of a hand-tied fly atop an antique pocket watch. 
"Time to go fishing"
Fire truck and firemen at scene of house fire #44
Ruler measuring the scene into the distance.
Two Satellite TVSR communication Dishes
Grain Silo's in rural colorado
Bobber and two hooks #1
A metal tool against a off white background.
Fire truck and firemen at scene of house fire #41
Abstract background of cracks in concrete
Fire Extinguisher in wall mounted frame, with space for text on right. Sign above is red with white letters, indicating fire extinguisher.
Abstract view of a satellite nose-cone depicting space communications.
Black & White of Forest Floor.
Image of Storm Pass in Colorado. Snow up high, Fall Foliage below.
blue 9 volt battery
Mountain road in Colorado.
Isolated "Open House" sign with room to add hours & name
Isolated walkie-talkie on white background.
Aspen trees in full fall color with clear blue sky, pine trees in background.
Tax form, Sign Here 1
Tax Form, Refund
Fall colors in the back-country of Colorado.
View #2 of toilet
Three curious black angue cattle in the foreground, with the rest of herd in the background.
Macro image of a blue paperclip atop a group of ordinary paperclips.
Ladder Fire truck view from rear and three quarter side
Field Full of American Flags
Fossilized Herring Fish.
Lower "Eocene"
50,000,000 Years Old
Orange & Black abstract lines
Handcuff Key
Abstract view of a roof access ladder
Abstract view of a disc golf tee
Macro image of peeling paint.
American Flags on display in tribute.
Tax form, Sign Here 2
Tax Form, 1040EZ
Fire truck and firemen at scene of house fire #38
Fire truck and firemen at scene of house fire #46
Toilet with grab-bars and extra toiletpaper on top of tank.
A vitamin packed background
Fireplace log on fire.
Image of a Large satellite dish feed-horn area (without the cover)
Another in the series.
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