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I'm a passionate lover of outdoors and mountains.I hope that my images will bring nature and environmental themes closer to you.

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Texture of an old cracked Durmast oak (Querqus petraea) tree trunk, without bark. On the trunk there are spots of different colors given by yellow-green lichens
A red hydrant on a street. Both the road and the background wall are very gray contrasting with the fire hydrant. Some dirt on the hydrant and also some show around
Two climbers ascending a ridge in the Fagaras mountains (Romania) in very high wind conditions
Detail of a medieval iron door with iron door handle
Statue of Mihai Viteazu, a famous romanian ruler, located in Cluj, Romania. A lot of pigeons in flight around the statue
Passageway into the Alba-Iulia Fortress in Romania. Made of red bricks
Decorative abstract flower iron hinge of an ancient wooden door
Detail of an old wooden door with rusted iron nails and with a newer keyhole suited for modern keys
Ancient door lock from a medieval house. With date imprinted
A climber with ice axes and crampons climbing a snow cornice in very high wind conditions. The wind is blowing snow and ice particles all over the climber almost covering him
Climber surpassing a cornice in the Fagaras mountains, Romania. The high wind is creating a swirl, blowing snow particles over the climber
Impatiens glandulifera (Policeman's Helmet) flower. An  invasive plant species in Europe, is native to the Himalaya.
Golden apples fallen in a ditch
Running dog
A dry flower of Eryngium campestre, a thistle in Central and Eastern Europe
A plastic bottle and two sleeping ducks on ice
Glasses and writing instruments on a hand written paper
Castanea sativa fruits and leaves
Detail of a new, unused seeding machine
Platanus (plane tree) bark with camouflage texture
Potentilla cinerea (cinquefoils). A xeric and mesoxeric steppe species favored by sheep overgrazing
Climber surpassing a snow cornice in very high winds.The wind is covering the climber with snow and ice drifted from the top of the ridge
A common birch fungus, known as birch polypore (Piptoporus betulinus), photographed from below
Detail of a steel rim with distinctive screws
Secondary entrance of an old, medieval cathedral in Transylvania. With stone decorations
Two climbers with ice axe and crampons moving on snow, with summits and clouds in the background
A climber making a path towards the mountain summit in deep snow blown by high winds
Old church door with date imprinted above and with iron protection against the wind at the base
A weathered bas-relief detail from a public monument dating from the period of Austrian Empire (1831)
A common weed in grazed meadows, Carline thistle (Carlina vulgaris) in winter time
Flower of dwarf carline thistle (Carlina acaulis) in winter time
A young fox terrier sitting and waiting for his reward
Graffiti painted on the street facing side of a house wall
Snow path descending towards a sunny ridge with a sea of clods covering the lower part of the mountain
Fluffy Old man's beard (Clematis vitalba) plant seeds in winter
Pulsatilla montana (Pasque flower) detail. On the limestones of Trascau mountains in Transylvania. The most common Pulsatilla species in Romania.
Detailed of an old, weathered medieval church door
White flower (Anemone nemorosa) with insect, in a beech forest from the Carpathian Mountains
One of the most common forest species in Europe, blooming in early spring (Hepatica nobilis)
A typical species in Eastern European woods, Alpine squill (Scilla bifolia), blooming in spring
Carduus acanthoides (spiny plumeless thistle) plant in autumn. It is a ruderal plant preferring grazed pastures
Detail of a yellow rim with screws
Orchis morio (Green-winged Orchid) the most common orchid in grasslands from Transylvania
Rural landscape with fence and small fruit trees covered in snow on a clear day with a deep blue winter sky
Snow covered tree and white limestone in contrast with deep blue sky
Mountain landscape with limestone cliffs, blue sky and white forest
High-dynamic-range  image showing a mountain landscape white trees and rocks in contrast with a very deep blue sky
White trees, covered with snow on a limestone cliff with a dark blue background. Western Carpathians, Transylvania.
Vilcan mountain in Western Carpathians, Transylvania. The snow on the trees is creating a nice contrast with the blue sky and brown-green land
 White, freshly snowed forest contrasting  with the deep blue sky over the Western Carpathians in Transylvania
Forest landscape with sun and shadows and deep blue, winter sky
Freshly snowed branches in contrast with deep blue sky
Wooden wayside crucifix. Traditionally found at crossroads and some other places considered to be spiritually important. This one from Western Carpathians, Transylvania
A blue hydrant with red brick wall in the background
Detail of a medieval building with the original window and modern contrasting orange paint
Old window from a fifteenth century abbey, with iron bars and decorative dusty glass
Carline thistle (carlina vulgaris) with animal shadow in the background
Detail of a medieval church wall
Detail on the base of a public statue. It is a reproduction of a the medieval original and it was made in 1904
Larger, organic (locally cultivated) apples in red and yellow with smaller wild apples
An old red rag on a sandy beach
A yellow wild apple fruit on snow
Cold female sparrow warming in the winter sun on a branch of a dog rose shrub
Trail markings on old tree, to show the path in the forest
Curious dog in jump and in a hurry to catch the red fruits of a european cranberrybush
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