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Woman turns the page in an old little bible or book, black and white background
Fun fair Berlin
Some chess pieces, good background
A East German pedestrian crossing
Fun fair Berlin
A close up angle on the TV tower Berlin shot on a summers evening just before the sun goes down
Some beer taps in a cocktail bar, focus on the first tap, background
Fun fair Berlin
A christmas market in Berlin,
A German cross on marble from the first world war, background and texture
A statues hand in chains, background concept
Big wheel at one of Belrins Christmas markets, travel and blur background
Blur shot of escalator , background
Some coal,background and texture
Doncaster cross and church
The river Spree at night shot over christmas, Unter den Linden
Roller Dex opened at z, empty so one can put what one would like
An avenue of trees in a grave yard in Berlin, Germany Background
A mobile phone on charge, good background
A big wheel blur at a fun fair Berlin
Some money under some water conceptual
A shot of Unter den Linden at night with a fun fairs big wheel blur, background
Jewish memorial Berlin
A DJ's turn table shot in a dance club
Some sun glasses and keys on a map good background
Phone key from a puplic call phone, telecommunications background, shot on macro lens, with sDOF and focus on the 9, slight tint add for effect.
Sun setting on a mosque in Berlin
Some offices with a curve in them, Berlin
A german fruit machine still on the old Deutsch mark not the Euro, focused on the 20 and 30 wheel on the right
A statues chained hands background concept
Some glasses on a dictionary focusing on the words visionless and visionary, conceptual
Tri colour image of someone playing the piano
A shot of Potsdam near Berlin with a very blue sky,background
A close up of a pen and a dictionary
Escalator blur, shot with the steps moving and the background in focus
The monument at Treptow park Berlin Germany
Macro shot of some end grain, background and texture
Sunset on the TV tower Berlin giving it a golden colour, shot late evening in summer
A pile of grey blus stones, the ones used for railway tracks, background and texture
Some metal cable weaved together, SDoF, background and texture
Berlins TV tower and some church towers
A bridge over very tranquil lake, peaceful background
A close up of the hand grip on a torch, background
An old mans hand about to pick up a mug of tea, black and white background
A DJ's mic and mixer shot at a dance venue, mic in focus
The morning frost melts on a leaf, nature background shot using a macro lens
Unusual metal background and texture.
A shot of some Berlin flats, with a very blue background
A sign saying Queens Road somewhere in the UK, background and texture
A computers hard drive in some suds, concept washing the hard drive, a slight filter addd for effect, background
A stack of rusty disused rusty nuts, background
A stain glass window in an English church
A shot take from where normally the vicar stands looking out across the church
Berlin Rathaus and the TV tower
The morning frost has melted on a leaf, nature background, shot with macro
A 30 zone and a parking sign with a maple tree behind them, shot with a very blue sky, good, background
The Reichstag in Berlin shot in summer with a blue sky background
The Reichstag dome shot before the tourist get there, background
A Russian soldier, at Treptower park Berlin
One of the Gendarmenmarkt doms Berlin, room for text, background
A accordion, a portable musical instrument with bellows and a keyboard, with a pearl body
Some DDR/ GDR traffic lights shot on a sunny day in Berlin
A book macro shot with a stamp on it.
Modern offices made from glass, background
Perspective shot of some pillars and arches
A record player shot in a dance club good background
Treptower Park
An ols style Berlin city house, or flats, shot in Sch?neberg, with a very blue sky, good background
The S bahn station at Nord Berlin shot at night with a man sat on the steps reading a book.
A lot of watering can in a grave yard in Berlin, background
A broken urn in  grave yard in Berlin with some interesting shadows
Wooden background texture and wallpaper
A computers hard drive getting washed, slight filter added for effect, good backgound
A close up of a soda bottle neck, background
Berlin TV tower Germany
A metal looking bug/beetle sat on some bark
A close up shot of some coffee beans background and texture
The strings and hammers inside an old piano, background
Some remembrance candles in an English church, make good background
A fruit machine close up good background
Some hot coffee on a blue background
A modern office building in Berlin on a sunny day
Charlottenburg Schloss Berlin background
Some rusty disused nut and bolts with a spring, background
Some water on some stainless steel, background and texture
Man as clock face just woke up, conceptual
Some ice dropping into a glass of whiskey
Two eggs with holes in them and electric going from one to the other, life reborn concept, background
Some eggs with electric going from one to the other
A war memorial for the German Afrika core, its something unusual, shot in Berlin, background and texture
A typical German house shot on a sunny spring day background
Some glasses on a dictionary focusing on the word optician, concept
Chemistry set good background
Some smashed clocks in an old train, background
Some old rusting nut and bolts
A pile of logs showing the end grain in  the timber, background
Old stairs and a metal gate in an English church
Some railway lines going up hill on a winters day in Berlin
An electric piano, black and white keys,
Some old bricks, good background and texture
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