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Christmas Spaniel in Snow bearing Gifts
Seeing the light, shafts of sunshine stream through stained glass window and onto cross below
Autumn Falls, light shafts burst through forest onto wide angle long exposure capture of Waterfalls
Seeing the light, shafts of light stream through stained glass window and onto cross below
Seeing the light and peace concept with light shafts coming through stunning stain glass Church Window as Christ holds out his hands with a Dove underneath
Dog Thirsty, an adorable Cocker Spaniel with tongue hanging out looks longingly at a chilled pint of Beer on a sunny Summers Day
Tomb of Tutankhamun in Valley Of The Kings, Egypt
She Flys Like A Bird
Beauty in Nature, with a long exposure capture with Bird of Prays wingspan back light by sunset and spray off Waterfall
Roman Wall in Northumberland England
Natures capture, Bird of Pray hovers by stunning Waterfall silhouetted by the Moon
Double Glazing for Winter with Snow and icicles plus beautiful Sunset reflection from adjacent hills with room for text above
Jesus with Cross pointing to the light in the Heavens
The Beauty Of The Seychelles, huge Boulders, Hibiscus and Palms fringe a stunning Beach on the idyllic island of La Dique
New Day Dawns over Healthy Harvest
Jesus Christ on Water pointing the way heavenwards silhouette with light bouncing off Cross held upright
On top of HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier and flagship of the British Royal Navy at sunset
Timeless fashion with plain White T-Shirt ready for your Logo or Text
Single Blonde Sun worshiper with Beach all to herself in The Seychelles
Cute Bichon Frise lifts a paw to Beg
Giant Heart shaped Lily Pads with Beautiful Flowers forming a Path across lake at Sunset
Modern UPVC double glazed Window Background
Candle in the wind
Into The Heat of Battle, part of my Roman Army series
Rise and Shine Modern Window Frame
Hand reaches up to touch old dirty Window with focus on smashed pane
Three wise Men on Camel back reach Oasis as the Sun sets with Star shinning brightly above
Grunge Earth Actual City lights courtesy of Nasa
Sunset in the Sahara Desert brings the comfort of an Oasis to weary travelers for the Night,
Rise and Shine. Stunning Sunrise over Farm and Yellow Crop Field in Northumberland, England
Private Aircraft Window Frame
Desert Mirage
Magical forest waters with wide angle long exposure capture, also available in autumn Colors
Santa's Little Helper, cute Spaniel with Holly in mouth bearing Christmas Gifts
 Beautiful  Frozen Prairie with trees in mists and livestock grazing as the sun sets
Table setting with golden plates and heart shapes on napkins plus scattered fresh rose petals for a wedding or romantic dinner event
 Frozen Winter Conifer with mixed focus
Concept with Text floating on Water and falling fresh Fruit
Street Paved with Gold
Handsome young Man with piercing Blue Eyes stares through dirty old broken Window with his Hand pressed against the Glass with room for a message above
Relaxation Seychelles Style with Coconut Cocktail with straw on Beach
Earth Taking The Knocks
Concept for seeing the light and the power of Prayer, as light streams through Church window onto cross and highlights smoke from Prayer Candle
A pr of Sooty Terns the national Bird of the Seychelles  complete this idyllic scene on the Island of La Dique
Autumns playing Field
Close encouters of the Silverback kind with great expression in Eyes
Wise Owl wearing Reading Glasses
Roman Legion Marches on to War with swords drawn under Stormy Skies in Northumberland, England
Oil Rig at Sunset with work going on throughout the night
In the Rainbow up close pastel sky
Modern Day Caveman emerges from Cave and stretches with a yawn. Taken in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa
Down On The Farm on a Summers Day
Blue Snow Scene with Light Shafts through Trees
Beautiful Female in Lake trapped under the ice
Cheers to over fifty years of married life. Couple in their 80s raise their glasses
Seeing the light, young Man  sitting  on rocks on the top of the powerful Ashgill Waterfall in England lit by the Moon
Rare Male and Female Love Tree found only in The famous Vallee De Mai  found on the Island of Praslin in The Seychelles
Dramatic stormy sky over Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Taken with wide angle lens
Stylish  neon Cafe sign in shopping district of Paris with open window and Balcony
Civil War action as lone Soldier drops to knees to meet his fate as smoke from Muskets rises
When Pigs fly, from Aircraft Window
Sundown Sphinx
Canola Sunrise
Cute inquisitive wise owl with focus on piercing Eyes
Happy and Healthy at 80 couple enjoy a day out at the English coastline
Atmospheric long exposure capture with light shafts bursting through Autumn Foliage
Safe Passage over Mystic Waters
Cows clamor to have Photo taken with wide angle lens. Tags cleared for text if needed
Secret Garden, sunlight lies beyond ancient garden wall and Arched Door
Scottish Haunted Tower at Dusk with Moon and rolling Hills in background, glowing shafts of light through lower windows and Crows nesting in turret and in Fir Tree in forground
Camels gossip in the Sahara whilst they wait for the next Human to come along
Stunning deserted Beach at La Dique in The Seychelles
Nighttime Falls, with Moonlight on wide angle long exposure capture of Waterfalls.
Jump for Joy, cute Cocker Spaniel ears flapping clears Jump to win canine agility Competition
Standing out from the Crowd concept with Zebra markings on central beast. Ear Tags cleared for your own text if needed
Newcastle Upon Tyne (England) - November 28: Singer Cliff Richard performs for his Time Machine Tour 2008 at Metro Radio Arena on November, 28, 2008 in England.
Pub Lunch in a Rustic English Inn
Misty Waters, Sunset over Frozen Lake and Jetty with some light grain to Fog
 Silhouette Island in Paradise Seychelles  Long Exposure
More Memory, IT Man services Desktop and replaces Hard Drive
Cocker Spaniel Puppy playing in the Snow
Cocker Spaniel good to go behind the wheel of open topped sports Car
Lost in the Desert Mirage with footprints leading from water up into the Dunes  with sand blowing of the top.
Hot Under The Collar after a Hard day at the office working in Finance
Springtime Dawns over Rural England
Night Falls, surreal effect created with Sunset on fifty foot waterfall under a Bridge called Ashgill Force in Northumberland England
Fire and Water Candle
Amazing light and Color as a storm brews over track lined by Hay Bails
Hooded beggar with two Dogs on the Streets of Prague
long way from Home, lost Cocker Spaniel in the deep Snow as the Sunsets
 Golden Spaniel on lakeside rock as the sun sets Roman Wall in background in Northumberland England
Decisions to be made vortex concept with Puzzled Man scratching head
Save Earths Beaches global warming concept with stunning shore in the shape of our planet with island on the central Horizon
Silhouette Island in the Seychelles stunning  long Exposure study with strong light shafts
Frozen Landscape
Roman Soldier on Horseback
Wedding Reception fine dinning with first course of succulent salmon steak being served
Mr Angry full on
Tropical Nights with long Exposure to create a dreamy Milky white Indian Ocean in The Seychelles with Silhouette Island at Sunset
The latest must have ceramic straightening irons for a good Hair Day
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