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Monarch butterflies resting during migration
Mockingbird stands as if at attention
A couple of cows checking out the photographer
Flames burning wood in a fire pit
Male red bellied woodpecker helping himself to some peanuts in the snow.
Digging out during a snow storm
Juvenile cardinal making an appearance following its mother.
Laughing Gull enjoying a bath
Herring Gull having a drink of water
Hurricane Irene on LI
A collection of old mill stones behind an old gristmill
Profile of a Ruddy Turnstone
Greenhouse watering flowers and vegetable plants
Greenhouse watering flowers and vegetable plants
Butterscotch colored dairy barn in Hecksher Park, NY.
An American Crow perched on the top edge of a dumpster
A couple of white tail deer down at the beach in the snow.
Greater Yellow Legs hunting for food in a marsh
Laughing Gull bathing in a puddle at the shore
Pump House at a farm taken back by nature
Pair of nesting ospreys in the nest.
A pair of ospreys in the nest.
A pair of ospreys prepare the next
Snow covered squirrel eating some seeds and nuts during a snowstorm.
Mockingbird perched on the braanch of a flowering tree in spring.
A pair of gosling resting near the lake shore.
Yellow Rumped Warbler perched on a branch
Damages caused by hurricane Sandy on Long Island
Civil War era cannons in the battlefields of Gettysburg, PA
Flags of many nations
A common woodpecker over much of the South, the Red-bellied is scarcer farther north but has expanded its breeding range northward in recent decades.
A winter visitor, the dark eyed junco checking things overhead
Female cardinal eating seeds in the snow
Damage from Hurricane Sandy at Smith Point October 29, 2012
A curved path through a beautiful park in the spring
A Mourning Dove perched on a branch
An American Goldfinch with a sunflower seed in his beak
A vacation home in the middle of the river
A local farm in upstate NY
Brightly colored foliage along a river in autumn with reflections
A fenced meadow on a bright sunny day with a threatening thunderhead cloud over head.
Mourning Dove perched on a tree limb
Mourning Dove perched on a branch in the woods
Ruddy Turnstone searching for dinner on the rocks
Ruddy Turnstone shore bird at the shore foraging for food.
The snapping turtle is New York's official state reptile.
Mockingbird perched on an evergreen bush
White heron in the local marsh hunting for dinner
A cormorant perched on a piling drying his wings
One of many raptors, the Coopers Hawk.
Female Cardinal eating sunflower seeds on the snow covered ground
Bullfrog in a pond
Mockingbird perched in an evergreen bush
Male Red Bellied Woodpecker clinging to a tree limb
A quaint wooden gazebo along the shore on a bright sunny day in summer
A song sparrow perched on a stockade fence.
Local inlet, marsh
A young deer with growing antlers in the snow
Built in 1958, this is a SAGE radar facility, now decommissioned
A very large steel flywheel at an abandoned steel mill
A snowy landscape with pines and bare trees
A church in upstate New York in autumn
A large red barn in disrepair
A laughing gull calling out,
A house being demolished to make way for a new home
Mallard standing on a log in the middle of a pond
A mourning dove on an early summer morning
A red bellied woodpecker (male) enjoying a peanut
A purple petunia with a green background
A blue bird couple checks out a house to nest in.
A male English sparrow perched on a fence
Blue Jay rummaging through the seeds on the ground
A mallard curls up for an afternoon nap in autumn.
Robin hunting in the grass for a tasty worm.
Blue Jay perched calling out
A nautical flag showing the colors red, white, and blue with an anchor and stars and stripes.
Seagull on the dock looking for dinner
A blue jay helping himself to some peanuts
Sod farm irrigating the grass
Truck loaded with freshly harvested potatoes
Horse looking over the fence
Flock of geese flying south for the winter
A set of old weathered barn doors
Waterfront Home
Large red barn
Golf course park
Garbage dumped along side of a public road illegally
A white church with red doors in the autumn
Pumpkins ready for picking in the field
Flower Cart
A black crow sitting on a trash can at a park
Grazing Cows
A group of baby swans in a row
A vintage wooden flag attached to the side of a building with a small potted pine tree covered in holiday lights
Female fox taking a break from hunting for food
The gate house entry to the park
A male fox wandering along the beach in search of food
Two Red Doors
Natural wetlands
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