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Cottonwood tree with cottony seeds in early summer on the Colorado prairie
Cottonwood tree stands in a pasture in a rural area
Aspen forest lit with late afternoon sunlight with long shadows, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
New car parked by the side of a lonely road in rural country
Mountains and farms on a bright autumn day near Boulder, Colorado
Sandhill cranes in the Platte River waking up and grooming on a sunny spring morning
Aspen forest in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in early spring when the leaves still haven't come out yet.
Rustic path meanders forward between cottonwood trees towards a grassy field
Bright autumn scene in the early morning in a wetlands refuge area on the Colorado prairie
Aspen forest on flat ground in late afternoon sunlight
Old one-room schoolhouse on the prairie in Pioneers Park in Lincoln, Nebraska
The Flatirons Mountains above Boulder, Colorado, as seen from North Boulder Park on a quiet summer day
Tall summer cottonwoods in golden afternoon light on the Colorado Prairie
Rocky path through autumn yellow aspens and pines
View of the north part of San Francisco Bay from the top of Mount Tamalpias in Marin County, with Mt Diablo visible above clouds on the horizon.
Open gate and lonely little road lead to a family farm on the horizon.  There is a no-trespassing sign on the post to the right.
Pines in a tree farm by an open field appear to be marching towards the horizon, with view of mountains in the distance.
Normal suburban street scene on a peaceful and quiet day with interesting clouds
Plowed field with view of distant Long's Peak in Colorado in Winter
Kale plant top in a community garden, looking down towards the center.
Mountains near Boulder, Colorado rise up above the nearby Walden Ponds wildlife refuge park
Sunrise hits the Flatirons and Bear Mountain next to Boulder, Colorado
Majestic lone big cottonwood tree with autumn colors, in a field on the Colorado prairie.
Mountain panorama with golden grassy field in winter in the Colorado prairie near Boulder
Lovely little gravel road through a bright green summer forest in Vermont.
Distant tall snow capped mountain range in Colorado near Salida.
Old truck in an empty field next to an old-style windmill, with new turbine mills in the distance on the horizon
Nature walk with plaque in an open forest area in Myakka River State Park in Florida.
Golden field and blue sky give a feeling of vast space on the lovely Colorado prairie with view of tiny homes and blue mountains in the distance
Balloons on a clear day sail above a rural pond with still water and reflections.
Waterway through a mangrove forest in Florida
Floating water hyacinths, which are classified as a noxious weed, on Upper Myakka Lake in central Florida.
Bright blue house in sunlght with colorful poppies and some graceful trees
Lone star Texas flag flies proudly from a rustic wooden pole in the Fort Worth Stockyards tourist area.
Path through sunlit forest in Myakka River State Park in Florida, with palmettos, palms and spanish moss.
Single railroad car on track as part of a freight train on a bright winter day in Colorado.
Big view of snowy mountains and vast open space under dramatic clouds near Kenosha Pass, Colorado
Jogger runs along the side of a golden field on the Colorado prairie near Boulder, with tall mountains in the distance.
Pond in a wildlife refuge area on the Colorado prairie with mountains in the background, grasses and trees
Path turns left by Wonderland Lake near Boulder, Colorado, with small cottonwood trees and a fence
Cute tentative raccoon paw print in snow, setting out in new territory
Colorado state capitol building in Denver, from the Civic Center Park.
Road construction on an urban street on a windy dusty day
Tiny rural dirt road leads through pleasant tall summer forest in Vermont
Balconies in pastel colors in bright sunlight with colorful chairs.
Wetlands wildlife refuge in a remote area on the Colorado prairie.
Cyclamen flowers in an indoor garden
Peaceful twilight scene at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in the California Central Valley with distant blue mountains and a few small pink and gray clouds on the horizon
Pool of fresh standing water is left in an open pasture after snow has melted in spring.  Mosquitoes may breed here, bringing disease.
Aspen trees in summer in the Rocky Mountains
Dome of the congressional capitol building in Washington, DC in winter, with bare trees, in black and white.
Edge of a full pond in a wetlands area on the Colorado prairie in autumn with autumn foliage
Still pond on the Colorado Prairie with algae scum on the surface, with interesting clouds and trees in the background
Two pines stand on an open hillside before a dramatic cloudbank
Yellow autumn tree arches over with view of blue sky and clouds beyond
Aspens and firs in a mountain setting next to a running rocky stream
Curved dirt road in autumn on the colorado prairie, with majestic yellow-foliaged cottonwood trees.
Capitol building in Denver, with gold leaf dome
Two cottonwood trees in early autumn on the edge of the Colorado prairie with leaves just starting to turn yellow
Tilled dirt field in the Colorado prairie in winter
Long footbridge with interesting shadows on a nature walk trail in Myakka River State Park in Florida, with viewing alcove midway down.
Still small lake with reflections of cottonwoods, on a quiet summer morning on the Colorado prairie
Green plowed farm field in early spring on the Colorado prairie with misty view of Long's Peak in the distance.
Wetlands and ponds at sunset at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in the California Central Valley
Mangrove forest and water in Florida seen from above
Nature boardwalk through a mangrove forest in Florida
Rio Grande Gorge in the desert near Taos, New Mexico
Isolated ATM Machine in a dark green color
Along the Tampa River Walk on a quiet day
Mud patterns in the bottom of a dried up lake
Field of cows before a large mountain in morning with bare winter trees
Trailer park and line of bare winter trees in the distance over a golden field on the Colorado prairie.
Quarries and rural settlements outside of Loveland, Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains
Small rural dirt road leads straight forward in late afternoon on the Colorado prairie
Apartment balconies with iron railings in bright winter sunlight in Florida.
Child's bicycle and helmet standing ready to go on a dirt field by a bike path.
Sun is about to rise over a small wetland refuge on the Colorado prairie
Morning view of Boulder, Colorado, at the edge of the Rocky Mountains, from the south
Side view of tall modern skyscrapers
Little ladder on a bright white building reaches into a deep blue sky
Twilight falls over the remote and vast Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in the California Central Valley on a still evening
Rural scene near Loveland, Colorado, in the Rocky Mountain foothills
Early morning pink alpenglow touches Eldorado canyon in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains near Boulder
Small community garden with vegetables and flowers and tree.  There is a small stone garden buddha sitting under the tree.
Little farm in the high desert of southern Colorado
Boathouse on Upper Myakka Lake in Florida on a bright winter day.  There are 2 small people kayaking in the middle distance.
Bear and Green Peaks and the Flatirons tower above a peaceful farm on the Colorado prairie near Boulder.
Wide open space in South Park in Colorado Near Kenosha Pass
Harbor view of Tampa, Florida from high up, with ocean liner, marina, condos and river walk
View of a mangrove forest in Florida from a high vantage point
Mangrove shoots in the understory of a forest of these plants in Florida
Hilltop of open oak savannah in the California gold country with brown grass late in the year.
Elevated glass-covered city walkway between a tall office building and a tall parking garage.
Path through a lovely palm and pine forest in western Florida
Glass-railing balconies on the side of a tall city skyscraper apartment building.
View of the Flatirons Mountains near Boulder, Colorado across a frozen lake on a cold winter morning
Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, under brewing storm clouds
Sunset rays over golden clouds above a dark lake with ripples and grass silhouettes in front.
Tall palm tree silhouettes against a cloudy sky
Valmont Electric Plant near Boulder, Colorado by a bright blue lake with a beautiful snow capped mountain backdrop.
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