Brenda Bakker

Dutch veterinarian, fond of photography, especially of animals and nature.

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Feeding a guinea pig
Agastache foeniculum in flower with ripening seeds
Gala apple on a black mirror plate with free space on the right.
Healthy homemade birthday cake for the first birthday. Made of watermelon, blueberries and unsweetened cream.
Baby monitor in baby bedroom
Closing the nursing bra
Puttting a nursing pad in the nursing bra
Kunekune piglet walking in the grass
Abysinnian guinea pig in a soft bed
A tuft of hair on a white background
Three piglets in the pasture
Ferry ship sailing away on the Ocean
Narcissus 'Tete a Tete' (Cyclamineus daffodil) isolated with a white background.
Horse grazing next to the road at Col d'Aubisque, a mountain pass in the Pyrenees, France.
Female hand holding an inhaler with spacer and mask
Landscape "Soesterduinen", the Netherlands:  a beautiful sky with clouds, a tree and sand dunes on a sunny day.
Cold feet with purple socks on a grey hot water bottle
Kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) sliced in half
Miniature: old man on a white horse on the roof of a house. Dutch tradition "Sinterklaas"
Female common chimpanzee screaming with open mouth.
Tulipa Double Late Ice Cream
Major oak, Sherwood forest
Park in Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom. A footpath, a bench, flowers and trees.
Mineral block in a stable with in the background the hind of a cow out of focus.
Stonehenge with a blue sky and clouds, United Kingdom
White jug with daffodils before a white background and with copy space on the right side.
Great tit on sunflower (Helianthus) with selective depth of field
Isolated blue knitted baby socks
Deep white open kitchen drawer filled with stainless steel pans.
Child cutting straws with selective depth of field
Planting tulip bulbs
Putting wallpaper adhesive on the wall to hang wallpaper
Isolated Pottok pony, wild pony in La Rhune, France, with a white background.
Young white milk goat being bottle fed by a toddler.
Apple with party hat and eyes
Tricolored guinea pig with an orange pepper
Drents-Friese Wold National Park
Basil plant in white pot on a table with a structured white background.
Woman hand holding a tuft of hair
Washable and disposable nursing pads
Striking sunlight on the bluebells at RSPB Blean Woods near Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
Kune kune sow in the grass
Kune kune piglets resting outside
Hand of a little girl petting two piglets
Equestrian traffic light button in London, United Kingdom
Alpha male chimpanzee looking to the right.
Piglet foraging in the straw.
White teddy bear sitting in a wooden house, a wall decoration
Pregnant woman holding belly, second trimester
Holstein Frisian cow drinking water from the ditch in a meadow, Dutch landscape.
Hammer and tapping block, ready to install a laminate floor
Old church (St Mary Magdalene church, South Molton, Devon) in the evening with a very dark sky approaching. A threat of rain or it can be used for horror stories.
Palais Beaumont in Pau, France, with a beautiful sky.
Red tulips with white edges
Toddler is hand-feeding kibble to a white milk goat.
Ewe with lamb in Castleton, United Kingdom
Close up of a woman hand holding a glass of latte macchiato
Close up of woman holding a glass of latte macchiato
Wooden water mill at the countryside
Female hands crocheting
Toddler hands cutting a paper flower with pink scissors. Cutting activities for scissor skills at home or at school.
Wooden cutting board with tulipa bulbs, basil and a knife
Female hand holding hairbrush with hair
Female hand holding tuft of hair
Electric breast pump with disposable breast pads on a white background
Colorful word: halloween
Electric breast pump with washable breast pads on a white background
Great tit eating from sunflower (Helianthus)
Close up of a girl playing with perler beads
Isolated burgundy red doctors stethoscope on a graduation hat
Diaper cake with a teddy bear
Pregnant lady announcing she is pregnant of a baby girl by holding a pink teddy bear on her belly
Bouquet of pink tulips (Tulipa Double Libretto) on a blue and pink background with free space on the right side
Young Abyssinian guinea pig in a tea mug
Homemade first birthday cake with blueberries
Measuring a pregnant belly in second trimester
Pregnant woman holding belly and using smartphone
Hawthorns (Cratagus monogyna) in a field
Sunset at Birchington, Kent, United Kingdom
Outgrown your home? Guinea pig trapped in a very small cage.
Flowerbed with yellow and purple flowers under a blue sky with clouds. Colorful summer in Chelmsford, Essex, United Kindom.
Cute young goat being bottle fed by a toddler.
Wooden crate with bulb flowers (daffodils, muscari and crocuses)
Field of Poppies
Healthy child treat - bee
Healthy child treat
Ancient scale weights with selective depth of field, small one before larger one
Three tin measuring cups
Planting tulip bulbs
Planting flower bulbs (narcissus and muscari)
Hammer and tapping block, ready to install a laminate floor
Loon and Drunen National Park
Holstein Frisian cows in a meadow, Dutch landscape.
Outgrown your home? Guinea pig trapped in a very small cage.
Overblown daffodil Narcissus Tete a Tete) with garden trowel to scoop the soil for planting. Recycle the indoor flower bulbs - don't throw it away, put it in the garden!
Colorful word: summer
Guinea pig with money (euros) coins pile
Darmoor ponies at Dartmoor National Park, United Kingdom. Beautiful scenic view with ponies, meadow and hills.
Hiking boots in front of a nice view with upcoming clouds at La Rhune, Sare, France.
Ladybird on a Lily flower
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