Born the 21st of December 1951. Since the age of 8 I have been a keen flyfisher and practiced fly tying. I always bring my camera!

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The Nordic Forest in Norway
Clear water en Aarhus Bay
Bramslev Bakker at Mariager Fjord
Randers Fjord: Dammed fjord used for agriculture

Lake Glenstrup: Fishing from the ice
Mariager Fjord from Bramslev Hills
Classic Norwegian wooden cabin at the lakeside
Sunrise at Mariager Fjord near Hobro City

The rainbow trout has just landed and is safely in the net
Rainbow trout are safely in the net
Villestrup River valley in Jylland, Denmark
Commercial fishing in Denmark
River Villestrup in Jutland, Denmark
Morning and sunrise
Walking in the volcanic park, New Zealand
Dense vegetation in New Zealand
Walking in the volcanic park, New Zealand
Walk in vulcanic park, New Zealand
Lake "O" in New Zealand
Tongarino River and Lake Taupo
Small sea trout
Wintertime Mariager Fiord
The cliffs at Sangstrup, Djursland, Denmark
The cliffs at Sangstrup, Djursland, Denmark
The cliffs at Sangstrup, Djursland, Denmark
The cliffs at Sangstrup, Djursland, Denmark
The cliffs at Sangstrup, Djursland
Spawning streams for wild trout
Wild brown trout in the spawning ground
Mushrooms on the old tree stump
The old bridge over the creek
Streamer flies for predatory fish
Mark and Aarhus Bay

Rainbow trout in winter sun
Autumn in the lake

Quiet evening in the Swedish - Almö
The Eaglevalley Bay in Mariager Fjord at Hobro
Rainbow trout from the small lake

Brown trout from the small lake
Golden autumn in the valley with the small creek

Golden autumn at the small lake

Soon spawning time in the small creek
Water and Wellness -lake and forrest
Small browntrout from the small stream
Sangstrup Cliff, Djursland

Low tide area in Randers Fjord Nature Park

Fishing for eels in Mariager Fjord

Morning atmosphere in Mariager Fjord
Sun over lake and forest in Norway
Perch caught on nymph in Norway
Brown trout in the landing net
Wild brown trout from the river
Wild summer flowers from Norway
The Road through the forest
Rainy day - Villestrup River
Otter from Nørreåen near Randers
Self-seeded trees struggle for the light
The beech tree jumps out
Strawberry in flower - soon berry
Springtime on Mariager Fiord
Algae on stone and vegetation
Windmills on the ocean
Fishing from the coast
The cable ferry crosses Randers Fjord
Commercial fishing net
Snowdrops in february
Mariager Fiord in summertime
Walking in the beech forest
Deer enjoy spring
The path along the fjord
Horses on a cold day
Tail from Rainbow trout
Fly fishing in the rain
Sprayed with RoundUp
The old bridge
Black swan from Lake Taupo
Reed and down hammer by the fjord
Autumn in the small trout stream
Preparation for winter and ice
MBT -cycling prohibited
Mariager Fjord by Stines Minde
Autumn by Stines Minde
Mariager Fjord by Stines Minde
Fall by Stines Minde
Autumn in the lake
Frost on leaves
Anemones in the woods
Dry flies for trout and grayling
Flyfishing only area
Coastline with stones
Seatrout on the fly
Aarhus Bay and Aarhus
Fall in the small river
Winter by Bramslev Hills
The Coast of Djursland
Pike on the fly
Villestrup River in winter
Cows on grass
Moens Klint from the sea
Near open water
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