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Isolated Cuban rooster taking a step
Chacchoben Mayan Ruins
A Spiny Orb Weaver spider from the Florida Keys (Gasteracantha cancriformis)
Looking out to sea on a cruise ship
A worthless dollar bill
Everglades scene that looks like Africa
Sunset in Keywest with a Sailboat
Animal Crackers, isolated
A rooster from Cuba with good plumage
Eagle Falls in Cumberland Kentucky
Gorilla looking intelligent
Purple Flower, cineraria
Powerful Tank, General Stuart Model
A waterfall in the autumn.
Hidden Falls in St. Paul Minnesota
Waterfall in Nerstrand Minnesota calls Hidden Falls
Wolf creek falls from the side on the kettle river
Small creek waterfall with a stream and bridge
Wolf creek waterfall on the kettle river
Eldorado Cayon River with a bridge
Tulips with a fresh coat of rain
Great horned owl looking at us
Butterfly perched on a dying flower
Female Hummingbird flying toward flower
Ammonite fossil
A cold late autumn at Cumberland Falls
Babbling Brook in Smokey Mountains National Park
Hummingbird Perched on Plant
Venus fly trap wide open
Boulder’s Settlers Park in Colorado
Cool looking Dahlia very close up
Very Human Looking Gorilla (Gorilla beringei)
Door County Cherries (Montmorency type) on the Tree
Witches Hat Water Tower (Famous Landmark in St. Paul, Minnesota)
A water lily with a mayfly emerging
Classic United States capital building with clouds and sun lit
A lupine plant in full bloom
A field of wild lupine flowers
Blue Hen Falls near Cleveland
A white tailed deer fawn laying down
A honeybee with full pollen saddlebags
Showy Lady Slipper with water drops
Showy Lady Slipper with water drops
A Luna Moth Resting on a Wall
A row of Bleeding Hearts Close Up
A tulip field and a log
A good and unopened rose.
an unopened infrared yellow tulip
Desert flower from a cactus
A rose in infrared light
Close up of multi colored tulip
A tulip with potential
Old, Authentic Russian Babushka Dolls [Isolated]
A wolf in the snow
Eagle Falls in the Rain
Fancy orange orchid
Minneapolis Skyline at Dusk
Black eyed Susan’s in a field
Blue Orchid (Vanda coerulea)
Portrait of Bald Eagle
Cute baby bunny
Eagle Falls in Kentucky
Black eyed Susan’s with a blue sky background
Pink, white, and Red rose
Kosmo (Cosmo) flowers
Cloudy day with some rays of sun in the Smokey Mountains
Grotto Falls from the Front (Great Smokey Mountains)
Summer Corn Flowers
Great horned owl stalking
Eagle falls near Cumberland Kentucky
Orchid from Asia
Grotto Falls near Gatlinburg Tennessee
Grotto Falls bear Gaitinburg
Stream in the Smokey Mountains
Grotto Falls in the Smokey Mountains
Appalachian Trail in Smokey Mountains
Dead Rose In Winter
A dead rose in winter
Burrow Owl on One Leg
Cabin In the Woods
A dead rose in winter
Deep Water Creek in North Carolina
Smiling Orangutan (Pongo abelii)
Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus caninus)
Big Bertha (Blimp that monitors Cuba)
Golden Spiral (logarithmic spiral) using the golden ratio in mathematics -- the same ratio nature uses to build shells, etc...
Key West Rooster, descended from Cuban Roosters (Cubalaya)
A flying hummingbird
A perched hummingbird
Hummingbird sipping nectar
Hummingbird Eating and Flying
National Civil War Monument at Vicksburg Battlefield National Park
Hummingbird perched on plant
Hummingbird perched on plant
Hummingbird perched on plant
Hummingbird perched on plant
Flame Nebula, near Orion
Helix Nebula (God's Eye) with an Eye
Key West Green Iguana (invasive species in Florida).  Scientific name is Iguana Iguana
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