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cleaning after work
Factory worker cleaning floor
Mom helping her daughter do her homework
Installation of a smoke alarm
Man installing a garage door
mechanical engineering apprentice
elderly woman driving
Woodwork apprenticeship
woman choosing flowers
Elderly woman playing a board game
Mechanic checking the oil level of a car
Three teenagers sat together
Supervisor with hotel staff, holding tablet
Senior lady needs to take her pills
Apprentices learning to use machine
Butcher proud of his shop
Senior woman organising her medication
Old lady having an injection
elderly couple
welder with a steel frame
Electrician wiring a new build
Woman measuring electrical current
elderly woman
Checking an old lady's hands
Man installing a smoke alarm
Electrician fitting an intrusion alarm
hotel management
Electrician and his apprentice
Teacher observing students working on electrical circuits
Old lady having her jabs
Man talking to receptionist
Two factory workers stood with their arms folded
Serving disabled woman her meal
Female electrician at work
Man fitting a smoke alarm
Two businessmen discussing.
people having conversation in the funeral home
A fearful child
Giving grandma a gift
Little boy sat on father's shoulders
Female electrician checking a fusebox
Mature couple with bikes by the beach
Tutor explaining pipework to students
People working in the service industry
student with auto part studying automotive trade
Man with machine
portrait of beaming young man
Senior woman about to get a jab
Man training a new recruit
Need to check old lady's pulse
Just hanging
Tradesman painting a ceiling
Senior woman drinking coffee with her son
Shop worker turning the open and closed sign
Couple biking
construction worker
Dentist using a mouth guard on a a woman
Doctor with stethoscope
craft class
Two senior sat on a bench
Young woman in wheelchair working with a male colleague
Undertaker showing a woman a coffin
Team of young people learning housekeeping
Handyman caulking a window frame
Removing a tree from a garden
Percussion lesson
Couple in kayak
Builder in the office
Children with a magnifying glass
Skilled tradesmen examining a blueprint
Electrician fitting a thermostat system
carpentry school
electrician looking at fusebox
Two middle aged couple on bike ride
Woodwork apprenticeship
Textiles class
Family in the countryside looking through binoculars
Electrical inspector reading power output
Tradeswoman using a multimeter
Two workers inspecting ventilation system
Builder turning on an air compressor
man technician repairing a printer at business place at work
Workers cleaning down factory floor
electronic wood cutting machine
Pregnant woman at a doctor's surgery
Man in a high visibility jacket
New garage door
Woman working on a construction site
Smiling business man standing outside office building
Two older women standing outside
building site
cattle farmer
Construction workers looking at site plans
Doctor explaining which pills to take and when
Man holding his nose against a bad smell
Pregnant woman in doctors appointment
Older couples enjoying an alfresco lunch
disabled worker
Young girl at a child's birthday party
Electrician fitting a ceiling light
of 782