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Crimea, Russia - May 05, 2017
Monument to the Leaders of the "Big Three" - Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in Livadia, Yalta, by Zurab Tsereteli. Established on Feb 5, 2015
Cute short-haired white color miniature Chihuahua puppy with tennis ball on white background. The puppy is 2 month old on the picture.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Under Zhivopisny Bridge Curve in Winter Twilight. View from an ice on the river Moskva (Moscow) at the bank near Karamyshevsky passage on the highest in Europe cable-stayed bridge.
Cute short-haired white color miniature Chihuahua puppy with a tennis ball on white background. The puppy is 2 months old in the picture.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - March 13, 2013
Mockup of the Second Earth Sputnik (scale 1:1). The first biological satellite in the world in pressurized cabin that accommodated dog Laika that flew in Nov 1957.

Illuminated by spotlights and outdoor lights the Russian wooden guest-house – banya framed by trees after heavy snowfall in winter twilight.
Portrait of a cute white long-haired Maltese girl on a red background. The puppy is 4 month old on the picture.
Beautiful summer landscape of the Main Alley of VDNKh in the background of amazing Friendship of the People fountain with gilded sculptures and the Central Pavilion . 
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Jul 07, 2019
The decorative Neo-Gothic castle "Swallow's Nest" (Russian: Lastochkino Gnezdo) is the symbol of the south coast of Crimea located between Yalta and Alupka. ?onstructed in 1911-1912. Russia
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Sept 11, 2012
Marble bust of Leonid Brezhnev in the Fallen Monument Park “Muzeon” Sculpture created in 1981 by Russian folk artist Anatoliy Bichukov.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - June 27, 2017
Portrait of a short-haired chihuahua puppy of red and white color with a toy Cheburashka on a red background.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - November 12, 2020
Side angle view on the light grey marble bust of Stalin and other Communist party leaders and renowned military commanders at Kremlin wall necropolis on Red Square.
Illuminated at night with spotlights this wooden guest-house – banya framed by spruce and birch trees after a heavy snowfall in winter twilight. Moscow Region, Russia.
KUBINKA, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - Shining gold domes (cupolas) of the Resurrection Cathedral, the Main Church of Russian Armed Forces in Kubinka, illuminated in the twilight on the last day of summer.
Anchor - The Symbol of Sea Greatness. Anchor monument on the embankment of Novorossiysk in the background of the cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov.
KUBINKA, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - The Resurrection of Christ Cathedral, the main cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces in Patriot theme park in Kubinka on the last day of summer.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Christ the Redeemer Cathedral Framed by Trees in Summer It is the highest orthodox temple in the world.

Beautiful red brick towers and multicolored onion domes of Saint Basil's Cathedral at dusk in the summer evening. MOSCOW, RUSSIA
Uspenskaya Church (Church of the Assumption of Our Lady) and earthen rampart at Kremlevskaya street in the spring season. SUZDAL, RUSSIA
Covered snow illuminated with spotlights wooden teahouse at the skete (hermitage) of St. Savva (St. Sabbas) in Zvenigorod in a winter twilight.
Composition of sculptures from Russian folk tales in the Neglinnaya River fountain ensemble on the border of Alexander Garden and Manezhnaya Square. MOSCOW, RUSSIA - May 18, 2019
Towers and buildings of the beautiful architectural ensemble of the Kremlin in Izmailovo lit in the warm colors at sunset. MOSCOW, RUSSIA
MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - View from a garden area on the backside of illuminated wooden guest house-banya with a well in the background of tall pine trees when it was getting dark in the springtime.
MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - Illuminated Russian Dacha in Twilight. Little wooden guest house-banya with line of spruce trees at night time on one nice  Autumn morning with beautiful twilight skies.
All You Need Is Love. Portrait of Russkiy toy dog (Russian toy terrier) with Valentine Heart. The puppy is 3 months old on the picture.
ROSTOV VELIKIY - Red Chamber and Church of St. John of Rostov Kremlin. View from a path near a small well-maintained pond on architectural ensemble of the 17th century buildings
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Autumn landscape with the view from a high bank of Kamenka river on the old Convent of the Intercession (Pokrovsky Monastery) framed by trees turning their fall colors.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Beautiful winter cityscape with the view from Zaryadye park on the covered snow Spasskaya Tower (Savior’s Tower) of Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral framed by white trees.
Watching you! Portrait of Maine Coon cat, 1,5 year old, lying on a floor
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Angle view from Academician Sakharov Avenue on the huge building of Tsentrosoyuz (the Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives) in an early spring evening in twilight.
Short-haired rChihuahua puppies of different colors on white background.
Charming black and white-spotted mini Chihuahua puppy on a female hand
Portrait of short-haired cream colored Chihuahua puppy on a blue background.
Palace of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich on the grounds of Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery in summer season.
PEREDELKINO, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - Beautiful porcelain onion-shaped domes topped with crosses of the Church of Blessed Grand Prince Igor of Chernigov and Kiev in Peredelkino village.
GASPRA, CRIMEA - Beautiful view from top of Aurora Cliff on the Neo-Gothic castle situated on the steep 40-metre (130 ft) high rock in background of Black Sea and illuminated Yalta Bay in twilight.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Huge water pool of restored “Stone Flower” fountain illuminated with colorful spotlights on the grounds of VDNKh park and exhibition at nice spring evening in twilight.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - August 25, 2021: Red color old church with onion-shaped cupolas (domes) framed by elegant birch trees in Zaryadye Park.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Overview the southern side of Red Square with Lobnoye Mesto and St. Basil’s Cathedral in rainy Autumn evening.

The Central drum topped with stunning gilded dome of Resurrection church on the grounds of Sretensky monastery in hot summer day. MOSCOW, RUSSIA
PERESLAVL-ZALESSKY, RUSSIA - Beautiful view from bell tower on architectural Ensemble of Goritsky Monastery, Dormition (Assumption) Cathedral and Church of  All Saints in summer.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - May 30, 2019
Ice cream stand and decorations at the fountain in the center of GUM mall during Ice Cream Fest coincided with the International Children's Day.
Joseph of Volotsk Church Framed By Trees. Pavlovskaya Sloboda Estate, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA
MOSCOW REGION, PAVLOVSKAYA SLOBODA - Upper part of the Church of the Holy Royal Martyrs and Passion-bearers on the territory of the church-historical complex “Pavlovskaya Sloboda”
MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - The elegant and attractive gateway church of Joseph Volotsky in Pavlovskaya Sloboda on a hot summer day in July.
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - The ancient cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin with beautiful onion-shaped blue cupolas (domes) on the background of a cloudy sky on a summer day.
Sculpture-monument to the “Sailor`s Wife” in Novorossiysk installed in the very center and heart of the Quay, near warship “Mikhail Kutuzov” and the Naval Station
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - April 29, 2018
View from Raushskaya embankment of Moskva-Reka (Moscow River) on the Park Zaryadye with floating bridge and pier at Moskvoretskaya embankment.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - View from the covered snow Zaryadye park on the Ivan the Great Bell Tower of Moscow Kremlin framed by white spruce trees. Beautiful Moscow winter cityscape in a heavy snowfall.
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - August 17, 2020
Angle view on a wooden house with mezzanine framed by flowers and rowan trees on the grounds of Pokrovsky (Intercession) convent in Suzdal in the summer season.

NOSCOW, RUSSIA - A wave-shaped bench on the Krymskaya (Crimean) Embankment in the Moscow Park of Sculptures "Muzeon" on the background of the suspended Krymsky (Crimean) Bridge.
KUBINKA, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - Southside of the Resurrection Cathedral lit up in blue color on the last day of summer. The Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces was constructed in 2020.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Cityscape with the view from Zaryadye park on the most famous Moscow landmarks, Spasskaya (Savior) Tower of Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral framed by trees in Autumn season.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - February 14, 2020
View from Tarasa Shevchenko Embankment on the modern skyscrapers of Moscow International Business Center "Moskva-City" (Moscow City).
MOSCOW, RUSSIA: The view from the Red Square on the Entrance to the building of the Main Department store GUM known formerly as the Upper Trading Rows built between 1890 and 1893.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Evening view of the illuminated hunting lodge of the Prince Nikita Yurievich Trubetskoy’s Estate in Neskuchny Garden framed by colorful trees in late autumn season.
MEZHDURECHENSK, RUSSIA - Beautiful view on the forest lake with reflections of clouds and tall pine trees at sanatorium “Romantika” (Romance), in the most picturesque place of Mountain Shoria.
Moscow, Russia - July 28, 2009
Panorama of Red Square with illuminated St. Basil's Cathedral, GUM mall, Spasskaya Kremlin Tower, and Lenin's Tomb under umpressive twilight skies in summer evening.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - December 04, 2019
View from Komsomolskaya (former Kalanchevskaya) square on the main buildings of magnificent Kazansky Railway Station on a cloudy winter day.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Feb 20, 2020
People coming down on escalator from the south vestibule to the Krasnye Vorota (Red Gate) station of Sokolnicheskaya line (Red Line) decorated with dark-red marble
Adorable miniature Russkiy toy (Russian toy terrier) puppy in a hand-painted Russian souvenir bowl on a fur cover background.
Super mini short-haired Chihuahua puppy with pink gift boxes on a red background.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Jan 24, 2019
View from frozen surface of Moskva River on the curve of the modern S-shaped cable-stayed Zhivopisny Bridge (Picturesque bridge) with 105-meter high arch in winter sunset
FOROS, CRIMEA - View from observation platform of Baidarsky Pass on the Church of Christ's Resurrection rising on the abrupt 400-metre (1312 ft) Red Cliff (Krasnaya Skala) above Black sea in twilight.
A charming black Chihuahua puppy sitting on a bed at home.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Oct 19, 2018
Headquarters of Russian Academy of Science in Autumn Twilight. Front angle view on 22-story building of headquarters of Russian Academy of Sciences built in 1970s-1980s.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - April 29, 2018
At Moskvoretskaya Embankment in Early Spring Sunny Morning, people enjoying the nice spring weather, walking and taking pictures on floating bridgge of park Zaryadye
Beautiful flower parterre on the Central alley of VDNKh in background of the restored Kazakhstan Pavilion. MOSCOW, RUSSIA - September 02, 2019
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Illuminated Borodinsky (Borodino) Bridge with traffic light trails in the background of skyscrapers of Moskva-City (Moscow City) financial district in the twilight on winter evening.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Covered snow grounds of Zaryadye Park and St. Basil’s Cathedral and Spasskaya (Savior) tower of Moscow Kremlin in a winter evening.
View from Zaryadye park on the most famous Moscow landmarks, Spasskaya Tower (Savior’s Tower) of Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral framed by birch trees in Autumn season. MOSCOW, RUSSIA.
Beautiful landscape of one of the most ancient settlements of the Sergiev Posad district (Moscow Region), the small river Pazha and a huge wooden water wheel. MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - March 1, 2013
Lunokhod 1 (Moon Walker One) - First Unmanned Lunar Rovers in Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics at VDNKh. The first of two unmanned lunar rovers landed on the Moon by USSR
Large 3D projection on building of Bolshoi Theatre from 'Times' video mapping by Chinese artist Gong Zhen. 2nd prize in Art Vision Classic contest 2016
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Dec 04, 2019
Well-attended and attractive shop “Tea-Coffee” (Perlov Tea House) in the style of Chinese pagoda on Myasnitskaya street 19 in a dull cloudy day at the beginning of winter
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - June 28, 2013
Anniversary Balloons in GUM mall celebrated 120 years in 2013.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - May 04, 2019
Decorations of the center of Stone Flower Fountain at VDNKh covered with colorful semi-precious stones and smalt from the Ural Mountains.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - July 07, 2019
Landscaping of the Main Alley of VDNKh park and exhibition center in the background of the gilded fountain “Friendship of the People” and the pavilion #1 “Central”
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Upper Alexander Garden in the Early Spring Morning Twilight. View from Manezhnaya square on the illuminated  park along the fortified wall of Moscow Kremlin.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - The aerial cable line over the river Moskva (Moscow) leading to the festively illuminated with colorful spotlights trees of Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) park on a winter evening.
Portrait of a brown and tan short-haired Chihuahua puppy on a red background
Ensemble of Spasskaya Tower and St. Basil’s Cathedral. View from Large Amphitheater of natural-landscape Park “Zaryadye”
PERESLAVL-ZALESSKY, RUSSIA - Tall belfry with golden domes of St. Nicholas Monastery framed by trees in winter season.
The architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin with the Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles and Tsar Cannon in a winter season. MOSCOW, RUSSIA
Cute brown short-hair Chihuahua puppy and shawl on white background.
AI-PETRI, YALTA, CRIMEA - A small waterfall in the Grand Canyon filling the deep natural bath Kara-gol formed by Auzun-Uzen river (stream).
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Old wooden church of St. Nicholas on the grounds of Suzdal’s Kremlin framed by trees under gray clouds before rain in spring season.
PERESLAVL-ZALESSKY, RUSSIA - Angle view from a side of Red Square, the historical center of Pereslavl-Zalessky, on the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Christ framed by birch trees in winter.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - May 30, 2019
View from a cabin on the trhe first Moscow cable car over the river Moskva (Moscow) in background of Luzhniki stadium.

The decorative castle “Swallow Nest” rising on the Aurora Cliff framed by plants in the background of the blue waters of the Black Sea. Crimea
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - May 08, 2018
Luxury Cruiser at Hotel Radisson Royal (former Ukraina) starts journey on the river Moskva (Moscow) from the pier of Taras Shevchenko.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Feb 07, 2012
Cute brown and tan Russkiy toy (Russian toy terrier) puppy with remote control jeep toy car on a white background.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA -  Golden Cupolas of Moscow Kremlin. The view  from Sofiyskaya Embankment.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - December 28, 2019
A scaled model (1:2) of the automatic space station “Luna-16” (Moon-16) in the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics at VDNKh.
Red short-haired Chihuahua puppy with a vase and grapes on a red background.
Rocks of Cape Ai-Todor and the Blue Black Sea. View of "Limen-Burun", the eastern spur of Cape Ai-Todor and a small rocky island called "Parus" in Gaspra (near Swallow's Nest Castle), Crimea.
Vernissage Trade Rows in  Izmailovo. MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Aug 12, 2007
Wooden Paling and Towers of the kremlin in Izmailovo. MOSCOW, RUSSIA.
Old style handmade ceramics from Uzbekistan painted with traditional national ornaments in one of shops in Izmailovo craft market “Verinissage”. MOSCOW, RUSSIA.
Frozen Izmailovo Ponds and Kremlin in Early Spring. View from a small pedestrian bridge
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