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Candy Valentine's Hearts
House Sparrow - York County, Pennsylvania
Sunset at Fenwick Island Delaware
Canadian Goose - Fenwick Island, Delaware
The Shot Tower - Baltimore, Maryland
Pair of Black Winged at Fenwick Island, Delaware
Kilgore Falls, Maryland
Ballet dancer's feet
Two Brittany Spaniel puppies appear to be kissing
9mm Luger Ammunition
Credit report header
Brittany Spaniel Puppies
X-ray Tetra Fish (Pristella Tetra)
Backlit Dandelion
Black and white photo of a Brittany Spaniel dog staring out of a window.
Human eye on a watery horizon
Close-up photo of a sound mixing board
Macro photo of common nut and bolt
Pit Bull dog with his head out of a car window
Declined credit report
Duotone macro photo of a smoking semi-automatic pistol
Lump of Christmas coal for bad boys and girls
Water running from a tap into a glass
Detail of an Eastern Hemlock tree with a dusting of snow
Brittany Spaniel Puppy
1040 Tax Form
Silhouette of an osprey landing on a nesting post
Water drops on a green amaryllis leaf
Close-up photo of a sound mixing board
Syringe and insulin bottle with white background
Two wine glasses with Christmas lights in the background
Declined stamp
Background image of .40 S&W Ammunition
Duotone close-up photo of a gun trigger
Macro photo of water drops on a leaf
Herring Run - Susquehanna State Park, Maryland
Golden macro photo of water drops on a brilliant surface
An officer hat of the East German Secret Police or Stasi
Golden Autumn foliage at Augusta, West Virginia
Background image of 5.56mm NATO ammunition
Graduated tone photo of a day lily.
Close-up photo of a sound mixing board
Dreamy photo of the moonrise over the water
Muted color surreal photo of a Phalaenopsis Orchid
Yellow Jacket Wasp
Black and white photo of water drops on a metallic surface
Extreme magnification macro  photo of a US dime, with the focus on "In God We Trust".
Chinese food container
Sunglasses reflecting a poker game
Black and white kitten with a white background
Muted color photo of two men fishing on the Susquehanna River, Maryland
Sika Deer fawn at Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland
Abstract photo of a blue glass building
Macro photo of Daffodil stamen
Black and white detail photo of the War Memorial building - Baltimore, Maryland
Sika Deer Fawn at Assateague Island National Seashore - Maryland
Lake Marburg - York County, Pennsylvania
Yawning Cat
Macro photo of a Chickweed flower
Purple Drop
Northern Cardinal - York County, Pennsylvania
Fenwick Island Sunset, Delaware
Autumn scenic photo of Herring Run -- Susquehanna State Park, Maryland
Pair of handcuffs in blue light
White-throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis) in a pine tree.  York County, Pennsylvania
Close-up photo of a sound mixing board
WWI Memorial - Jefferson, Pennsylvania
Sepia toned black and white photo of a barn and white fence in Harford County, Maryland
Earthshine (reflected sunlight from Earth lights the dark portion of a Crescent moon )
Lemon with lime reflection
Close-up of raspberries
Macro photo of the succulent plant of the genus Sempervivum.  Also known as Houseleeks or "Hen and Chicks"
Cold water pouring into a drinking glass
Violin in blue light
Girl in a Swimming Pool
Macro of multi-colored cotton string
Close-up photo of a sound mixing board
Abstract photo of smoke
Black and white macro photo of a yellow daisy
Abstract macro photo of water drops in aquamarine
Dark-Eyed Junco perched on a branch.  Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania
Northern Cardinal - York County, Pennsylvania
Back to school supplies
Blue 7-string guitar
White cat on a real white background - NOT photoshopped
Fallen chess king
Photo of a squirrel in snow, fading into pure white copy space at the top -- York County, Pennsylvania.
Blue Christmas bulb concept photo
Close-up of French Fries
Black and white photo of concrete horse and eagle at the World War I Memorial - Baltimore, Maryland
Rocks and sea grass reflected in the water at Gunpowder River, Maryland
Macro photo of common blue jeans
Blackwater Falls, West Virginia
African Violet Macro
Macro of a Red Delicious apple with water droplets
Blackwater Falls, West Virginia
Brittany Spaniel Puppy
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