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A little girl receiving first aid heart massage by nurse or doctor or paramedic
Child holding a rosary with a crucifix during his first communion celebration
Girl blowing her nose. Space for text. Horizontal
Portrait of boy doing his holy communion dressed in white wedding suite jacket
A happy girl holding a pair of cats. Space for free text
Teenage child with border collie. Soft focus, vignette
A senior lade with cardiac arrest or stroke receiving cpr
Grandmother and grandchild looking at each other
Two young children, one in a wheelchair, space for text
A toddler hiding her face behind her hands, could be scared, playing, counting, shy, or ashamed
A young girl in her holy communion outfit looking at the camera from behind her veil. Stunning green eyes
I told you so attitude
A young boy celebrating his first holy communion
A flexible middle age senior woman doing yoga
A confident modern and relaxed teen laughing out loud
A beautiful garden with palm trees, decorated chairs and a small wedding tent
Child dressed up for her first communion with white dress and veil
Middle aged woman doing warrior yoga pose with eyes clothes
Portrait of boy dressed in suit. Shallow depth of field, slight vignette
A young girl pushing her friend with a broken leg  in a wheelchair.
Mature woman with hands together in namaste or prayer, looking at camera. Space for text
Cheeky girl doing a silly face
Woman with cold, blowing her nose into a tissue
Student in school uniform looking at camera
A young child doing her first holy communion
A ten year old blonde girl standing on the ladder to a swimmingpool
A young child praying dressed up for her first holy communion holding a candle
A beautiful  young woman standing in a crowd. Real people, candid shot
A hand filling up a car with diesel
A mediterranean house in Gozo, Malta with an old door and a tree with flowers climbing the wall
Girl celebrating her First Communion. Her face is covered by her veil, and she is looking down. Sad, serious feeling. Horizontal photo
Cows eating in a modern barn
A young child doing her catholic first holy communion
Teenage kid in school uniform looking angry, standing against a concrete wall with graffiti. Real people, candid shot
7 year old girl with bicycle with bike helmet and specs
Young child with brown horse
A teenager girl looking up with sunglasses and a beenie
Close up of a bride or a girl doing her first holy communion holding small rose buds. Vintage, washed out look, soft filter
Close up of a man inhaling from an electronic cigarette
Two blond school girls with school bag and school uniforms
Close up of a red cross on a vintage ambulance
A young child doing her first holy communion
Boxes with lamps and other junk put out for an auction
A young boy person celebrating his first holy communion
Senior woman holding her hands together in front of her in namaste or praying
A young child drinking from a bottle with a straw
Teenager with hat pulled over her eyes. Space for text
A little girl receiving mouth to mouth first aid by nurse or doctor or paramedic
Young girl with broken leg in cast sitting on the sidewalk or pavement in a wheelchair looking at the camera. Positive feeling, space for text
Portrait of 13 year old teenage girl with beenie and glasses. Cheeky, strong, bold, cocky
A young child standing in front of her horse, looking at the camera, positive feeling
Teenager with luggage waiting for departure
Senior pensioner having a coffee in a coffee shop in Sweden
A young child hugging a small kitten, very tender moment, lots of love
Young girl with headphones looking out of a train window
Cars waiting to board a ferry in Gozo, Malta, Europe
A 7 year old child wrapped up in a towel after a swim
A stone house facade with a blue door and a pink bougainvillea climber climbing up the wall
A young child doing her first holy communion
Girl with cellphone selfie or texting an sms
A hand filling up a car with diesel
Sailing boat out at open sea
a grandmother and grandchild looking at camera, candid photo, real people
Serious teenage girl looking at camera
To pretty teenage girls gossiping, giggling and whispering
Happy child with a bowl of freshly picked berries
A sick senior old lady receiving mouth to mouth resuscitation, kiss of life
Close up of child wearing a helmet for skiing or snowboarding. Differentiated focus
A traditional Mediterranean farmhouse garden in Malta, Europe with swimmingpool
School girl with uniform doing thumbs up, positive feeling
Girl with long blond hair and woolly cap space for text
Close up of child with fever thermometer, wrapped in blanket, Space for text
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen
San Anton Palace in Malta, home of the president, built by Grand Master of the Order of St. John the Knight Father Antoine de Paule
A senior lady doing yoga, holding her hands praying
Child with a fever thermometer in her mouth, looking sad and sick
A womans feet on a training carpet. Space for text
Rails and stairs leading into a blue swimmingpool
A church decorated for feast in Gozo Malta Europe
6 year old child holding two ginger cats
Close up of elegant contemporary designed plastic chairs
A child sitting outside a barn with a Border Collie dog
A swedish college girl on her graduation day with a traditional hat
5 year old girl holding a cat
Cute little girl holding a cat. Positive feeling
Funky teenage girl with beenie and sunglasses open mouthed and surprised
Photo of a middle aged lady doing a yoga pose in a beautiful hotel garden
Close up of a young child wearing funky reflective sunglasses
Teenage woman with checked print white hoodie lying back on green grass, laughing and looking at the camera. Candid shot, real people
Things put up on tables for a flee market or auction
Young girl laughing with her friends during her ballet lesson
Closeup of outdoor metal slats with some rust
A little preschool child holding a cat, with her eyes closed, sitting against a wall on a farm
Close up of cloudberry berries, a rhizomatous herb native to alpine and arctic tundra and boreal forest
A bar with table and chairs outside in Castellaro Lagusello, Monzambano, Garda lake area, Italy, Europe
an old woman holding a young girls hand
Close up of a hand gyan mudra position
Cute disabled girl riding a wheelchair on the road
A young child praying during her first holy communion
A teenager with helmet and protective vest sitting bareback on a North Swedish Horse. Space for text
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