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Girl blowing her nose. Space for text. Horizontal
A little girl receiving first aid heart massage by nurse or doctor or paramedic
A happy girl holding a pair of cats. Space for free text
Child holding a rosary with a crucifix during his first communion celebration
Teenage child with border collie. Soft focus, vignette
A young child doing her first holy communion
Grandmother and grandchild looking at each other
Two young children, one in a wheelchair, space for text
A young girl pushing her friend with a broken leg  in a wheelchair.
A stone house facade with a blue door and a pink bougainvillea climber climbing up the wall
A teenager girl looking up with sunglasses and a beenie
A senior lade with cardiac arrest or stroke receiving cpr
Child dressed up for her first communion with white dress and veil
A toddler hiding her face behind her hands, could be scared, playing, counting, shy, or ashamed
A 7 year old child wrapped up in a towel after a swim
Portrait of 13 year old teenage girl with beenie and glasses. Cheeky, strong, bold, cocky
A young girl in her holy communion outfit looking at the camera from behind her veil. Stunning green eyes
Teenager with luggage waiting for departure
A young boy celebrating his first holy communion
Happy child with a bowl of freshly picked berries
A young child praying during her first holy communion
A confident modern and relaxed teen laughing out loud
Cars waiting to board a ferry in Gozo, Malta, Europe
Boy praying during his first holy communion mass
Young girl laughing with her friends during her ballet lesson
a grandmother and grandchild looking at camera, candid photo, real people
I told you so attitude
6 year old child holding two ginger cats
Girl with dressed up for her First Communion with a veil, soft focus
School girl with uniform doing thumbs up, positive feeling
A beautiful garden with palm trees, decorated chairs and a small wedding tent
Grandmother and grandchild looking at camera, sitting outside on the porch in summer
Girl with long blond hair and woolly cap space for text
Child having a fresh shake, vertical portrait
Close up of a young child wearing funky reflective sunglasses
A girl just lost her first milk tooth
Two children looking at camera
Portrait of boy dressed in suit. Shallow depth of field, slight vignette
Close up portrait of a ten year old girl, smiling up at the camera. Positive emotion
A girl on a street in a city. Grunge feel, short depth of field. Film grain applied
A 4 year old girl smiling at the camera with a butterfly painted over her face
A detail of a child's colourful chalk picture on the pavement
A pretty teenage girl smiling towards the camera with her back against a stone wall. With attitude but still friendly. Having a blue baseball cap on
A teenage girl with her horse. Candid photo, happy feeling, best friends
A preschool aged girl inside a wooden ship at Norrkvarn, Gota kanal, sweden, Candid shot real people
Portrait of two young sisters outside in a park
A ten year old blonde girl standing on the ladder to a swimmingpool
A pretty girl holding an angry looking cat
A pretty blonde girl reading message on her smart phone
A little girl wrapped up in a towel after a swim at the beach
Student in school uniform looking at camera
A small girl learning to ride a bike.
Closeup of girl leaning on handlebar of scooter
Three girls eating ice cream. Focus on first girl
A teenager riding an icelandic horse bareback
A young girl is sweetly hugging her black and white cat. Both have their eyes closed.
Cheeky girl doing a silly face
Portrait of a girl smiling at the camera
A girl sitting on a jetty with her optimist sailing boat
Two beautiful confident girls chilling out together
A beautiful young girl with headset day dreaming in a hammock. Golden light
A cute little girl peeking out from a play ground tunnel, smiling at the camera.
A young teenager riding a North Swedish Horse. Shallow depth of field
A young girl folding forward from pain in tummy
A teenager free diving towards an inflatable air mattress
A funky cool edgy teenager wandering the streets, hand in her jeans pocket
A young woman sitting in an airport lounge, waiting to board a plane
A toddler hugging a billy goat at the children's zoo
Two kids with posing with a guitar
A beautiful  young woman standing in a crowd. Real people, candid shot
Close up of a little 4 year old girl sitting on a pony with a riding helmet
Little girl feeding three horses with hay
A 5 year old child looking seriously at the camera. Soft focus on background
A young female looking out at sea, cuddling her pet dog. Slight vignette
Young child with brown horse
Young happy smiling girl in field, holding arms out, eyes closed
Woman with cold, blowing her nose into a tissue
A funky cool edgy teenager wandering the streets, balancing on the sidewalk
Portrait of boy doing his holy communion dressed in white wedding suite jacket
A beautiful young woman looking at camera. vintage retro style of photograph
Mature woman with hands together in namaste or prayer, looking at camera. Space for text
A young child standing in front of her horse, looking at the camera, positive feeling
Young girl doing ballet
Expressions teenager upset
Aerial view of a street crossing saying stop for cars. Space for text
A 6 year old girl on a bike learning to ride. Shot from top in different angle
A sign with an arrow showing the way to an internet cafe
A young girl standing in a field, turning towards the camera. Positive feeling
A teenage girl reading a novel
A 4 year old doing a funny face to the camera. Isolated on black.
Girl carrying books, walking in the countryside
Girl playing with racket on the lawn in summer
A hand filling up a car with diesel
A teenage high school student with her group of friends
Child practicing her guitar
A mediterranean house in Gozo, Malta with an old door and a tree with flowers climbing the wall
Children dressed in santa hats. Space for text
Girl celebrating her First Communion. Her face is covered by her veil, and she is looking down. Sad, serious feeling. Horizontal photo
A young child praying dressed up for her first holy communion holding a candle
Teenage kid in school uniform looking angry, standing against a concrete wall with graffiti. Real people, candid shot
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