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Sunrise with a golden reflection in foaming wave. Sandy ocean beach at sunrise in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.
OXON HILL, MARYLAND, USA - SEPTEMBER 11, 2016: The Gaylord national Resort and Convention Center at Potomac River waterfront. The resort offers luxurious comfort and hosts events all year around.
Key Bridge and Rosslyn skyline in early morning, Washington DC, USA. A view n Potomac River from Georgetown Park in US capital.
National Harbor waterfront panorama in Oxon Hill, Maryland, USA. Panorama of National Harbor with Ferris and modern buildings.
Row houses of Mount Vernon Square in Washington DC. Colorful residential townhouses in the afternoon sun.
Washington Monument at night with the city skyline and cherry blossom. Colorful reflections of Washington landmarks in the Tidal Basin.
Autumn on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, USA. Maple tree in fall near US Capitol.
Old Stock Exchange along the canal in Copenhagen, Denmark. Former stock exchange building along the canal with a distinctive spire.
Quiet sunset over Puget Sound in Seattle, USA. Red fluorescent sign of Seattle famous Public Market and horizon over the land.
Sunrise over the ocean in Miami Beach, Florida. Spring sunrise at the empty beach.
United States Federal Reserve System headquarters in Washington DC. Federal Reserve Board is located in Eccles Building and is the main governing body of the Federal Reserve System.
Architectural elements of Washington DC buildings. Metro Center neighborhood buildings under the afternoon sun.
A walkway on Theodore Roosevelt Island in autumn in Washington DC, USA. Swamp Trail runs in parallel to Potomac River that separates the island from Georgetown waterfront.
Appalachian trail crossing Shenandoah River in Harpers Ferry. Colorful autumn landscape from a scenic outlook in West Virginia, USA.
Telluride city panorama with snow mountain peaks and forestry hillsides. Beautiful town at high altitude on a sunny day in Colorado, USA.
Sunrise reflection on a beach sand. Golden sunrise at Miami Beach, Florida, USA.
Residential buildings at San Diego square (Plazuela De San Diego) in Cartagena walled city, Colombia. Colorful buildings under the bright tropical sun.
Amorphophallus Titanium (Corpse Flower) on a first day of bloom in the United States Botanic Garden
Art deco architecture of Miami Beach, Florida. Street with palms and colorful buildings.
The 99 steps in Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, US VI. The picturesque stairways with flowers and palm trees on both sides.
The White House, Washington DC, USA. The White House under a clear blue sky.
Historic buildings in walled city of Cartagena, Columbia. City churches and building of naval museum before sunset.
Sunrise at sandy Mediterranean Sea beach with splashing wave. Sunrise over the sea with reflections and sailboat on the horizon.
Busy city square near the sea in Cartagena, Colombia. Cartagena old city before the sunset.
East Potomac park landscape during cherry blossom season in Washington DC, USA. Suburban city panorama with river view in spring.
US National Arboretum in the Fall, Washington DC. Road framed by colorful autumn leaves in the dense thicket.
WASHINGTON DC, USA - SEPTEMBER 22: Architectural details of The Walter E. Washington Convention Center building in Washington DC on September 22, 2016. The building hosts international conferences.
BALTIMORE, USA - DECEMBER 6, 2019: Baltimore waterfront at Inner Harbor at night, Maryland, USA on December 6, 2019. City skyline with colorful reflections in calm harbor waters on a cold night.
Sun arises from the clouds over Mediterranean Sea in Valencia region of Spain. Cloudy sunrise in orange hues over the calm sea.
Power line of urban neighborhood in autumn in Falls Church, Virginia, USA. Colorful deciduous tree in the modern urban settings.
Suburban neighborhood of Falls Church in autumn near water in Virginia, USA. Colorful landscape with deciduous trees in fall.
The Wharf district residential buildings with marina at dawn. The Wharf of Washington DC with waterfront and its colorful reflection in Potomac River.
National Harbor waterfront panorama in Oxon Hill, Maryland, USA. Sun shines through cumulus clouds on National Harbor pier and modern buildings along coastline of Potomac River.
Modern townhouses at Old Town Alexandria waterfront in Virginia, USA. Highly sought after residential development in Alexandria neighborhood.
Urban Seattle panorama and distinctive peak of Mount Rainier above the clouds on horizon. Scenic view on urban skyline from a high elevation point in Seattle, USA.
Modern houses facing Old Town Alexandria waterfront in Virginia, USA. Highly sought after residential development in Alexandria neighborhood.
Bike trail during late autumn in Falls Church, Virginia, USA. Fallen leaves and a lonely jogger's figure.
A glass of craft beer with infused raspberry flavor during testing event in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Background hues of festive autumn atmosphere in a bar.
Colorful autumn landscape with deciduous trees in Burlington, Vermont, USA. Footpath near railroad on a rainy day in fall season.
Autumn landscape with fallen leaves and deciduous trees near water. Bright color of trees and leaves in fall in suburban Falls Church, Virginia.
Washington DC panorama around Tidal Basin reservoir at sunrise during cherry blossom. Thomas Jefferson Memorial with reflection at distance behind a blossom curtain.
WASHINGTON DC, USA – NOVEMBER 10, 2017: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and National Building Museum in close proximity to each other on top of Judiciary Square metro station.
Cherry Blossom season in Washington DC, USA. Washington Monument and spring landscape around Tidal basin reservoir in US capital city.
US Capitol building at dawn as seen from Pennsylvania Avenue. Colorful sunrise along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.
Washington DC panorama with famous landmarks during cloudy winter sunset. Lincoln Memorial, Washington monuments and United States Capitol in city skyline.
A view on old town Alexandria from the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge, Virginia, USA. Potomac River panorama in early autumn.
Lincoln Memorial in the National Mall, Washington DC. Lincoln Memorial on blue sky background in the dusk.
Road with cherry trees in bloom in East Potomac Park near the water, Washington DC, USA. Spring landscape with cherry trees in flowers along the river.
Virginia suburban panorama in autumn, USA. Rosslyn skyscrapers in the early morning in fall.
Urban residential architecture of US capital with fall decorations. Historic row houses in Colombia Heights neighborhood of Washington DC, USA
Residential townhouses of suburban Washington DC in spring. Colorful urban architecture of Shaw neighborhood in US capital.
United States Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington DC, USA. Eccles Building with US National and Fed flags under clear sky in early morning.
United States Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington DC, USA. Eccles Building is an example of stripped classicism architecture.
Historic lighthouse of Ponta da Ferraria and pasture on Sao Miguel Island of Azores, Portugal. Picturesque hilly meadows with cows under blue skies.
WASHINGTON DC, USA -  MAY 9, 2015: Row houses and businesses in Adams Morgan neighborhood on a perfect spring day with young people walking on the street.
OXON HILL, MARYLAND, USA - SEPTEMBER 11, 2016: Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center offers luxurious comfort and hosts amazing events all year around.
Washington DC panorama around Tidal Basin at dawn during cherry blossom in spring. Urban skyline with Thomas Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument in US capital.
Forestry winter landscape with a pedestrian bridge. Layer of snow on tree branches after snowstorm in Falls Church, VA.
Alley with blossoming cheery tress along the river in Washington DC, USA. Flowers abundance at East Potomac Park in spring.
WASHINGTON DC, USA - OCTOBER 28, 2017: The Wharf in US capital after  three-year long project completed. District Wharf designed as broad promenade with new living, shopping and entertainment venues.
A panoramic view on Old Town Alexandria from the Potomac River in Virginia, USA. A river waterfront along the river of nationally designated historic district in early fall.
Modern architecture of Washington DC, USA. Residential luxury apartments in downtown of US capital city.
A panoramic view on Old Town Alexandria waterfront in Virginia, USA. Potomac River panorama with a view on Washington DC.
Arlington Memorial Bridge and Rosslyn suburb at sunset, Washington DC, USA. Panoramic view on Potomac River and Washington DC metro area buildings across the river.
Modern buildings of Washington DC, USA. Apartment buildings of US capital on a sunny morning.
Modern buildings in downtown of Washington DC, USA. Urban architecture of US capital.
Tidal Basin panorama at dawn with Thomas Jefferson Memorial during cherry blossom festival in Washington DC, USA. Colorful reflection of buildings in calm water of the Tidal Basin reservoir.
WASHINGTON DC, USA – JULY 17, 2019: US capital event, a projection of Saturn V rocket image on the east side of the Washington Monument to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.
WASHINGTON DC, USA – JULY 17, 2019: People are looking at a projection of Saturn V rocket on the east side of the Washington Monument in the 50th anniversary celebration of Apollo 11 moon landing.
Capitol Hill panorama with reflection pool in late autumn, Washington DC, USA. US Capitol in fall on a cold sunny morning with colorful deciduous trees in its front.
Lake Furnas (Lagoa das Furnas) on Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal. A view of the lake from the Pico do Ferro scenic overlook during azaleas bloom.
Blossoming cherry trees around Tidal Basin in Washington DC in spring during the National Cherry Blossom Festival.
Historic townhouses of Shaw neighborhood in Washington DC. Residential row houses in US capital in early autumn.
Washington Monument at sunrise, Washington DC, USA. City skyline with Washington Monument and United States Capitol building at dawn hours.
Modern urban architecture of Washington DC downtown. US capital street with shops, business offices and residential buildings in summer.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial in urban landscape of Washington DC in autumn, USA. Tidal Basin reservoir and city skyline on a sunny afternoon.
OXON HILL, MARYLAND, USA – JULY 4, 2014: National Harbor waterfront with food establishments and people relaxing under afternoon sun.
Washington DC's bronze equestrian statue of Joan of Arc in Meridian Hill Park. Autumn colors of park alleys with deciduous trees on a sunny day.
Trunk Bay beach at sunset on St John Island, US Virgin Islands.
A town north of Alicante on the Mediterranean coast on a sunny morning, Altea, Spain. A scenic street corner with picturesque buildings painted in white.
Transparent azure waters with rocky bottom near mountainous Crete island, Greece.
Thermal springs in late autumn in Montanejos, Spain. Canyon in the mountain with hot springs.
Buildings along Massachusetts avenue in downtown of Washington DC, USA.
Colorful umbrellas on downtown street in Washington DC, USA. Umbrellas create a cozy friendly atmosphere on the street with shops and restaurants in US capital.
WASHINGTON DC, USA – OCTOBER 16, 2016: Alarmingly bright sunrise above US Capitol Dome. U.S. Capitol Dome Restoration project is nearing its completion.
Washington DC buildings, coexistence of different styles in urban architecture. Beautiful buildings under a blue sky with cumulus clouds in US capital.
WASHINGTON DC, USA - JULY 28, 2018: The Wharf of US capital at night.  It is located along the Washington Channel, just south of the National Mall and west of the newly developed Capitol Riverfront.
WASHINGTON DC, USA – DECEMBER 3, 2018: Georgetown GLOW Light Art Festival exhibit. The neighborhood-wide public art exhibition features the work of local, regional, and international light artists.
Georgetown Park waterfront on a sunny autumn day along Potomac River in Washington DC, USA. People enjoy warm weather on the step near the water.
Countryside landscape in autumn with moving train. Panorama with fields, fruit trees and mountains on horizon in Valencia province of Spain.
Potomac River near Georgetown Park waterfront and key Bridge in Washington DC, USA. Sunny day in early fall at Georgetown neighborhood of US capital.
Park with thermal springs in Montanejos, Spain. A view on the park from above in autumn.
Montanejos, Spain in autumn. Spanish town with beautiful views and riverbank in autumn.
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA – NOVEMBER 6, 2018: The Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, California. Historic arch of San Diego during the world-class global event – Neuroscience 2018 conference.
DC City Center festive atmosphere during cherry blossom annual events in Washington DC, USA. City Center features boutiques and restaurants along pedestrian alley.
BALTIMORE, USA - DECEMBER 7, 2019: Warehouse building on Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland on December 7, 2019. Oriole Park is a Major League Baseball ballpark.
BALTIMORE, USA - DECEMBER 6, 2019: A scenic night view on the city buildings with reflections in Baltimore, Maryland, USA on December 6, 2019. Inner Harbor calm waters with reflections.
BALTIMORE, USA - DECEMBER 6, 2019: Inner Harbor of Baltimore at night in Maryland, USA on December 6, 2019 with Christmas pavilions reflection in calm harbor waters.
BALTIMORE, USA - DECEMBER 6, 2019: Edgar Allan Poe’s grave at Westminster Hall and Burying Ground on December 6, 2019. He was the author of the most famous American poem, “The Raven”.
BALTIMORE, USA - DECEMBER 6, 2019: Night view of Baltimore National Harbor with colorful reflections on December 6, 2019. Baltimore Inner harbor skyline at dusk with Christmas decorations.
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