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Two sandhill cranes (Grus canandensis) fly overhead against a pale sky.
A woman in a long red skirt is washing clothes on a washboard and bucket set up by a stream.  Motion blur on hand scrubbing cloth on the board.
Sunset over Canyon de Chelly
Soccer player prepares for a shot on goal.  Editorial Use Only.
Super moon rising over hills prior to full eclipse
Fiery winter sunrise in the Colorado Rocky Mountains boasts brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow.
Storm clouds gather over Canyon de Chelly, land sacred to the modern Navajo Nation, just as it was to the ancient Anasazi.
Mining shack balancing on remains of another bulding after a landslide on Mt. Princeton, Colorado.
Two ATV riders pause on a trail on Mt. Princeton in the Colorado Rockies
Coyote (Canis latrans) in the wild, but showing little fear of humans
Willow baskets filled with a harvest of red chile (with an "e") peppers (Capsicum annuum)
The blue flames of a gas powered stove top symbolize energy used for household purposes
Soccer player hits ball with head.
Beautiful young women perform a traditional dance in dresses of bright ribbons  and lace for a festival at an ancient hacienda in the southwestern United States.
Handsome young man with blue eyes has his face covered with mud after negotiating a particularly muddy ATV trail.
Dark, ominous storm clouds roll over golden prairie grass highlighted by the setting sun.
A row of new all-terrain vehicles ready to hit the trails
Bright red fire engine used to respond to emergency in mountain town.
A small boat heads into the foggy Katchemak Bay.
A popular vintage off-road vehicle splashes water over the top while fording  mountain stream.
All-terrain-vehicle parked beside mountain trail with packs and helmets on cloudy day
Buildings along wooden sidewalk in St. Elmo, Colorado, an historic ghost town in the Rocky Mountains
Golden autumn aspen leaves with raindrops in puddle of water
Two attractive young graduates in their caps and gowns look toward the future.
The valedictorian for a graduating class marches to her place at the head of the class.
Soccer players collide while trying to bring down the ball
Soccer player in mid-air shot on goal over fallen goalie for a score
Popular four-wheel-drive vehicle plows through mountain stream creating large spray of water
Golden aspen trees in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
Homeowner shoveling snow on front walkway after winter storm to reach his driveway.
Gold '07 tassel on background of blue graduation cap.  Shallow depth of field
Columbines, the state flower of Colorado, shimmer in the morning sunshine
Brilliant Alaskan sunset with Sitka spruce (Picea stichensis) silhouetted in the foreground.
Golden autumn leaves of the cottonwood (Populus fremontii) frame the Arkansas River on a crisp September day in southern Colorado.
The Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus lateralis) can be identified by its chipmunk-like coloration, but is differentiated by the lack of stripes on its face.
Drying rack from centuries old hacienda showing variety of herbs and gourds drying to be used for seasonings, teas, and home remedies.
Beautiful view of forests and mountains surrounding Turnagain Arm around the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.
Soccer Players Fight for the Ball
Shades of orange and yellow distinguish a late winter sunrise in southern Colorado
Brilliant, luminous shades of yellow, and orange streak the skies over the Rocky Mountains during an autumn sunrise.
Ragged first national Confederate Flag - the original Stars & Bars was replaced by the more modern version because it was difficult to differentiate from the Stars & Stripes in battle.
Fiery northern sunset over Homer, Alaska is reflected in the choppy waters, and jumping salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch), of fishing hole on the spit.
View of clouds over the Kenai Peninsula from Flattop Mountain, high above Anchorage, Alaska
Hosta Leaves create interesting patterns
Beautiful, happy young couple in formal attire
Boy painting porch
Soccer player moves ball down the field.  Editorial Use Only
Blue flame of natural gas stove burner can symbolize energy, cooking, power, the environment, global warming and more.
Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) doe in  meadow
Pronghorn antelope, symbolic of the American West, shedding their winter coats in early spring.
Gold '07 tassel on background of blue graduation cap
Close-up of Rhode Island Red Rooster
Purple iris are a sure sign of Spring.
Silhouette of man walking along the water's edge on a fantasy beach
A lone pine tree stands vigil over a mystical landscape of green grass and magical blue hills shrouded in mist
High school soccer player jumping up to bring down the ball. (editorial use only)
Bright golden aspens (Populus tremuloides) sparkle in shafts of sunlight filtering through the deep forest dark pines.
The rising sun reflects off the top of the cliffs above Grape Creek ravine in southern Colorado.
Players run the soccer ball down field.  (Editorial Use Only)
Gentle, retriever-type dog provides therapy for adults and children in managed care.  Selected focus on her nose.
Hot Air Balloons fly over a residential area during Fiesta
Gold '07 tassel on background of blue graduation cap
Clouds roll in over remote Alaskan lake
Ristra hangs in corner of centuries old adobe ranch house
Vintage Vietnam era fighter plane flies off into the sunset
Handsome young man with his face covered with mud after negotiating a particularly muddy ATV trail.
Mountain Lake in Springtime reflects brilliant blue sky and contrasts with bright green new leaf growth on the snow-capped peaks.
Ladder to Anasazi cave dwelling
Graduation cap and tassle with a gold '07 attached.
Spooky figure hanging from beam against an ominous, dark, cloudy stormy sky.
Cowgirl dressed in traditional attire leads paint horse down dusty New Mexican road
Silver Tabby Kitten (Felis sylvestris catus) with beautiful aquamarine eyes playing with red fabric mouse.
Soccer players fight for the ball. (Editorial use only)
Light green Victorian turret with  lightning rod is presented against  brilliant blue desert sky
Reflections of bold autumn colors on blue waters create an impressionistic abstract
Bright golden aspens (Populus tremuloides) in Autumn are emphasized by shafts of sunlight streaming through pine trees
Two people taking a walk with their dog along  path surrounded by beautiful fall foliage.
Appaloosa horses (Equus caballus) are bred not only for their unique coloration, but also for temperament, endurance, and intelligence.  The leopard variety has small dark spots all over the body.
Bright, colorful house built in contemporary southwest style.
Autumn clad aspens with dark storm clouds rolling in
Bison Cow and Calf grazing in early Summer, still shows patches of her heavy winter coat with nearly slick hide from her summer hide.
Man with white beard wearing sunglasses, baseball cap, and hoodie.
Loyal golden retriever mix dog watching his master
Bok choy (Brassica rapa) or Chinese cabbage, stacked in supermarket bin, provide essential vitamins and minerals as well as flavor to stir fry and other gourmet dishes
Alert working dog in field
Players run the ball downfield.  (Editorial Use Only)
Vintage Vietnam era fighter plane with pilot and navigator seems to be flying into ominous thunderstorm
Sign warning people not to go beyond a certain point.
Herbs and gourds drying in kitchen of historic hacienda
An historic Colorado Ranch in the Wet Mountain Valley after winter snowfall.
Natural Dyed Handspun Yarn
Walkway around ancient courtyard of  Iglesia in Albuquerque, New Mexico leads to a mysterious closed door.
High school soccer players bring down the ball.  (Editorial use only)
Soccer players collide while trying to score.  Who says soccer is not a contact sport?
Railroad tracks along Turnagain Arm, Alaska
Smoke from forest fire billows up into the clouds.
One of 27 radio antennas located at the Very Large Array, part of the National Radio Astronomy site west of Socorro, New Mexico.  Each antenna weighs about 230 tons and measures 82 feet in diameter.
Open gate bids welcome to southwestern hacienda.
Appaloosa horses are highly prized in the West as pleasure and work horses.  They were developed by the Nez Pierce Indians of the Northern Rockies.
Woman using woolen yarn to embroider fabric
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