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Older man with breathing apparatus for sleep apnea
Miniature strawberry trifle in a drinking glass with whipped cream and pound cake cubes
Senior experiences soreness in his shoulder joint
Cutting out Southern-style biscuits with room for text
Closeup of fried chicken legs, Belgian waffles, butter and maple syrup with a fork
Glass dish with colorful design on a placemat with two plastic cups and a zinnia
Thanksgiving meal with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and yams with marshmallows and gravy
senior gentleman grimaces at the pain in his shoulder
a man checks his aching foot
senior has trouble breathing with chest pain
Older man with his hand against his throat, natural light
older man holds both hands to his upper jaw near the ears
Man with fingers on painful jaw
Shrimp and asparagus cook in the oven for a healthy dinner
Cutting out Southern-style biscuits before baking
man suffering from aching shoulder
businessman indicates where he feels discomfort from heartburn
Traditional Thanksgiving side dish of crumbled cornbread, celery, onion and sausage
an older man struggles to open a jar of pickles
senior man suffering from bad pain in his chest
man tends to his aching arch
Bi-colored camellia
an older man getting ready to vomit
Scrambled eggs with Sriracha hot chili sauce and buttered toast
Senior man grips his shoulder in pain with room for text
broccoli pieces roasted and sprinkled with kosher salt
a senior is suffering from a sore throat
A senior man with soreness in his thumb joint with copy space
Senior man looks hostile and gestures with copy space
Older man with a medical face mask and room for text
businessman uses body language to convey giving up, ignorance, indifference or uncertainty
mature man uses both hands to scratch his head
Plate of roast turkey slices, mashed potatoes, stuffing, brussels sprouts, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans with cranberry sauce
a man's hand on a USA flag against his chest
man undergoing chemotherapy
a senior man suffers from pressure behind his ear
floral fabric print from the 70s
American flag over Mexican flag closeup
Senior man lifts his medical mask to gasp for air
Man with distended belly has his hands on his aching back
a man with his hands on a painful knee joint
an older man suffers from soreness in his upper arm
a man holds both hands to his abdominal area
Senior patient with sleep apnea treatment machine head gear
caterpillar pest on a tomato plant
Finger joint soreness on an older man’s hand with copy space
Senior man puts pressure on a sore area of his hand
Senior man with tissue holds his feverish head
A shirtless man with a large stomach with copy space
An angry senior points an accusing finger, focus on face
Single branch showing tops and undersides of magnolia leaves
houndstooth floral fabric from 70s
businessman with stomach pain, hands over abdomen
a man with painful joints on his hands
image of a military cemetery superimposed on a backlit American flag
An older man tries to move his shoulder without pain.
Senior man with an upper respiratory infection gasps for air
An older man has pain in a thumb joint
Senior man wears a face mask and holds a hand to his head
a letterpress from 1888, restored to working condition, isolated on white
pastel and brown eggs in a wire basket with the word araucana in old metal type
Shirtless man in jeans with a large belly
USA flag with medicare word in all caps
Senior man with his hands almost covering his face
A shirtless man in jeans with his hand on his stomach area
The word pandemic across a map of the world
Ham, potato salad and asparagus meal on white plate with knife and fork
Hosta and eucalyptus leaves with dried flowers
American flag with textured paper suitable for background use
Fresh persimmons with colorful autumn leaves with room for text
Leaves of fresh herbs with names on gray paper on vintage book pages
Fresh pink and lavender-colored sweet peas on white eyelet fabric with the words 'sweet peas' on a vintage  book page
Homemade omelet with cherry tomatoes, basil and burrata cheese
Battered and deep-fried catfish fillets on shredded cabbage with hush puppies in the background
The word gospel in old metal type on a black vinyl record with a blue-gray background for text
Older man puts on an apparatus for sleep apnea
man holds his fingers up to his aching throat
the words Puerto Rico in old letterpress wood type
the word 'ragtime'  in old, ink-stained wood type
Old book pages with herb seed umbels
Miniature strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream and fresh berries on a white dish
Senior man naps with CPAP machine
Closeup of toast spread with avocado, topped with burrata cheese, basil and cherry tomatoes
An older man dials a number on a vintage landline phone.
Small fresh strawberry shortcakes closeup
Fresh herbs on textured papers on a vintage book with florist scissors
Fresh herb leaves on textured paper with the word ‘rue’ beneath
Closeup of a David Austin rose, Jude the Obscure
Three fried chicken legs on a white dish with a white napkin and copy space
Senior man indicates where he feels pain on the back of his hand.
senior man strokes his mustache
Sheet pan dinner of shrimp and asparagus with olive oil and black pepper
Closeup of a man slicing into a roast chicken leg
Individual servings of a Southern USA classic dessert made with bananas, vanilla pudding and whipped cream
A man checks the dry, peeling skin of his athletes foot fungus between his toes.
Textured leaves held by an older man
Senior man in bathrobe with hand on head drinks glass of water
Anxious senior man in pajamas holds both hands up to face
Older man with hands on face and copy space
Senior man wears medical face mask with copy space
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