Akima Futura

Akima Futura

Die Fotografie ist eine Einladung an den Betrachter das Gesehene selbst zu erleben und für sich selbst zu definieren
Canary Islands
Canary Islands

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Portrait of a middle-aged woman. She's on the phone with the Movil phone, she's got blond hair, sunglasses on her head, a plaited plait on her side. Background very bright and calm, friendly
Portrait of a blond, long-haired woman in back view with left side profile. She is white-skinned and has bare shoulders and back, in the background the blue of the Atlantic Ocean.
Care and loving cooperation, two generations, of mother as senior and daughter. A responsible task and solvable generation conflict in implementation.
The burst seed pod of a kapok tree (Ceiba pendandra). He is the largest tree of the tropical rainforest. in thick balls the fiber, a synthetic cotton on the tree, hangs when the capsule has burst.
A carer helps a frail old lady out of the car seat so that she can sit in a wheelchair afterwards. Selectiv focus shot.
An 83-year-old senior in her wing chair and the geriatric nurse helps her  to cover a wound with plaster.
a typical small alley in the small town of Arico Nuevo on the Canary island of Tenerife. The left row of houses, densely packed cube-shaped houses in white with green wooden doors and wooden windows.
View of the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife from the Mirador de los Campitos in the evening sun and with blue sky and very blue Atlantik.Directly in front of the dark blue Atlantic are the twin towers,
Beach section with quiet silver Atlantic Ocean in backlight with a large lava stone at the water's edge on the Canary Island of Tenerife.  Small white clouds with a light blue sky.
Close-up of the inside of a purple orchid flower. The flower is wide open, the yellow pistil is clearly visible
Close-up of a freshly sliced loaf of bread, homemade bread made from whole wheat flour, whole grain flour and rye flour.
The Romeria in "La Laguna" on Tenerife/Canary Island/Spain on 14.7.2019 with costumes and oxen and music groups, a traditional homeland festival, old customs
the "Taoro Parque" a large leisure park over the old town of Puerto de la Cruz on tenerife. The park has a large population of palm trees and exotic plants and wide paths
Portrait of a woman in the nature, with grasses in the background. Natural, soft charisma, positive, slightly thoughtful expression, blonde hair, sunglasses pushed on the head, green, white top.
paragliders, tandem shortly after the start, flying 1meter above the ground. An adult and a child, faces not recognizable, the child in front holding a mobile with a staff to record the flight.
The volcano Teide with the white desert on the left side and a dense white sea of clouds underneath. In front there are pine forests and the "canadas roja" with dark red soil. Over blue summer sky.
strong shadows of a metal grid cast a graphic pattern on a white wall diagonally from top left to bottom right, in the middle of the wall a window is painted.
Tenerife to almond blossom in early February. A flowering almond tree surrounded by green mountains and meadows in the Teno Mountains.
A jetty of wooden planks protrudes into Lake Constance (Germany). The almost light turquoise evening sky is reflected in the water, on the opposite side you can see a strip of land.
A large jackdaw a raven bird in the side profile on the Los Muchachos on the island of La Palma in close-up
Über dem Wolkenmeer im Nationalpark Teide auf 2000 m Höhe auf der kanarischen insel Teneriffa. über der weißen wolkendecke geht die Sonne unter, im vordergrund Pinienwald
Drive through the Caldera de Taburiente, a wild baranco on the Canary Island of La Palma, Unesco World Heritage Site, near Los Llanos de Aridane.
Sunset on the north coast of Tenerife at Barranquera, at ebb and visible lava rock and pink sky. ND filter, long exposure
Promenade at the Playa de las Americas on tenerife at night. The palm trees are illuminated from below in bright green, the parasols in front in violent purple.
Very nice side portrait of a senior woman at the age of 83 years  with grey hairs, and red lipstick. She looks proudly and with a keen eye on the camera
Evening mood on the Atlantic Ocean in gentle purple tones in HD recording. The water is gentle and misty, very soft and mellow with the sky. Out of the water, black volcanic rocks.
A woman has taken off her glasses and presses her fingers on the closed corners of her eyes because she is tired, unfocused and exhausted.
Black and white photo of a young woman with long hair by the sea with bikini top.
Lateral frontal shot, the left arm is raised and behind the head.
Purple golden evening atmosphere on the north coast of Tenerife, with a large palm tree surrounded by light chain on a viewing terrace overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
 La Laguna on Tenerife, Canary Island, on 14.7.2019 , Romeria with costumes and oxen and music groups, a traditional homeland festival with  old customs .
a large mushroom, a Parasol (Parasol Mushroom, Macrolepiota procera) - in the highlands of Tenerife in the north. He is cream-colored and plate-shaped with many small pimples
Portrait and frontal view of a young woman with long hair in the upper part of her body. Soft pastel tone in romantic style, even the background is in soft and very soft colours.
A laughing young woman with a black cap watches her boyfriend who has started a race with her dog. The young man runs past her. Very blue sky and sunny day.

Portrait of a young woman with very long red-blond hair and white skin. Unadorned and natural. She does not look directly into the camera. In front of her delicate red-golden grasses,

A long-haired red-blonde young woman with blue short pants and blue bikini top sits on a wall in the sun. Above it dark blue sky. She looks to the side, her hair falls forward.
laughing lovers sitting on a rock in nature with " give me five " pose of hands. They look at each other in love. Above a blue sky
Two very young people, a pair of lovers, out in nature. He carries her on his back with arms outstretched in the position of an airplane. Both laugh and are exuberant.
Portrait of a young woman with long hair from the side with white background. The model is unvarnished and natural, very pretty and expressive portrait
Portrait of a young woman with long hair from the side with white background. The hair is an art object superimposed with autumn leaves.
The face of a small dog with long hair and a drooping ear. The mouth is slightly open, the pink tongue is visible and the focus is clearly on the left eye. In front are tender grasses
Handicapped parking space in a parking garage, bright blue area with the white painted symbol of a wheelchair, at the upper edge recognizable the wheels of a car
a church square decorated with colorful garlands for a traditional festival in Tenerife. The blue-white-yellow flags blow in the wind under a dark blue sky and cast shadows on the square.
House wall in strong pink with neon green windows and door, as well as ice-gray blinds below, on tenerife in Puerto de la Cruz
A lying adult dog of the breed "Boxer" in site view outside in nature in front of green bushes. He looks directly into the camera.
Empty large plastic containers, water cans floating in a bay in the Atlantic, waste, garbage disposal in the ocean, environmental pollution and plastic waste disposal on the oceans
Old and young in close connection and togetherness at breakfast together. The daughter embraces her mother, puts her arms around her upper body from above, both look happy.
Emerald green  and blue atlantic with extreme colour due to the oxygenation of the water and the waves and sprays that collide with the lava formations in the water.In the foreground green bush plants
a large endemic Teide Tajinaste, (Echium wildpretii)  in Teide National Park on Tenerife, UNESCO World Heritage. they belong to the genus of (Boraginaceae).
A sitting adult dog of the breed "Boxer" in frontal view outside in nature in front of green bushes. He looks directly into the camera.
Avocado halves filled with a salmon cream, richly decorated with herbs and caviar on a bed of lettuce, all on a round plate in top view and close-up.
Mystical atmosphere by  rising fog spirit at the foot of the volcano El Teide on Tenerife at 2500 m altitude,
a gardener stands bent over a flowerbed and sorts out the withered leaves of a geranium bed.
Gardening, many leaves and flowers lie in the meadow and are swept up with a hard broom to see only the hands of the model
 View from the top of the wide valley, the "Valle Gran Rey" the Valley of the Kings, on the Canary Island of La Gomera. A road winds through the landscape in many loops,
south coast of Tenerife with lava rock beach and lava rocks Two box-shaped houses typical of this Island  are located directly on the rocks on the coast, otherwise only Malpais, simple bushland.
Colorful boats and stacked surfboards on the beach of "El Remo" on La Palma.In the background mountains and a blue sky, in the foreground green ropes and fastening ropes.
An antique water pipe handmade of porous tuff stone, a high aqueduct, on the Canary Island of Tenerife against a dark blue sky,
A very old and huge deadwood trunk of a eucalyptus tree. It is without bark, twice twisted trunk and enormous root beginnings. As a symbol in the city in Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife.
The outer Teno Mountains on teneriffa with its moonscape in sandstone and tuff formations, bizarre and formed by wind and weather rock landscape in ocher tones.
Large agaves (Agavoideae) without inflorescence photographed close together in the lush green against the blue sky of Tenerife. Close-up close to the ground
Mango passion fruit cream cake with yellow fruit glaze on a white plate in closeup view
Typical  lava sand beach with lavastones and draining water at the Atlantic Ocean on Tenerife. In the foreground a large lava stone  Blue sky with white clouds.
Sand dunes on the Atlantic Ocean on the volcanic Island Tenerife with evergreen perennials. Blue sky with white blurred clouds.
View of a typical landscape in the south of Tenerife. In the middle are small settlements with colourful Canarian houses, on the coast a row of white electric windmills, behind them the Atlantic ocean
Lava sand beach with large black lava stones lying around on Tenerife Island. Focus in the foreground on a stone. The sky above is cloudy.No people, photographed close to the ground.
a green rope or a rope with a middle hole, tied as a net for a fish trap. In close-up, material is made of synthetic yarn, the background is soft and red
cutout and close-up of an old wooden box opened. in the corner is a dark wine or bottle of champagne, without original label, set on a light straw. It is painted and labeled by hand.
Extreme tuff and lava information on a beach on Tenerife. A high tufa wall on the left and fallen tufa boulders and black lava stones lie on the beach. Blue sky.
A blonde woman with blue eyes and big blue glasses in half portrait. She is wearing a pink open fluffy bathrobe, underneath a blue swimsuit. Green palm leaves in the background.

Arico Viejo,Tenerife Spain,11.16.2019
at 00:06:24 pm
Soprano Sally Li,  Event: Entrega  de  Premios Ganigo 2019 in the old cinema in Arico Nuevo on Tenerife.
The pavilion in La Orotava, a city in the north of Tenerife, is festively decorated for a "Romeria", a folklore and folk festival of the Canaries
lonely beach with breakwater and old, dilapidated stone steps. A man walks with his back visible, his bare feet over the pale beige sand. The water in the bay is calm and  light blue.
A woman with red trousers and a yellow T-shirt wanders through the dry bush land in the south of the Canary Island Tenerife, back view.
Sides of dried bushes with very few leaves.
Very big upright grey-lilane lava stones at the roadside next to each other in front of the Atlantic coast on the island Tenerife. In the distance the coastal villages. Focus in the foreground .
Detail of a walkable Christmas ball, a great decoration in downtown Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Above it the light roof of the path behind it.
Life-sized nativity scene in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Tenerife. Mari and Josef and a donkey. Mary sits on a hay bale filled with noble robes and Josef stands next to her with a dark blue open coat.
After the cow's Alpine descent, the large and very heavy bells with their wide embroidered carrying straps of the cows are washed and cleaned in the Allgäu in Germany and then hung on a leash to dry.
different coloured volcano rock layers on top of each other. Above black vertical ashlars, below ferruginous red loose volcanic rock and below then tuff rock and before that herbs and bush plants.
A karting game is mixed with two hands in special technique. Women's hands with well-groomed red lacquered fingernails mix the cards. Very nice nailpolish and hands. Close-up and selective focus
The white and pink flowers of the synthetic fibre cotton tree (Ceiba Pentandra) create an odour that attracts bats, which facilitate the pollen when changing from flower to flower.
A geriatric nurse leads a very old and walking disabled senior with her walking carriage,r. Selective  Focus.
A geriatric nurse helps a frail elderly woman who can no longer walk from her car into a wheelchair.
Focus selective.
   A young woman stands next to a part of a red and white striped lighthouse, behind it blue sky and a few very small white clouds. She wears shorts and a  shirt. Text placement on the right possible.
Playing cards in blue and red design with the back lined up in a female hand with red lacquered nails. Focus on Point, the rest light Bookeh. Close-up with partial view of a hand.
blue violet, very translucent and delicate, five-petalled flower in close-up. Many shades with structure of the bloom recognizable. In the background the tender vanilla yellow of a house wall.
The red handle on a water pipe controls the water inlet. Gold and silver pipes horizontal and vertical in front of a grey wall.
A disguised person with a creepy Halloween mask looks out between the branches of a tree.
A disguised person with a creepy Halloween mask looks out between the branches of a tree.
Fairytale Forest, la Galga, hiking trail, la Palma, Los Tilos, Located on La Palma in the west-north jungle, is a World Heritage Site. Lianas, creepers, early trees and giant ferns .
Five mini Christmas gypsies with braids, woolen hat and dress standing on a bundle of twigs. Christmas decoration of female elf figures.
View of an old aqueduct, the stone water channel El Estado. He overcomes a dry canyon, a Barranco in the south of the island of Tenerife at Arico and still guides the spring water of the mountains.
Typical landscape shape in the mountains of the canary island of La Gomera in late summer. Dried yellow grass and a few palm trees and succulents on the mountain slopes.
Typical wooden window in the Canary Islands decorated with turned wooden poles on a white house wall in close-up. In the lower left, a plant with red flowers protrudes into the picture.
Hiking trail along the Atlantic Ocean in the south of Tenerife. A woman with a backpack and red vest looks at an information board. Mountains, clouds, a small piece of Atlantic Ocean in the background
view of  a great volcanic landscape, the Montana Roja (red volcanic lava ash) with snow  and fresh plants in the foreground.In. the background you can see the top of el teide.
Bizarre lava rock formations in the colors violet, green, blue and red in the National Park Teide at 2300 m altitude. In the foreground are large endemic broom bushes, the white flowering Teideginster
A high natural lava stone wall, consisting of colorful cuboid segments, which are loosely layered, decay by wind and weather. Exceptional stone structure in extraordinary colors.
aufgetürmte rein weiße Schneereste im Nationalpark Teide auf Teneriffa, auf 220 m Höhe am 26.02.2018
Two meter high snow wall on a road in Teide National Park on the Canary Island in February. On the sunny, dark blue sky and on the side green fresh plants.
Extreme narrow winding route along a Barranco above the city of Los Realejos in the north of the Canary Island of Tenerife overlooking the colorful houses of the city below.
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