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Lobster Tail Ready for the Broiler
The Double Cluster in Perseus
Messier 45, The Pleiades Star Cluster
North American and Pelican Nebulae Processed in the Hubble Palette
MNC 3199 is am emission nebula in the constellation Carina. It is commonly referred to as the Banana Nebula
The Great Andromeda Galaxy
The Tarantula Nebula in Color and Hydrogen
Thomas Point Light
This is NGC 2442, commonly known as The Meathook Galaxy in the Constellation Valens. It is 50 million light years from Earth and was discovered in 1834.
NGC 2170 is a dusty reflection nebula and stellar nursery that formed about 6 to 10 million years ago, located at the edge of the elliptically shaped, giant star-forming molecular cloud Monoceros, som
Marine Engine Room
Palms Reflecting on a Swimming Pool
These are two spectacular reflection nebulae are in the constellation Corona Australis. They are the result of a few very bright stars in a large, dusty cloud. This area is 500 light years from Earth
According to NASA, M20 is a star-forming nebula located 9,000 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius. Also known as the Trifid Nebula, M20 has an apparent magnitude of 6.3 and ca
The Dragons of Ara in the Hubble Palette
The Keyhole Nebula in the Constellation Carina
This is a huge nebula commonly referred to as The Tarantula. It is the largest and brightest emission nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud and one of the largest known. Considering it's distance to Ea
Balata Church, Martinique
The Skull and Crossbones Nebula
Horse Head and Flame Nebula imaged in narrow band and color
Nighttime Scene of a Square in Dubrovnik, Croatia
There are several galaxies in this image. The larger ones, NGC 5078, on the right, is an edge on and the one on the left is NGC 5101, a barred spiral galaxy. They are in the Constellation Hydra and ab
The Sombrero is a lenticular galaxy found in the Constellation Virgo. It is about 31.1 million light years from Earth
The Keyhole Nebula using Hubble Space Pallet Filters
This is a large globular star cluster in the southern hemisphere, catalogued as NGC 6752. It is the third largest known to man. It is 13,000 light years from Earth and estimated to be 11.78 billion ye
A small stream at Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, Phoenix, Arizona
Corned Beef Hash, Fried Eggs and Tomatoes
The Cave Nebula Imaged with a Hydrogen Alpha Filter
The Veil Nebula in Hubble Space Palette Colors
The Jellyfish Nebula
Wide field view of the Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Major
The North American and Pelican Nebulas mapped to Hubble Space Telescope Colors
This is a Southern Hemisphere object commonly referred to as the Spare Tire Nebula. It's in the Constellation Grus and was discovered by an Australian astronomer in 1894.
The Double Cluster in Perseus
M41 is an open star cluster in Canis Major. It may have been discovered by Aristotle as early as 325 BC.
The Triangulum Galaxy or M33
Gamma Cygni Nebula
The Helix, A Planetary Nebula in the Constellation Aquarius
The Great Andromeda Galaxy
Full Moon Imaged with Narrow Band Filters
The California Nebula Processed with the Hubble Space Telescope Palette
The Comet Garradd Streaking Through the Constellation Sagita
M81 or Bode's Nebula
The Triangulum Galaxy
Open Clusters M103 and NGC 663 in the Constellation Cassiopeia
Sharpless2-240 also known as Simeis 147 is a huge supernova remnant in the Constellation Taurus. This was done with a Hydrogen Alpha filter and artificial blue coloring.
The Rosette, an Emission Nebula in the Constellation Monoceros
The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy
The Eta Carinae Nebula Imaged in Hydrogen Alpha
Pleiades or The Seven Sisters
The Pacman Nebula mapped to Hubble Palette Colors
The Siamese Twins, M58 and M90, Galaxies in the Constellation Virgo
Andromeda Galaxy, M31
Globular Cluster M53 and Open Cluster NGC 5053
Sunset on the Adriatic Sea
Wide Field view in Hydrogen Alpha of Orion, the Horse Head, the Christmas Tree cluster, Barnard's Loop and the Rosette Nebula
Globular Cluster Omega Centauri
NGC 2170, A Reflection Nebula in the Constellation Monoceros
The Seagull Nebula imaged in Hydrogen Alpha
Ancient Walls Facing the City of Bodrum, Turkey
Hiking Trail in Fontainebleu Forest, France
This is a very large circular emission nebula called The Rosette (for obvious reasons) in the constellation Monoceros. It is a huge cloud of dust and gas and covers an area about 5 times the size of a
This is a very large circular emission nebula called The Rosette (for obvious reasons) in the constellation Monoceros. It is a huge cloud of dust and gas and covers an area about 5 times the size of a
The Jewel Box, an Open Cluster in the Southern Cross
The Pleiades Star Cluster, Also Known as The Seven Sisters
The Great Hercules Star Cluster
The Pinwheel or Triangulum Galaxy
The Trifid Nebula in Sagittarrius
Sharpless 240, a giant supernova remnant in Taurus. This was imaged in Hydrogen Alpha with artificial blue added to enhance detail.
IC 410 or the Tadpole Nebula, done in the Hubble Palette
M31, The Great Andromeda Galaxy
The Cave Nebula in the Constellation Cepheus
IC 417 and NGC 1931 in Auriga
The Heart Nebula in Cassiopeia
Bull Snake in the Arizona Desert
Turkey Vulture  in the Lower Salt River, Tonto National Forest, Arizona
Gambel's Quail, Phoenix Mountain Preserve
Beautiful flowers blooming in the southern Arizona desert
Flock of birds flying in Tres Rios Wetlands, Phoenix Arizona
Gambal's Quail, Phoenix Mountain Preserve
Pleiades Star Cluster, M45, Seven Sisters, An Open Cluster in Taurus
The Flaming Star Nebula is an emission/reflection nebula about 1500 light years from Earth
M33, The Triangulum Galaxy
The California Nebula in Color and Hydrogen
The California Nebula in the constellation Perseus
Open Star Cluster M7
Omega Centauri is the largest globular cluster in the sky
Open Cluster IC 4665
The Cocoon Nebula
The Elephant Trunk Nebula, IC 1396, in the Hubble Palette
M45, Pleiades or The Seven Sisters
The Double Cluster in Perseus
The Supreme Court Building, Washington, DC
Seaside Homes in Beautiful Santorini, Greece
Horse Head and Flame Nebula in the Hubble Palette
NGC 2170, a reflection nebula in the constellation Monoceros
M67, an Open Star Cluster in the Constellation Cancer
The Owl Star Cluster
The Great Galaxy in Andromeda
Barnard's Loop and M78 in Bi Color Narrowband
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