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Felea Adina

I love traveling, people, sunshine and sea.

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cozy badroom simple and minimalist
The lunch is eaten on the balcony during isolation
decorative objects on sale in the store
Desert on the balcony during isolation
hand knitting at home in isolation
waffle with ice cream on the balcony in isolation
tomato salad with red pepper and halloumi cheese
Eggs painted at home for Easter
Close up cherry blossoms in trees
Purple tulips at the pedestrian crossing
Lavender chains in Provence, France.
village in the south of France region of Provence
village in the south of France region of Provence

holiday in france in the lavender field

holiday in france in the lavender field
studio preparing for a maternity photo session
beautiful flowers on pots for sale
A slice of sweet cake
Roast beef with salad and potatoes
Design living room at Christmas
wood star with Santa Claus
Home christmas tree scandinav design
Weeding bouquet with natural flowers
A greenhouse ready for the party.
Autumn and leves in Brussels park
Fresh fish and octopus in the window of a restaurant.
Wood cars toys for boys
Texture of tree bark and leaves
Spring and tulips in Belgium
Cut trees in Belgium park
tulips in vase in home/ tulips
trees cut in Park in  Brussels city
cityscape from Bucharest/ cityscape/
view from the tower of the cement plant/cement plant/
happy child girl with her bear in the park
Baby boy siting on the bridge with flowers.
A fleet of solar panels on a building made/ panels/
stone accessories swarovski elements for brides
Good food pork  chops with potatoes
coffee in airport with sweet gofra de liege
tulips in vase / tulips
Breakfast with coffee and strawberry chesscake/ breakfast with cheasscake
A fleet of solar panels on a building made/ panels/
Astris beach in Thassos island, in september.
fashionable scarves in an arrangement/ scarves
Bucharest street view up/ street Bucharest/
snowmen home decoration festive
Couple walking from a fall through the forest
ammonia plant/ manufacturing/
Bucharest view from the building.
Rope lavender on the road in Bulgaria
Wooden background texture.
Autumn leaves in the Brussels city
Barbati beach is best beach in corfu greece
resting on Bucegi Romania MOUNTAIN
A fleet of solar panels on a building made/ panels roof/
winter in a park in Bucharest
Italian breakfast on the balcony with a beautiful view.
Venetian carnival mask on display for sale/ Venetian mask
District located on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey, separated from the old city  by the Golden Horn/ Istanbul city/
Royal Castle, the former winter residence of the kings of Romania/Royal Castle/
old building in the historic center of Bucharest/ historic building/
three fresh eggs in a bowl/ chicken eggs/
colorful candy on a stick/ candy bar/
Rape chain in Romania/ Rape chain
Shrimps parboiled shelled for pasta.
Seafood pasta cooked at home.
ragdolls, puppets on sale/ ragdolls/
Walls of the old city/ old wall city/
walk on the promenade in the town of Thessaloniki/ Thessaloniki/
woman with hat/ elegant woman/
solar park/solar panels/
Homemade cakes, sweets.
intersection of railway lines/node railways/
Christmas home decoration
cut forest trees in autumn
cut forest trees in autumn
Orthodox Church outside winter/ orthodox church
Cut wood in the forest.
Cut wood in the forest.
sunset in Greece
Gondola on the Grand Canal in Venice/ gondola/
fins, tube and mask ready diving at the beach
Thick medieval bastion building today functions as a theaterin Sibiu, Romania.
Vatican panorama seen from Dom.
Spring in the backyard garden and blossom trees
Foro romano view from coloseum.
burger with homemade salad
Landscape from sheepfold the valley, sinaia.
Abruptness with tomatoes and arugula.
Flowers on the balcony of the house with mountain views
people who enjoy the fruits of spring in a park in Bucharest
a plate of grilled vegetables for vegetarians
Silver sandals with a funny bag silver
Snow in the park on the Bucharest city.
Salmon with vegetables cooked home made.
Paradise beach from Thassos island in september.
Landscape from de Bucegi mountains.
Greek house on Thassos.
Summer beach of the greek island, thassos.
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