Angela Harburn

I use my digital art to create and explore the science fiction worlds and spacecrafts I have always been fascinated by.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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View of Futuristic City on Alien Planet
Winter on Distant Purple Planet
Electric Blue Alien Planet
Lost Alien City in Winter Landscape
Twin Moons in Orbit over Alien Desert City and Ancient Pyramids
Lake and Mountains on Distant World
Alien UFO Invasion of Futuristic City
Futuristic Bridge on Alien World
Otherworldly plant life growing on an alien planet in a distant universe.
A ringed planet in orbit above a multicoloured alien landscape with lakes and strange rock formations.
Martian Morning
Alien Spaceship Approaching Landing Bay
Temple Ruin on Alien Planet
Two Moons over Alien Landscape at Twilight
Track through snowy mountains to alien futuristic city with huge fiery planet in orbit above.
Dawn on Alien Ice World
Alien Architecture Inside Spaceship
View through dense alien foliage and strange plant-life to sun in bright blue sky.
Blue Planets in Orbit over Mountains and Lakes
Alien Spaceship in Distant Galaxy
Earthquake Chasm on Alien Ice World
Gaseous Aurora over Mountainous Alien Landscape
Otherworldly Cathedral Hall
Uninhabited Alien Planet
Valley of the Alien Kings
Mountain Top Futuristic Alien City
Electric Storm over Distant Alien City
Lone Star Over Winter World
Futuristic Floating City
Flying Saucers over Modern Cityscape
Neon Lit Cityscape on Distant World
Alien City of the Future
Looking down across a strange, rocky mountain landscape where the numerous lakes are covered with luminous, lime green mist.
Futuristic City Skyline
Alien Landscape with Twin Moons
Alien Island Cities
Two Worlds Collide
Abandoned Fortress on Alien World
Flying Saucer Ship over Shoreline on Alien Planet
A futuristic city built from ice dominates the surface of the frozen alien world whilst the multicoloured stars glisten above.
Solar Eclipse over Alien Lake Landscape
Future City on Lava Planet under Full Moon
Dawn on Idyllic Earth-like Planet
Newly Terraformed World
Perfect Alien City with Ring Planet
UFO over Futuristic Alien City
Flightpath of Alien Spaceship
Asteroid field and Nebula
Huge metallic hulk of a crashed alien spacecraft lays abandoned on the sea shore of a distant planet.
Futuristic Alien City from the Marina
Ruins of Ancient Alien Landing Site at Sunset
Electric Storm over Futuristic Tower City
Derelict Spaceship on Alien World
Futuristic Alien Cityscape
The Last Tenant in Abandoned Alien City
Moonrise over New Venice
Huge Spaceship over Alien Landscape
Snow-covered Mountain Valley Sunset
Futuristic city buried beneath Industrial smog
Crashed Spaceship on Alien World
Cube Space Craft over Alien Water World
Mining Complex on Alien World
Futuristic Alien City on Rainbow Pebble Bay
Lava sea on Alien Planet
Cliff-top Alien City of Gold
Winter Earth-rise from Alien Beach
Fire-walk Canyon
Alien City Ruins by Moonlight
Alien City Ruins beside the Lake
Floating Futuristic Cities in Alien Ocean
Overview of Futuristic City and Moon from Skyscraper Tower
Space Shuttle over Alien City Ruins
View through alien plant life to mountains on mysterious, tropical,  jungle world.
City on Dying Alien World with Satellite Ship in orbit
Misty Morning over Paradise Valley
Winter Aurora
Lightning Storm over Alien Glowing City
Lightning Storm over Ancient Alien City Landscape
A beacon for inter-dimensional travellers the light from the watchtower warns of rocks below the mist.
Distant planet in the grip of winter
Futuristic Air Ships above Rocky Alien World
Spaceship over Mountain Path on Distant World
Alien Arena Ruins under Two Moons
Beacon of Light in Future Metropolis
Futuristic Metropolis on Distant World
Fiery Aurora Over Another World
Deserted City on Alien Planet
Bridge to Alien City of Towers on Distant Planet
Alien craft in flight over hostile , mountain landscape covered with fog.
Track over twisted surface on alien planet towards distant mountains.
Alien World with Neutron Star
Crystalline Alien City of Blue Light
Forgotten Alien World
Derelict alien city in distance on cracked rocky landscape.
Gigantic spacecraft heading towards distant star far out in the cosmos of another universe.
 Moonlit Alien Valley Canyon
Deserted Alien City with Dying Sun
Lost Alien City in Snow
Hidden Cove on Distant Planet
Winter Alien Landscape with Damaged Moon in Orbit
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