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Elementary school learner going to school in the morning wearing protective mask. His mother on the foreground waving from the car.  Concept of school education during the Covid-19 pandemic
Back view of a young girl, hanging a christmas wreath on the door of her home. Preparation for winter holidays, house decoration, symbol.
Mother and son make selfie near the fir-tree, both of them in christmas hats and medical masks. Winter holidays celebration during quarantine.
Burned paper with inscription 2020 in the fire. Concept of the end of bad 2020 year and beginning the new better times
Elementary school learner sanitizing hands before going into the school bus in the morning. Concept of personal hygiene and education during the pandemic
Small boy in medical mask waving goodbye to his mother in the car before having classes in school. Concept of going to school during the coronavirus epidemic
Mother in car, dropping off her daughter to the school and wishing her a good day. Back to school, motherhood concept.
Education, elementary school, learning, math and people concept. Clever female learner of primary school writing on board some mathematical equations, counting numbers
Different tablets, pills in foil blister packs, medications drugs on blue background
Screen of the computer with binary code of coronavirus. Concept of studying Covid-19 by using modern computer technology
Inscription "Chinese" on chinese language on the whiteboard. Happy caucasian secondary school learner showing thumbs up. Concept of learning foreign language abroad
Elder sister applying sanitizing gel at hands of her small brother first-grader near the school before returning home after classes
Teenader is happy to receive driving licence. Concept of buying first car
Young girl standing near open back door of silver hatchback car and shows first aid kit that must be in every car for emergency
Happy student driver sitting in the modern silver car and showing driving car license to the camera having good mood and happy to pass driving exams
Doctor putting check mark near word Negative on blood sample, testing blood on coronavirus. Concept of negative analysis on coronavirus and end of coronavirus pandemic
Hard-working school learner girl in medical mask, holding book, having online lesson at home, communicating with teachers, classmates, doing tasks at the computer
Fir cones on a fir-tree before making Christmas wreath.
Surprised fascinated young girl in christmas hat looking into the present box, magical yellow light comes out of gift. Festive time, happy emotions, new year decoration.
Medical masks hanging on the rope with inscription 2020. Celebrating Christmas during the Covid-19 pandemic
Smiling male and sad female with examination results near the university
White isolated paper on green colorful grass. Nature copy space for inscription
Young attractive girl stands near car with open back door and emergency light is on, tries to find something in first aid kit. Concept of car crash and giving first aid
Sad school girl showing thumbs down, having poor knowledge of English, can't speak foreign language
Small boy with backpack and protective mask in the park on the way to school. Concept of school education during the coronavirus pandemic
Attractive young brunette in santa hat and warm red sweater holding present box and looking to the camera. Christmas tree, bright garlands and festive decoration on the background.
Attractive young woman wearing black T-shirt standing in front of modern car bragging about receiving driving license showing licence to the camera and feeling happy
Portrait of a young girl driver through the rearview mirror of a modern car in a highway in the evening
Child washing reusable medical protective mask in the sink in bathroom. Concept of coronavirus pandemic
Two university friends standing in corridor of the college. Female student gossiping about classmate to her friend and pointing someone, male friend listens attentively
Isolated white paper in pine tree wood. Mock up of a white paper with cones around. Concept of pine forest
Special program found virus in binary code of the program. Concept of cybercrime, hacker attack
Small girl in medical mask and gloves talking over the telephone during the pandemic
Binary code with virus on computer screen. Concept of security, cyber attack, spyware, malware
Girl in dress and protective mask showing screen of the mobile phone to the camera
Man inserting tray for SIM card and micro SD memory card to the mobile phone. Upgrading memory in a mobile phone
Young smiling female in protective mask and gloves with first aid kit in studio
Happy kid dressed in light dress, wearing protective medical facial mask and gloves, showing bottle with antibacterial sanitizer
Tired and bored from doing homework girl. Sleepy female student sitting at the table full of books, pens and other learning materials.
Bewildered and sad students holding papers with bad results of test
Pair of little girl`s feet in a bed. Small girl sleeps in a bed and her bare feet are visible from under the blanket
Field of blooming sunflowers at sunset
Closeup photo of a hand in blue glove holds white fertilizer for plants. Big bag with chemical NPK fertilizer for plants
University students bullying their group mate college girl. College students playing pranks and mocking on new learner girl
Beautiful sunset over big golden sunflower field in the countryside
Portrait of a beautiful girl in medical mask and santa hat with a present in hands, standing in front of decorated christmas tree at home
Two best friends smiling, holding credit cards and showing them to the camera in front of old university. Happy students use advantages of electronic cards in everyday life: buy goods, pay bills
Female washes disposable medical mask to use it again. People use medical masks more then one because of lack of medical masks and respirators during coronavirus pandemic
People's hands washing cotton reusable medical mask regularly for protection from Covid-19. Using medical mask in a correct way
Couple of young students sitting next to one another and using mobile phones having no expression, concerned to their phones, have no interest in one another, problem of constant using modern gadgets
Child`s bare feet from under the cover while sleeping
Hand in blue glove fertilizes green grass. Fertilizing lawn
Children in medical masks using hand sanitizer while playing on playground outdoor. Life during coronavirus quarantine
HDMI cable near the HDMI port of the modern blue laptop on a white background
Student woman making silence gesture in a library, preventing from making loud noise in the reading room
Studio shot of small girl with used medical mask in plastic bag and showing thumbs up. Concept of correct way of throwing single used medical masks during the pandemic
Girl near open hood of a car talking over the telephone explaining the problem of the car to the mechanic and looking for help
Portrait of college students sitting on stairs and showing perfect test results.
Branches of a christmas tree, dried orange, cinnamon, some candles and garland on the table in kitchen. Mother and her son cooking Christmas biscuits on the background.
Blurred view of christmas tree in bright warm lights and beautiful presents under it, focus on the floor. Festive atmosphere, new year holidays background.
Spoon with ground coffee over the white empty cup against a brown bamboo background. Making coffee
Upset young girl holds her head making facepalm because of her car breakdown in the middle of nowhere and she doesn't know how to get home
Beautiful student girl wearing mini shorts and black t-shirt leaning on open car hood of a broken down modern car
Happy female student driving car just after receiving car license, happy to pass driving exam and drive car by herself
Young girl with beautiful smile sitting in car showing driving license to the camera. Woman has got driving license and feels very happy and excited
Female student in library reading book looking at the camera
Young attractive female student is in a hurry to the university drives her car and smiles to the camera
Young and attractive sexy girl in denim shorts stands near open hood of a car. Concept of car repairing. Problems with the engine in the trip and car breakdown
Photo of car driving on highway with a lot of huge deep potholes those can damage car vehicle
Brother and sister congratulates their relatives on Christmas using video call. Distance celebrating of Christmas and new 2021 Year because of coronavirus pandemic
Concentrated students working with laptop on important project in the library. Group of college learners working together
Traveller preparing for a trip during Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 vaccination certificate in hand of a immune person
Happy teenage girl in her first new car after receiving driving licence
Farmer`s hand in blue glove holds white granular fertilizer against a green lawn and a bag on it
Young male photographer photographing nature. Consentrated student photographer shooting autumn landscape in forest in the morning
Cheerful girl in red santa hat and protective medical mask applying hand sanitizer to hands while playing the piano. Precaution while using musical instrument. Decorated room on the background
Silver car standing on the wayside in the countryside in Autumn
Blue binary code on computer screen with inscription COVID-19 written in red in the middle of the code. Symbol of coronavirus outbreak
A woman waits for assistance near her broken car in the wayside
Girl putting used medical mask to the plastic bag before throwing it away. Correct way of utilization of disposable medical mask
Little elementary school learner standing in front of orange school bus, wearing protective facial mask, holding books and copybooks. Education during the coronavirus pandemic
MicroSD memory card with adapter near the SD port of the modern blue laptop. One more blue SD memory card in a transparent case lays near the computer.
Close up shot of a christmas stocking full of protective medical masks on a garland made of masks with a christmas tree on the background. Christmas celebration during pandemic
Binary code on computer screen with red inscription error in the middle. Concept of data error, incorrect information
Stacks of coins with United States flag background. Concept of economic growth or recession in America.
Close up shot of self made coronavirus cell with britain flag and stacks of coins in a background. Concept of coronavirus and economy in Great Britain.
Plenty of capsules and pills laying on a flag of Great Britain. Concept of medicine and heath care in the UK.
Portrait of beautiful young woman in the new car
Creative garland made of medical masks and christmas stocking, fir-tree on the background. Winter time during quarantine, new reality.
Photo of a cheerful girl driving modern silver hatchback in the countryside in the evening
Car broke in trip. Depressed girl waiting for emergency help doesn't know what to do with broken car
Attractive female learner listening to music in the corridor of conventional university after classes while going home
Beautiful caucasian girl playing games on her mobile phone under the blanket at night. Little child don`t want to sleep and plays on smartphone under the cover in order parents don`t see her
Little female child sleeps in bed and her bare feet are visible from under the blanket
Close-up shot of prayer candles the darkness in a church. Small wax lighted candles as symbol of faith, christianity and peace.
Word error, written in red on blue binary code number background. Concept of mistake, failure
Animated coronavirus model with crown and medical mask with a flag of Israel in background. Hand of a doctor holding syringe with vaccine against Covid-19 virus.
Young upset girl standing near the car with opened hood. Emergency on the road, need help, young driver concept.
Joyful family lifting christmas tree on top of the car after buying it at the winter market. Young girl and a boy in warm clothes outdoors on a frosty sunny day.
Relaxed students spending time outdoors during pause between classes. Making a research for lessons, enjoying time together.
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