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Kyiv, Ukraine - 12.09.2021: Relationships between NATO, Ukraine and Russia concept. Cracked wall with flags
Two students showing screens of their phones with electronic variant of their vaccination certificate. Vaccination of students
Schoolgirl counting mathematical equations on the board. Secondary school learner is good at math, doing the task easily
Word error, written in red on blue binary code number background. Concept of mistake, failure
Inscription "Chinese" on chinese language on the whiteboard. Happy caucasian secondary school learner showing thumbs up. Concept of learning foreign language abroad
Young girl standing near open back door of silver hatchback car and shows first aid kit that must be in every car for emergency
Elementary school learner going to school in the morning wearing protective mask. His mother on the foreground waving from the car.  Concept of school education during the Covid-19 pandemic
Education, elementary school, learning, math and people concept. Clever female learner of primary school writing on board some mathematical equations, counting numbers
Different tablets, pills in foil blister packs, medications drugs on blue background
Rural landscape of field of blooming golden sunflowers while sunset in Ukraine
Cheerful little junior european learner showing thumbs up gesture, eager to study English language
Silhouette of human hand, holding little bottle with blue liquid. Isolated, white background, copy space, close up.
Elementary school learner sanitizing hands before going into the school bus in the morning. Concept of personal hygiene and education during the pandemic
Small school boy in medical mask holding learning materials standing near a school bus in the morning. Concept of traveling to school by a school bus during a pandemic
Grade / test results. Female students showing papers with perfect test result grade A, excellent mark for examination
Two ballerinas training in a studio with teacher. Warming and stretching near barre in front of big mirrors, becoming better dancers.
Learner of secondary school thinking about the question whether she can speak English. Concept of international language
Big metal lock on flag of Russia. Concept of sanctions on Russia because of aggression against Ukraine
School learners in medical masks sitting on the bench in school yard having a snack during a break. Back to school concept
Screen of the computer with binary code of coronavirus. Concept of studying Covid-19 by using modern computer technology
Flag of Ukraine on wheat. Harvest of wheat in Ukraine concept
Binary code on computer screen with red inscription error in the middle. Concept of data error, incorrect information
Beautiful sunset over big golden sunflower field in the countryside
Mother in car, dropping off her daughter to the school and wishing her a good day. Back to school, motherhood concept.
Beautiful cheerful teenage girl standing in striped plaid with a cup of warm tea near the car in autumn forest. Having picnic in colorful autumn park
Teenader is happy to receive driving licence. Concept of buying first car
Young upset girl standing near the car with opened hood. Emergency on the road, need help, young driver concept.
New fast memory cards on table. SD and micro sd card with adapter on wooden table
Small boy in medical mask waving goodbye to his mother in the car before having classes in school. Concept of going to school during the coronavirus epidemic
Attractive young woman wearing black T-shirt standing in front of modern car bragging about receiving driving license showing licence to the camera and feeling happy
Elegant female ballet dancer sitting on the floor and putting pointe on. Sports, dancing, training, keep in form.
Ukraine, Kiev - December 25, 2018: Kinder Surprise Egg stands between many other eggs. Chocolate egg is a sweet present by Italian confectionery manufacturer Ferrero SpA.
Happy little girl with backpack waving goodbye to her mother. Young parent gave her daughter a lift to the school and farewells to her
Young attractive girl stands near car with open back door and emergency light is on, tries to find something in first aid kit. Concept of car crash and giving first aid
Kyiv, Ukraine - 12.09.2021: Flags of NATO and Russia on the wall with big crack in the middle. Relationships between North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Russia concept
Happy student driver sitting in the modern silver car and showing driving car license to the camera having good mood and happy to pass driving exams
Flag of Ukraine on oat grain. Concept of growing oats in Ukraine
Doctor putting check mark near word Negative on blood sample, testing blood on coronavirus. Concept of negative analysis on coronavirus and end of coronavirus pandemic
Female college student looking for a book in the library standing near bookshelves with different books and taking one to look it through
Happy learner showing thumbs up near flag of Germany on the blackboard. Learning foreign languages, studying German
Big powerful excavator digging drainage channel in swamp in countryside
Little elementary school learner standing in front of orange school bus, wearing protective facial mask, holding books and copybooks. Education during the coronavirus pandemic
Modern smartphone lays on light wooden table while charging with power bank with quick charge. Illustration of green battery with lightning is on the mobile phone screen while charging
Smiling male and sad female with examination results near the university
Two university friends standing in corridor of the college. Female student gossiping about classmate to her friend and pointing someone, male friend listens attentively
Burning garbage dump at summer. Polluting air with toxic gases
Child`s bare feet from under the cover while sleeping
Portrait of a young girl driver through the rearview mirror of a modern car in a highway in the evening
Sad school girl showing thumbs down, having poor knowledge of English, can't speak foreign language
Hard-working school learner girl in medical mask, holding book, having online lesson at home, communicating with teachers, classmates, doing tasks at the computer
Girl in a church standing on her knees. Young religious woman in glasses with long dark hair, praying in catholic cathedral.
Flag of Russian Federation on oat grain. Concept of growing oats in Russia
Little boy elementary school learner going to school, waving goodbye to his mother who is sitting in the car. Concept of morning routine and getting ready for school
Angry and baffled male student with poor results of exam in corridor after taking final test. Student shows low academic performance and receives bad marks and F grade for his learning
Elder sister applying sanitizing gel at hands of her small brother first-grader near the school before returning home after classes
Stack of books, pencils, an apple in front of school whiteboard with flags of different countries. Concept of intercultural awareness
The golden Dogecoin with background of regular coins. Dogecoin cryptocurrency symbol
European student standing in library, interested in reading a story. Young male student is keen on reading, looking for interesting story to read, spend all free time in library
Doctor holding syringe with Covid-19 vaccine with inscription booster shot. Concept of third booster dose of vaccine
Ukraine, Kiev - December 25, 2018: Kinder Surprise Egg on a wooden table. Chocolate egg is a sweet present for kids by Italian confectionery manufacturer Ferrero SpA. Inscription SURPRISE in German
Bewildered and sad students holding papers with bad results of test
Closeup photo of a hand in blue glove holds white fertilizer for plants. Big bag with chemical NPK fertilizer for plants
Man inserting tray for SIM card and micro SD memory card to the mobile phone. Upgrading memory in a mobile phone
Two ends of the HDMI cable near the HDMI port of the modern blue laptop on a white background
Harvest of corn in Ukraine. Flag of Ukraine on just harvested corn grain in linen sack
Pair of little girl`s feet in a bed. Small girl sleeps in a bed and her bare feet are visible from under the blanket
Professional photographer making notes preparing for photoshoot. Young photographer shooting autumn landscapes, choosing the best time to shoot, writing some setting to his notebook
Flag of Canada on corn grain. Growing corn in Canada concept
Coronavirus vaccination. Medical worker holds bottle with inscription Booster dose before injection
Young lady in ballet studio, sitting on the floor. Minute of relax during dance training.
Special program found virus in binary code of the program. Concept of cybercrime, hacker attack
Happy kid dressed in light dress, wearing protective medical facial mask and gloves, showing bottle with antibacterial sanitizer
Golden stacks of coins against flag of Russia. Economic regression of finance of Russian Federation, negative impact of western sanctions on Russia financial system
Ukraine, Kiev - December 25, 2018: Studio shot of Kinder Surprise Eggs against a wooden background
Ukraine, Kiev - December 25, 2018: Little girl gives Kinder Surprise Egg. Sweet chocolate present by Italian confectionery manufacturer
Man's hand typing on keyboard with white, blue and red backlight. Backlight of the keyboard in colors of Russian flag
One hundred dollar bill in corn grain. Agribusiness of growing corn
Male dancer in the dancing hall. Having stretching and warming up before intensive dance learning is essential to avoid injury
Young smiling female in protective mask and gloves with first aid kit in studio
Sick young girl against blooming trees in spring. Outdoor shot of irritated female with seasonal allergy, uses white tissue, poses in light blouse with napkin, has rhinitis and sneezing
Amazing shot of group of chamomile flowers lit by last bright sun rays of setting sun. Close-up shot of daisy flowers in the field
White isolated paper on green colorful grass. Nature copy space for inscription
Epidemic in Ukraine. Flag of Ukraine on capsules
University students bullying their group mate college girl. College students playing pranks and mocking on new learner girl
Field of blooming sunflowers at sunset
Child washing reusable medical protective mask in the sink in bathroom. Concept of coronavirus pandemic
Binary code with virus on computer screen. Concept of security, cyber attack, spyware, malware
Male student helps friend to find some information on mobile phone while sitting on stairs of college
Photo of school girl student ready to go to school, she hates epidemic rules, medical mask irritates her. Female pupil near the building of the school looks angry to the camera.
Hand in blue glove fertilizes green grass. Fertilizing lawn
Ukraine, Kiev - December 25, 2018: Kinder Surprise Egg stands between many other eggs. Chocolate egg is a sweet present by Italian confectionery manufacturer Ferrero SpA.
Flag of China on barley seeds. Harvest of barley in China
Small boy with backpack and protective mask in the park on the way to school. Concept of school education during the coronavirus pandemic
Woman reading poems in autumn park. Back view of opened book with red cover in hands of a girl.
Student woman making silence gesture in a library, preventing from making loud noise in the reading room
Group of pills in a hand. Medicine concept
Flag of Russia on yellow dried peas. Concept of growing pea in Russia
Sewed up torn paper heart. Concept of broken heart, reunion, healing from loneliness
White granules of fertilizer in paper bag in hands of a gardener before fertilizing plants in Spring. Nourishing plants with NPK 16:16:16 fertilizer
Fertilizing strawberry in Spring. Gardener holding some granulated fertilizer near strawberry before nourishing it
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