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Two male engineers are standing in the building site and holding construction plan. Businessmen dressed in white protective hardhats working together and discussing detailes of design project.
charming adult woman is standing in room of flat and looking at camera calmly, hungers with clothes are behind her
Indoor close-up of a beautiful woman with two blouses on hangers.
Worker in factory at metal skip machine putting work piece in. Man working with sheet metal and special machine tools for bending.
veterinarian and assistant in vet clinic at work.
Adult superintendent and architect in protective helmets on the head call a smart phone to the customer of the project, in order to approve changes in the existing plan of building modernization
man and woman are sitting on a floor in home and trying to switch on a robotic vacuum cleaner using app in smartphone, examining modern gadgets
a young woman with dark hair is in her quarters, she sits in front of the TV and switches TV channels, a woman is seen watching a movie, a domesticer likes thrillers
White robot vacuum cleaner device cleaning floor from crumbs at home
Close up shot of a businessman's hand that uses a smart watch to view incoming messages and calls to a mobile phone that lies in the pocket of his jacket, the gadget simplifies his life
An attractive man with a beard stands next to his car in the parking lot. He is thoughtful, and looks away, someone is waiting. Summer day
Crop hand switching on robotic vacuum cleaner
Secretary destroys documents using a special apparatus. Hiding confidential financial information. Close-up on the girl's hands
Man wearing uniform and glasses posing with hands crossed on background of site.
driver is pressing buttons of window switches with remote control inside modern car, closeup view of hand, opening and lowering glass
Young woman with glass of drink near TV in room
Worker in factory at metal skip machine putting work piece in. Man working with sheet metal and special machine tools for bending. Modern machines can accurately perform tasks.
Close up of working man in uniform dressed in protective hardhat and eyeglasses standing in construction area and looking at the camera.
Female volunteers finish cleaning in nature. The girls put a large garbage dump in plastic bags. Nature has become cleaner, pollution has been eliminated. Waste must be recycled
Cosmetician in safety glasses using laser for facial treatment in cosmetology clinic. light medical office
A stylish and bearded man with a tattoo on his hand communicates with friends in a bar or restaurant, a man tells a funny story, his blond girlfriend laughs out loud
Young lady preparing food in modern kitchen
young brunette woman is collecting garbage in park area and putting in plastic bag, voluntary cleanup on national nature park
A woman with her colleagues removes trash from a forest road. Clearing nature from pollution is a noble cause. Volunteers
A young woman chooses a carpet in her house wearing a protective mask at a home goods store
pensive serious man is standing on open parking area in summer day, crossed hands on chest and looking in distance, car is on background
Chief engineer and master of construction at an industrial facility. The engineer looks at the plan and discusses it with the chief foreman at the construction site.
Young woman using smartphone near TV in room
Two motorcyclists at sunset communicate. They are naberegu River, near his motocross bike. Sports equipment
Portrait of a smiling man in years. This is someone's father, embodies the care and confidence, as well as the protection and kindness.
Young Athlete Exercise Triceps - He Is Performing In A Health Club. Dark look
Cute young couple drinking coffee in kitchen. Husband and wife are sitting side by side in a modern interior. Talk on free themes
Silhouette of crazy men standing on flyboards and flying up in sky on background with white clouds
Doctor wearing glasses, surgical mask and gloves, medical procedures and hygiene concept. Zika virus, ZIKV
Man in vet uniform talking to woman with dog
dog owner woman is in appointment with veterinarian in a clinic, male doctor is performing a medical examination
A builder at a construction site. A man dressed in a special uniform and wearing a helmet on his head at the construction site of the shop for the manufacture of metal structures.
young woman is stroking dog face, looking at it and smiling, in blooming field in summer evening, sun is shining in centre of frame through figures
Manager at work, browsing video on the smartphone. Sitting in the office, you can distract yourself and watch the video over the Internet.
Happy fair-haired girl with two long plaits dressed in chequered shirt is standing in tropical park with two big black-and-yellow parrots on her shoulders.
Young woman with glass of drink near TV in room
The guy in the office uses his bitcoin purse on the smartphone. In the frame of the hands on the phone, the man sends the bitcoins to someone's address.
The trader works with electronic reports on the rates of crypto currencies. The bitcoin course is changing rapidly, and you can make good money on this. A man in a shirt in his workplace.
whole-grain malt is pouring inside mill for milling in brewery, detail view, process in beer factory
The portrait of an adult builder in a protective helmet and glasses, people with pleasure looks at the process of professional construction, which is performed by his workers, people build factory
Pharmacist looking at liquid in test tube. Doctor in a full biosecurity. Zika virus, ZIKV
Portrait of a successful man standing by his car on the outside parking lot and smiling. Confident young man with a beard.
Beauty shop. The master in a make-up trains three girlfriends to final at university. The girl applies with a shadow brush on top.
Macro dust shots with hair. The pollution that the vacuum cleaner collects when cleaning an apartment or house.
Macro dust shots with hair. The pollution that the vacuum cleaner collects when cleaning an apartment or house.
Beautifuil blonde woman trying on clothes in a dressing room in a boutique. She is holding a beautiful dress. Closing curtrain.
Close up of beautiful woman dressed in black dress spending leisure time in cafe drinking tea, using modern smartphone and browsing Internet.
Portrait of a beautiful young mother with adorable daughter in hot tub. Loving mother, cute girl, strong bond. Relaxation.
adult man is putting round robotic vacuum cleaner on floor of kitchen, switching it on and going out, gadget is starting to clean
white labrador and young woman are resting in blooming lawn in countryside in summer, small cotteges are in background
Close-up shot of a brewer turning tube lever in a brewery factory. Fixing pressure level. Professional brewery equipment in factory.
Happy family of two eating breakfast at home. Short-haired woman and man in glasses eating healthy food. Beautiful couple.
A man in a protective mask chooses a toilet bowl. Shopping in the midst of an epidemic.
Smart home, application on the phone. A man manages various parameters of his home from a smartphone. Smart home technologies allow you to control lighting, temperature, security systems
Secure and quick access to your account with fingerprint scanning. The application on the smartphone, the man applies his finger to the scanner, the program allows access.
male constructor is producing prototype of detail from modeling clay, covering car body in workshop of auto-service
worker is shaping clay detail on car body in garage, projecting tuning for auto, working by plastic knife
The man works in a tuning studio. Car tuning. The building of the car's arch layout.
Close shot on a woman's hands, who works behind an electric sewing machine, lady makes a stitch on a piece of cloth
stylist is sorting clothes and putting in three heap, yes, no and unknown on couch in room of modern flat
medical professional woman is putting filtering half mask with exhalation valve on her face, protection
sick woman with medical mask on face is lying on bed in hospital room, doctor is asking her and inspecting
Macro dust shots with hair. The pollution that the vacuum cleaner collects when cleaning an apartment or house.
Office manager at a slow pace runs along a narrow corridor in the office and make a note in your tablet. People in contemporary world can hardly imagine their lives without machines
Two men in white safety helmets are standing together in construction area with working people in the background and looking at scheme of design for future building.
young caucasian woman and her big white dog are walking on a field near small houses in summer day, summer holidays in a countryside
Two colleagues are chatting in the office during lunch break with dark grey wall in the background and sharing impressions about their job.
Attractive blonde woman trying on a nice dress in a boutique. She is standing in a dressing room with an assistant.
a young woman dressed in an apron, studying in a pottery workshop, a lady came to the ceramics school, she creates a clay vase on a spinning potter's wheel
Stirring wort in a large steel vessel on a brewery factory. Brewing craft beer. Full tank of a beer mash in breweryhouse.
Female child in pink pajamas playing in cozy white room with parents lying on background
In office building. Workers spend free time talking in a corridor. The man discusses business matters with the chief manager of office.
Attractive woman petting and cuddling her dog. Close friendship loving bond between owner and pet labrador.
four contemporary dancers is rehearsing modern dance on a street in front of building in daytime
Close up shot of a master wet cleaning car seats indoor. Professional cleaning services. Man wet cleaning seat with a powerful vacuum cleaner.
A young woman wearing a protective mask at a home goods store. The girl chooses a carpet in her house.
Decorating the old board with brown impregnation. Paint on wood, for protection. Home construction.
The man lost a lot of money due to fluctuations in the currency's currency. Bitcoin lost in price. Dangerous games
A beautiful young woman swims in the pool on an inflatable circle. Rest at the resort.
An engineer in a repair shop is replacing old radio tubes. The hand removes the vacuum tube from the amplifier board.
seamstress is stitching by sewing machine part of patchwork quilt, directing fabric under foot by hands
Three pile of clothes on the couch.
Rack full of black clothes. Woman hang different types of black clothes on a rack.
aerial view of amazing natural bays of Sestri Levante town in Italy in sunny weather in summer, blue water
woman with medical protective mask on face is putting thermometer for measuring temperature of body
adult man sick by flu is lying in bed in his bedroom with medical mask on mouth and nose, coughing
patient and doctor are rejoicing by recovery from flu after take a pill in hospital room, smiling and showing thumbs up
organic and mineral particles, hair of human and pets in heap of domestic dust, closeup view
Pandemic Covid-19. Joyful doctor dances and dances. A vaccine for a terrible disease has been found.
Pandemic Covid-19. Portrait of a doctor in a protective suit. Anti-viral sanitary measures
CPU. Conceptual representation of the work of the central processor. Graphic motion lines design on dark background.
extreme athlete is using flyboard on sea, moving legs and torso to control movements in summer day, view against blue sky
Beautiful rock in the ocean bay. The stone cape is picturesque lysing in the sea. Summer evening
Cosmetic care for the lacquer of elkrogitars. The final polishing of the surface of the red guitar.
Close up of smiling bearded man in white shirt, protective helmet and eyeglasses standing in construction area and looking at the camera.
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