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A customed-made hybrid Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis.
A posterior left spring Ankle Foot Orthosis.
A plastic Solid Ankle Foot Orthosis.
An hinged Ankle Foot Orthosis for children with cerebral palsy.
A cosmetic prosthetic hand with suspension for amputees.
An Orthopedic high top shoes,which are suitable for patients with deformed foot.
An awesome ornament on the wall in the Thai temple.
The sea turtles at the ocean world in Okinawa.
A wonderful scenery along the river nearby the mangrove forest.
The fantastic African penguin on the beach.
An empty space where you can chill out.
A jar of syrup.
The typical chairs in the coffee shop.
An upright metal bar for Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses.
A chocolate softcream.
A severe ulcer wound on foot.
A floor texture in the working room.
The lighting on Christmas Decorations.
A tasty dish which serve you a fresh fish.
A peaceful winery on the hill.
The colorful metal bowl in China town.
The public houses in Singapore.
An orginal coffee which is called Kopi.
The colourful flowers in garden by the bay in Singapore.
The colourful flower in garden by the bay in Singapore.
The exotic cactus in garden by the bay in Singapore.
The lively white flower in garden by the bay in Singapore.
An exotic cactus in ganden by the bay in Singapore.
The greenery park in Singapore.
A local village locates alongside the river in Thailand.
A roof of lights.
A gigantic moutain of pottery in the wellknown village in Nonthaburi.
A piece of crepe which is loaded of topping and ingredients.
A wooden bridge in the mangrove forests.
A stunning sunset scenery of mangrove forest.
A glass of ice green tea with milk.
A cup of hot Thai tea.
A glass of hot tea.
A piece of gold on the tree, which is one of the way to make a merit of Buddhism.
A mountain of coins in the temple.
An antique style of dumpling blanket.
The deep fried fish crackers.
The fried quail eggs which is easily find  in the bargain, Thailand.
A seductive view of waterfront area in Cape Town.
The outstanding mountains alongside the coastal area in Cape Town.
A piece of lava chocolate cake on top with strawberry.
The crispy custard which is made of rice and coconut milk.
A fantastic coastal in Cape town.
A stunning and beautiful white Frsngipani on the ground
The fantastic scenery of botanical garden in Cape Town.
The stunning wild flowers in the botanical garden.
The distinctive kind of fern in the botanical garden.
An antique style of sugar container.
The penguin family alongside the beach in the evening.
The colourful village in Cape Town.
The stunning black bird which can be found near by the sea in Cape Town.
A beautiful sunrise from the north of Thailand.
A flock of seagulls in the city of Cape Town.
A wild grass where you can probably find in the countryside of Thailand.
The colourful stone wall which is amazingly decorated in the Buddhist temple.
An outdoor area of the garden.
A super awesome stalactite in the cave,Thailand.
A wild flower in botanical garden, Cape town, South Africa.
The ancient tree in the botanical garden in Cape Town.
A sea bird which is easily find alongside the beach in Cape Town.
The prison in Phnom Penh.
A kind of plant in the tropical forest.
A deep fried sesame ball which you can try with your coffee break.
A souvenir from Singapore. This small handmade bag will bring you luck and money.
The fresh salmon sushi from japanese restaurant in Bangkok.
An special equipment for bending metal bar during making the assistive devices. This device can be found in the prosthetic and orthotic workshop.
Cups of sweetened thai tea sauce and condensed milk which you can put on the ice.
The street style Grilled pork meatballs which you can easily find along the street side or bargain in Thailand.
A small wild plant which grow up together with the gigantic tree in the tropical forest of Thailand.
An incredible white big Buddha with five faces which is outstanding on the top of the mountain in the north of Thailand.
A scenery of beautiful sunset in Pattaya,Thailand.
An original pumpkin pancake in Phnom Penh.
The process of assembly and fabrication of walking assistive device for people with mobility impairment.
A simply delicious ice-cream which you can easily find in Thailand.
An old metal scissors from Cambodia.
blooming in the green space
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