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Ice fishing shack with sleds and fishermen drilling hole on frozen Kempenfelt Bay of Lake Simcoe at Barrie Canada
Oakville, Ontario, Canada - August 16, 2017: Standing boy looking out sunroof at Volkswagen drive in movie theatre event in Oakville Canada at sundown
Cupped hands of a man holding a wafer of bread The Body of Christ when receiving communion at a Roman Catholic Mass
Antique mantelpiece clock on reclaimed barn beam mantle over stone fireplace
Electrical wall outlet overloaded with plugs
Toronto city skyline lights at night reflected on the frozen ice covered Lake Ontario
St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK  - June 18, 2018: The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews clubhouse on the 18th Hole of Old Course St Andrews Links golf course at Swilken Bridge Scotland UK
Barrie, Ontario, Canada - October 16, 2020: Crane ready to lift fiberglass swimming pool shell from flatbed truck over hydro wires and house to back yard in the Fall
Cafe and Village Hall in morning sun reflected in River Windrush with sleeping ducks and bridge in Bourton-on-the-Water village in the Cotswolds Bourton-on-the-Water, England - June 13, 2019
Overloaded Electrical outlet with no room for more plugs
Pachysandra evergreen groundcover after a rainfall green background
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - May 31, 2014: Swimming juvenile Alewife herring fish
Interior of a jet airplane on a long international flight with TV screens on the back of seats over the Atlantic Ocean - June 23, 2019
Sedona, Arizona, United States - October 10, 2004: Arizona house with mountain in backyard
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - August 20, 2917: Red Sanctuary Lamp or Eternal Flame at the Tabernacle with bronze Lamb of God bas relief at side altar with sunburst mosaic in Catholic church
Panorama of tide pool water with salt marsh cordgrass on Cape Sable Island Nova Scotia
Crowd of curious young Holstein cows on a dairy farm in Ontario with barn and silo Vaughan, Ontario, Canada - May 22, 2011
Panorama of low misty cloud a over Bonne Bay at Norris Point Newfoundland in the evening
Cattle at Kamalo wharf with Kamalo Gulch on Molokai
Tractor pulling harvester to pull out mature onions by a vegetable patch at a Holland Marsh farm, Ontario, Canada - September 17, 2011
Family roasting marshmellows over a campfire Bend, Oregon, United States - June 20, 2007
Barrie, Ontario, Canada - August 10, 2013: Willow tree over Barrie Ontario Marina on Kempenfelt Bay with boats and condos
St Andrews Castle ruins on rocky North Sea coast overlooking Castle Sands beach in St Andrews Fife Scotland UK with purple geraniums
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - July 30, 2017: Statue of Saint Joseph foster father holding infant son Jesus and lilies at stained glass window in Saint Roch's Catholic church Toronto Canada
Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, United States - October 20, 2013: Wedding Chapel and ice bar at the Aurora Ice Museum Chena Hot Springs Alaska
Wiltshire, England - June 10, 2019: Wide Panorama of Stonehenge prehistoric stone circle ruins amongst farm fields in Wiltshire England at sunrise
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - February 11, 2006: Hard wrapped candy in a crystal bowl
Holstein cows in the barn with udders ready to be milked
Bobcat walking along a fallen tree trunk with red maple leaves in Autumn
Curious Clydesdale horse and church at Highland Village Museum at Iona Cape Breton
The road to Hana in Maui at Kaumahina State Wayside Park Hawaii
Colorful shops and buildings on Kensington Avenue Market in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - August 27, 2012
Court house carved on stone blocks with royal emblem Toronto, Ontario, Canada - August 27, 2010
Brown throated Three toed Sloth climbing on a dead Palm branch in Costa Rica
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - February 13, 2017: Snow covered tables and chairs with fire pit in empty outdoor patio of Distillery District restaurant Toronto
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, Herd of Holstein dairy cows in a farm pasture with a large red barn
Panorama of vineyard and hilltop city of Todi in Umbria Italy
Overview of serpentine stream and surrounding trees in Rock Garden of Royal Botanical Gardens Burlington, Ontario, Canada - August 18, 2019
Hissing Cougar standing on a rock in an open Fall forest
Inchworm geometer moth larvae walking on stem of leaf
Colorful facade of the Waterloo Regional Museum in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - April 7, 2012
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - February 11, 2006: Hard wrapped candy red cherry flavour
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States - October 10, 2008: Colorful Maple trees at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis with Gold Medal Flour silos in Autumn
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - September 1, 2006: Sharp Centre suspended over an arts supply store
Giant two dollar Canadian coin in Campbellford, Ontario, Canada - August 28, 2005
Blinking mother Robin with beak full of worms for three young chicks in the nest
Front of a red brick house at twilight with pond and stone porch
Workers digging in a trench with a trench box for laying new sewer pipes on a residential street in Nepean, Ontario, Canada - July 23, 2020
Hacienda with flowers in San Sebastian del Oeste Mexico at tequila factory San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco, Mexico - March 11, 2016
Close up of noxious weed Poison Ivy leaves next to Lovers Creek in Barrie Ontario
Glamis, Angus, Scotland, UK - June 18, 2018: Front lawn of Glamis Castle childhood home of Queen Mother with lead statue of King James I of England and King James VI of Scotland
Extended Kazakh family at a rest stop from road trip to Altyn Emel National Park, Kazakhstan - September 4, 2016
Brightly lit Elk antler arches in Jackson Wyoming town square in winter at twilight
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - September 4, 2015: Construction workers making dust while cutting natural stone slabs
Large wood bowl of crispy Kettle potato chip snack on hardwood planks
Holstein cows grazing in a grassy farm pasture with red barn and silo Vaughan, Ontario, Canada - September 14, 2012
Coldwater, Ontario, Canada - August 10, 2013: Sideshow illusionist and hustler at Coldwater Canadiana Heritage Museum steampunk festival
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - May 31, 2014: Underside and face of a smiling Stingray in an aquarium
Pissing Mare Falls plunging into Western Brook Pond with steep rock cliff at Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland
Huns Village, Talgar, Kazakhstan - September 2, 2016: Kazakh horse rider raising arm on rearing gelding in Huns village Kazakhstan
West side of 14th-century Bolton Castle with British flag with clouds and sheep in Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England - June 17, 2019
Tai Chi class practicing moves under trees in Zizhuyuan Purple Bamboo Park in Beijing, People's Republic of China - October 7, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - June 21, 2008: Ottawa Parliament Buildings Center Block with Peace Tower and Canadian flag
Puerto Vallarta between Banderas Bay and muddy Ameca river and Sierra Madre Mountains
Sunken Powder Magazine bunker at Fort Anne National Historic Site Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada - July 22, 2009
View of Isle of Mull cliffs and Ben More mountain over Sound of Iona from Isle of Iona Abbey at dusk Scotland UK
Common starfish or sea star with five arms walking on glass with tube feet with flat tipped suckers at Ripley's Aquarium Toronto
Deadhorse, Alaska, United States - October 14, 2013: Oil wells and truck charging station at dawn in Deadhorse Prudhoe Bay Beaufort Sea Arctic Ocean Alaska
Woodstock, Vermont, United States - October 11, 2014: Driveway to Sleepy Hollow Farm on Cloudland Road Woodstock Vermont in the Fall
Orange Vermilion Rockfish Pacific ocean fish in kelp forest of the North American coast
Grape vines in vineyard at County Cider Company and Estate Winery overlooking Prince Edward Bay, Lake Ontario in Waupoos, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada - September 30, 2017
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - February 2, 2016: Underside of a smalltooth or green Sawfish a Ray with a flat rostrum with teeth
Honey bee on the white and yellow flowers of Pearly Everlasting Aster in the rain
Three young revelers in orange at the Junior Caribana Parade in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - July 19, 2008
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - May 27, 2009: Security Guard at the control desk with phones and monitors in highrise office building
Milton, Ontario, Canada - October 16, 2005: Replica of an Iroquois Native American Indian Longhouse
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - July 2, 2010: Young people on a latin dance club boat cruise with Toronto skyline lights at night
The Eardley Escarpment and Ottawa River valley farmland at Champlain Lookout Gatineau
Halawa valley and stream at the mouth of the bay
Country Heritage Park, Milton, Ontario, Canada - August 20, 2011: Group of people in period costume walking towards soldiers in reenactment of the Battle of Bull Run
Cruise ship in Kahului Harbour from Wailuku Heights Maui
Sharp Centre for Design at OCAD Toronto, Ontario, Canada - January 27, 2006
Eardley Escarpment and Ottawa River valley in Fall at Tawadina Lookout Gatineau Park panorama
Alert blue Quaker Parrot pet bird on his play perch with balls
Blue Mosque with lights at dusk on the Bosphorus Sultanahmet Istanbul Turkey
Staring North American Marten or Fisher (Martes pennanti) on a tree stump in the Fall showing white chest markings, claws and fangs
Close up of cicada top view on tree bark
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - May 23, 2018: Netherlands Canada Liberation Monument of The man with two hats in Commissioners Park at Dow's Lake Ottawa during the Tulip Festival
City skyline reflection in glass highrise
Steel sculpture of Don Quixote on horseback in Varadero, Cuba - April 8, 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - June 23, 2013: Toronto Sunday traffic on the Gardiner Expressway with tall ships in the Harbour
Bright Fall leaves around Sleepy Hollow Farm on Cloudland Road Woodstock, Vermont, United States - October 11, 2014
Family of Red Foxes drinking at rivers edge in the Fall with red maple leaf reflections
Dutch Creek rapids and Hoodoos north of Canal Flats
Blind day old hatchling robin in nest lying over a blue egg with mouth open for food
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - February 2, 2016: School of circling Alewives herring fish
Old weathered pine wood beam from barn used as a fireplace mantel
Horses grazing on ranch land beside a mountain west of Puerto Plata Dominican Republic
Red brick house with circular driveway and triple garage at twilight
Young teenage girl carefully tracing a face pattern onto a pumpkin for Halloween
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