Photo autodidact, focussed on macro & nature in broader sense. Soft spot for portraying cats and children.

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Seagull waiting on the picnick table
old sailing boat at the north sea
old vintage painted door in blue
old grave hill stone age
On the road
Spring flowers in the winter
cornfield in a hot summer
windmills at the horizon in summertime
Swan swimming at the lake
Cup of tea
Duck family on the road
Guitar in close up
Guitar in close up
Winter in the fields
Dog searching in snow
Hobby horse in the wintergarden
view on the river Rhine
view on the river Rhine
view on the river Rhine
view over the river IJssel
Tulips in the field
baking delicious sandcakes
Sheep hiding behind tree
Sunflower at the fence
Skateboard on a break
Ponies on the meadow
Halloween pumpkin outside
Tea can on the table
Grave light in the field
Flower and the  bee
Cat at the cemetery
Analogue notebook and pen
Analogue notebook and pen
Ghost in the house
Dog waiting in front of the church
Children at the seaside
 feeding the birds
Christmas tea light
Cows on the meadow
Cows on the meadow
Sunflower hiding for the rain
Three balls on a row
Chickens in the garden
Green garden tomatoes
View through the flowers
Pencil at work
Bumble bee in the grass
Bumble bee in a flower
Bowl of berries
Kids playground at the lake
Dog at seaside
Little garden cucumber
Green bio salad
Storks at their nest
Chickens at the farm
Home grown salad
Home grown salads
Strawberry red and green
At the Dutch beach
Strawberries in May
Viola in spring
Viola in spring
Beatiful Weed flowers
Beatiful Weed flowers
Beatiful Weed flowers
Fly on blossom
Nutria eating bread
Bird searching food
Heart of a flower
Blossom in spring
chickens living outdoor
Goat at the fence
One goose walking
Goose in the water
Duck on shore
Duck on shore
Duck on shore
waiting for the movie
Willows in the morning
Cutted Wood logs
Birds at the beach
Anemone in the forest
Walnuts in focus
Signs of spring
Happy Easter holiday
Anemone in the woods
Snowdrops in the grass
Tulip in focus
Tea break with cat
Heron searching for food
Nutria at the dike
First dish from the chef
Ducks on a row
Water for the birds in winter
Garden decoration in winterlook
Pair of Dutch cloggs
Shells from the beach
Quiet on the camping
Happy 51 Anniversary
Muffins brown and yellow
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