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Rome, Italy Nov 8 2016: local ialian pastries in the shelves
a spoon of medicine drug in isolated white background
breastmilk in bottle and bpa free bag with ice cooler. Translation of the ice cooler" Use for the purpose of chilling breastmilk, for external use and not to be consumed"
love of 3 sister siblings
coin finance money in the glass jar
exclusive breastfeeding milk for baby
Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) lying under a tree in a farm
white ducks feeding time in a duck farm
feeding time for young ducklings in a duck farm
young yellow ducklings in a duck farm
raw chicken feet drying on a paper towel
deliver newborn baby in hospital

Smart and Wild Hector's Dolphins
coffee latte art by barista on a wooden table
giraffes grazing on grass closeup
giraffes grazing on grass closeup
giraffe grazing on leaves closeup
giraffe grazing on leaves closeup
motorcycle brake shoe on the floor of a workshop
back view of zebra with tail waving to the right diagonally
back view of zebra with tail waving to the right
back view of zebra with tail on the left
wild mushroom growing on log trunk in the forest jungle
wild mushroom growing on a log in the forest
two big calabash hanging on the tree
exclusive pumping and breastfeeding mother
rhinoceros feeding on dry grass on the floor
a person holding or collecting key
chimpanzee sitting on a rock and biting on a strand of grass
chimpanzee looking front sitting on a rock biting on a strand of grass
chimpanzee in a thinking pose sitting amongst other chimpanzees
chimpanzee covering face with hand on the grass
iguana resting on a rock side profile
iguana resting on a big piece of rock side profile
giant tortise eat plants and fruits on the floor side profile
giant tortise eating plants on the ground side profile
giant tortoise eating leaves looking front at camera
giant tortoise eating leaves in a zoo
traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture on the hand
soy marinated raw flower Crab
yellow red hydrangea flowers closeup in a park
yellow white red hydrangea in the park with trees as background
seagull looking straight on room with moon in background
seagull looking left with moon the in background sky
breakwater Wood pile of wood tied near the beach
closeup seagull standing on a platform at a pier
Seals sea lions sun bathing in pier in San Francisco
closeup of squirrel on a rock
squirrel standing on a rock with forest in background
mountain background with forest silhouette
Singapore, Singapore - Mar 18 2018:exclusive breast milk bottle with teether and spoon
life of breastfeeding mother exclusive breast milk
measuring head circumference of newborn babya
rocky pathway in the forest during autumn season
tree truck with wood pecker holes
Mountain dome mirror river in autumn forest
Mountain dome lake in the forest
misty sunset sunrise in the forest
squirrel standing on a tree trunk in the forest
niagara falls in autumn usa side
niagara falls closeup from us side
rainbow Bridge in niagara falls
birds in the wild during winter
yellow and orange maple tree in autumn
bench on Dock facing the sea
bench and street lamp at a dock
Red wheel of tourist water boat
Red colored moving water wheel boat
vegetable grown in street of manhattan City
pigeons bathing in puddle of water on the street
manhatten view from Brooklyn city
metal letters in flea market
mirror lake of forest in autumn
tree branch silhouette in autumn leaves
Mexican taco soup with avocado
dome and forest in yosemite national park
waterfall in yosemite national Park
ferry point or small Dock in a lake
Sun shining over lake with sun flare
trees and mountains during autumn in yosemite national Park
water fall and pool in yosemite national Park
Sun shining over yosemite national Park
emerald color River in yosemite national Park
greenery and forest in yosemite national park
Sun shining over small stream in yosemite national Park
Sun lens flare in between trees in national park
Road leading to hiking path in yosemite national park
trees during autumn in yosemite national park
Mountain in yosemite national Park
dried up stream in yosemite national park
talk fallen tree in yosemite national park
giant rock with algae in yosemite park
giant tree in yosemite national park
mirror lake in yosemite national park
fallen log in a jungle
sunset in yosemite national park
yellow leaves of tree in Park during autumn
branches of trees during autumn
half a dozen fresh oysters
holding up fallen maple leaf
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