Pierrette Guertin

Landscape and portrait photographer also poet and writer

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Red Rock creek in motion and canyon in Waterton Lakes National park, alberta, canada
Forillon National Park as seen from the viewpoint atop Mount-St-Alban, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada
scenic view of wheat field and barn in Mankota country, Saskatchewan
close view of old lighthouse and guardian house  in Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, Quebec, Canada
scenic  green lands and road of Cape Breton, Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia, Canada
Salem, Massachusetts, USA - September 2, 2005 : Front view of the witch museum of Salem city  the most  popular witches American city famous by its history, Salem, Mass, USA
Ancient Greek Orthodox icon  in Arkadi monastery in a mountain village of Crete, Greece
Korean War  Memorial Nineteen  statues  sculpted by Frank Gaylord of Barre, Arlington cemetery, Washington, DC
scenic view of an Acadian village of Cheticamp, abroad the sea in Nova Scotia, Canada
ARLINGTON,  VA - JUNE 24 ;  Vietnam war memorial statues  named 'The Three Soldiers' sculpted by Frederick Hart located in the National Mall and Memorial Parks, 24th June 2007 in Virginia, USA
Roman statue on bottom of  Victor Emmanuel war memorials monument isolated on white background in "piazza Venezia" " Venezia square" Rome, Italy.
Boston skylines and sailboats on Charles river, Boston, Mass
Thermae of Caracalla or Baths of Caracalla, ancient roman public baths and leisure centre,  Rome, Italy
closeup of old and dirty cement worker boots in black and white
Patmos, Greece - May 8, 2007 - perspective view of Fortification walls  of the Monastery St John the Theologian in Patmos island, Greece, Unesco World Heritage Site
Washington National Cathedral, the sixth largest Gothic cathedral in the world, USA
A large white wedding tent set up for an outdoor ceremony  or banquet on a vineyard
Statue of Paul Bunyan the giant lumberjack, mythical hero of the lumber camps, in memorial park on roadside of Akeley village, Minnesota, USA
Oldest lighthouse in Gaspe Peninsula, Cap des Rosiers,  Quebec. Highest in Canada it has been standing for over 150 years.
Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) flying over the beach  Mora Beach, Washington state, USA - motion picture
encounter with a grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) on the campground of Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada - photo series 1 of 4
Hanging Coptic Church  (El Muallaqa)in old Cairo, Egypt, Africa
Whitefish, Montana, USA - May 29, 2009 : view of the main street of Whitefish city with houses, stores, cars
Boston skylines over St Charles river,  illustration on grunge background
Dinosaur Provincial Park  landscape  noted for the beauty of its badlands landscape and as a major fossil site, Alberta,Canada
Banff, Alberta, Canada - June 1,2009 close view of Main street of Banff townsite in Banff National Park, Alberta
Navajo coal-fired power plant, 2280 megawatts ,Page, Arizona ,USA. The Plant emits 19.9 million tons of CO2 per year, placing it among the top 12 "dirtiest" "power plants"  in U.S.
Red Rock creek With Vimy Peak and woodlands in background in Waterton Lakes National park, alberta, canada
moving Geese parade in St Lawrence river, with beautiful natural blue and yellow flowers on beach  Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada
Senior man riding on a four wheel ATV in a dirt road, surrounding by an colorful autumnal fairy decor in Quebec country, Canada
Monoliths and seascape in  Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada,Quebec, Canada
beautiful pink mansion, Victorian style, Eureka,California
Boston, Massachusetts, USA - September 3,2005 : Street scene at Quincy Market  in Boston, Massachusetts with  people shopping
night shot of Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge on the Red river between St-Boniface and Winnipeg, Manitoba
outdated barn and fields in Canadian Prairies, Woodrow,Saskatchewan
 Lincoln memorial building with tourists, Arlington, Virginia, USA
Banff, Alberta, Canada - June 2,2006 : entrance hall of Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta
Knossos, Greece - May 12th, 2007 : Antique Minoan fresco representing three women profiles, Knossos, Greece
Man fighting the wave on kayak  on rough sea in Black Cove, Nova Scotia coast, Canada
scenic view of Grassland National Park, Saskatchewan,Canada
Okanagan, British Columbia,Canada -June 16,2009 : Native Sculpture at sunset  in Okanagan valley, British Columbia, Canada
walker into the path of the temperate Hoh Rain Forest.,Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA
Forillon National Park as seen from the viewpoint atop Mt-St-Alban, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada
Banff, Alberta, Canada - June 1, 2009 : :night view of Main Street of Banff townsite in Banff National Park, Alberta
man alone abroad rocky beach on the St Lawrence river Pointe-au-Pere Rimouski Quebec
Louis Riel grave, founder of the province of  Manitoba and leader of the Metis in St. Boniface Cathedral Cemetery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
drill in motion digging hole on a construction site in the pier of Fira, Greece
Ontario  Canada - October 19th, 2008 :  tourists sit on a bench in front of city Hall of Kingston and Confederation arch fountain,  Ontario  Canada
Scenic view of fishermen houses along shore of a lake in Kenora, Ontario
clock flower of Niagara Park, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
portrait of a grandfather wearing a gray sweater sit on a chair at home
Banff, Alberta, Canada - June 2,2006 : front view of Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta
Vancouver, Canada - June 26,2009 : Musician harpist performer silhouette sit on a bench near the sea in Vancouver, Canada
St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana
gate of Secret passage of Black Heritage Trail, through Beacon Hill, Boston,Mass. This freedom trail  features places where liberty-loving men and women began to take collective action.
young man riding a Quad in Quebec rural road, Canada
red and blue 3D frisbee with bird icon, vector graphic in 3d with effect, EPS 10
scenic view of Glacier National Park in black and white, Montana, USA
Banff, Alberta, Canada - June 1,2009 :scenic view of Main street of Banff townsite in Banff National Park, Alberta
Green house  of the National Botanic Garden, Washington DC
scenic view of Niagara river under a blue sky  in Autumn, Ontario Canada
Quebec, Canada - August 21, 2009 :  bronze statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to commemorate  strategic meetings held in 1943-1944. by Allied leaders during World War II, in Quebec
Knossos, Greece - May 12,2007: Griffin couchant, Fresco of Minoan Palace representing a stylized animal, Knossos, Greece
view of Mount Vimy, Waterton Lake and town-site from the Bear's Hump lookout, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada
snapshot of an overweight man on street of  rural country, Quebec, Canada
scenic view of waterfalls and boreal forest in Kenora, Ontario
Winthrop, Wa. USA -June 18, 2009 : General store and Chevron Gas Station in Winthrop , Washington State, USA
Wheat field with one bare tree of Canadian Prairies in Mankota, Saskatchewan
Monoliths on a cloudy sky  in  Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada,Quebec, Canada
camera  attached to a tree, used by hunters to spy wild animals, Quebec, Canada
dome of the new old south church and its finest gargoyles, gothic style in Boston, Massachusetts
The Weeping Wall - Parc national Glacier, Montana
Boston, Massachusetts, USA - September 3, 2005 : Italian seniors meeting  in sidewalk of Boston, Massachusetts
Kayak man over big wave on rough sea of Nova Scotia coast, Canada
hiking trail of Cory Pass with view of Bow Valley and Mount Norquay, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Knossos, Greece - May 12th, 2007 : Minoan fresco representing warrior  profile, Knossos, Greece
winter scene with beautiful cloudscape in rural country of Quebec, Canada
Greenland ,farms and view of the village of St Paul Bay along St Lawrence River in Quebec country, Canada
view of an hiker and cafes on the Annecy Locks, Annecy, France
view  of Patmos island from Chora,  town of Skala, the main port. Dodecanese island, Greece
Gaspe, Quebec, Canada - September 18, 2009 : cast iron sculptures symbolize the scenes of the historic encounter between Jacques Cartier  and Iroquois in July 1534
scenic view of Niagara falls in Autumn with boat anchored, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
Cape Lookout sunset from the beach
aged senior man with expressive face painting carefully  a garden  table
Myconos, Greece - May  7, 2007 : tourists at restaurant on the beach near the four famous windmills of Mykonos, Greece
close view of Mount Vimy and  Waterton Lake and glaciers,Waterton Lakes National Park,Alberta, Canada
knotty tree covered with moss in the temperate Hoh Rain Forest.,Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA
Pleasure boats and passengers boat with reflections on water anchored on Ontario lake Kingston Ontario Canada
Monoliths close view  in  Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada,Quebec, Canada
Forillon National Park as seen from the viewpoint atop Mt-St-Alban, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada
Coba, Quintana Roo,Yucatan, Mexico - December 14, 2006 :  Tourists trying hardly to reach the top of the pyramid. The structure known as the Church has 20 m (65 ft) high
clouds  and mist over  the mountains of Sequoia National Park , California, USA
view of campsite of  of North Cascades National Park abroad Diablo Lake with dog sit on a bench
Winthrop, Wa. USA -June 18, 2009 : street scene with view of Saloon and dance hall in Winthrop, Washington state, USA
tombstones in front of Saint Boniface Cathedral, Winnipeg, Canada
Kayak surfer on a  lake by a sunny day  in Quebec, Canada
beach and small islands  in the fog off the Washington coast on the La Push, Native American Reservation, USA
sunset over the beach in St Lawrence river of Orleans Island,, Quebec
young deer in motion running in mount of Hurricane Ridge, Washington State, USA
Quebec, Canada - August 21, 2009 : Mahatma Ghandi bronze Statue to commemorate the greatest leader of human rights in the history of mankind , Quebec city, Canada
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