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Reed pen and bottle of indigo ink, close-up
Man whittling piece of bark, cropped view of hands
Children playing ball on grass
Woman staining slats of wood
Businessman, portrait
Child throwing dice, cropped view of hand
Woman painting door with paint roller, smiling at camera, low angle view
Two young female friends dressed in Christmas costumes, puffing out cheeks, looking at camera, portrait
Woman, portrait
Young woman looking at young man in blurred foreground
Woman stapling corrugated cardboard to wall
Woman puckering lips, looking at camera, portrait
Woman painting ceiling with paint roller while man changes lightbulb
Young woman sitting on back of sofa, holding glass of champagne, full length
Teen girl wearing lots of accessories, holding up forearms, smiling at camera, portrait
Woman painting door with paint roller
Woman removing nails with hammer
Man looking at camera, portrait
Woman painting door with paint roller, man protecting woodwork with masking tape
Woman removing masking tape from freshly painted woodwork on door
Trash being sorted on conveyor belt, cropped
Workers in construction site, elevated view
Cable cars overlooking Jounieh, Lebanon
Man and woman painting home interior
Woman removing masking tape from freshly painted woodwork on door
Dog sniffing other dog's rear, close-up
Finland, city street in snow
Carton of eggs
Two young female friends, one laughing
Man resting with neck pillow in airport lounge
Female real estate agent showing house to young couple, pointing to blueprints
Young woman singing karaoke, eyes closed
Single piece of maki sushi resting on chopsticks over dish of soy sauce, overhead view
Insurance adjuster inspecting car
Man, portrait
People working in assembly line, blurred
Child reaching toward lined up dominoes, cropped view of hand
Businessman taking notes
Light trails at night, blurred
Businessman holding head and thinking
Hand reaching for coffee cup, viewed from directly above
Woman painting with paint roller, man changing light bulb
Woman on floor doing leg exercises
Cactus, extreme close-up
Woman with fingers on forehead and eyes closed
Two blue Christmas tree ornaments
Young adults in exercise clothing, woman holding drink and laughing
Doctor cleaning wound on patient's hand, cropped view
Woman touching pebbles, cropped view of hand
Man leaning face against hand, looking grumpy
Paper and cardboard being compacted
Children playing ball on grass
United States, New York, Central Park, treetops with skyline in background, panoramic view
Pastries: croissant, apple turnover, bun, and raisin danish
Heaping pile of wood chips
Businessman eating on the go
Woman pouting, looking at camera, portrait
Metal padlock tilted to one side, close-up
Bundle of compacted trash, close-up
Children on playground equipment, giving thumbs up sign
Boy wearing helmet and ski goggles, snow-covered, open mouth
Motor boat and sail boat at sea, aerial view
Young woman laughing, portrait
Male student studying, rear view
Girl looking at pond, rear view
Maki sushi arranged on plate, one piece larger than the rest
Boy jumping in snow, arms raised, smiling
Mature businessman sitting at desk, smiling and gesticulating, young woman in blurred foreground
Young snowboarder fallen on the ground, full length
Cat's face, close up.
Concrete wall
Woman sitting on floor stretching, in butterfly position
Man shoveling dirt into wheelbarrow
Garbage and food remains in trash bag
Finland, snowmobile and reindeer in silhouette
Dog's teeth and tongue, close-up
Shop full of birds and birdcages
Truck dumping trash in landfill
Cherry and bubbles in champagne glass, high angle view
Woman filing nails
Toy police car and traffic cones, close-up
Woman and man conversing
Child arranging plastic objects, cropped view of hand
Tennis balls, extreme close-up
Young woman perspiring, with towel around neck
Crosswalk at intersection of W 43rd Street and Broadway at Times Square looking south down Broadway
Woman staining slats of wood
Track in snow
Magnifying glass, close-up
Dog's teets.
Person holding gauze against wounded hand, cropped view
Woman resting on fitness ball
Senior woman pulling flaps of fur hat over face, in snowy landscape, close-up
Young woman standing speaking with architect, low angle view
Children on playground equipment
Hand touching leaves growing on tree trunk, cropped view
Close up side view of Eustoma flower
Woman with eyes closed wearing tank top, portrait
Woman looking into distance, portrait, low angle view
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