Nordic Moonlight

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The Panga cliff or bank in Saarema wherein there is a lighthouse on the mountain cliff fronting the big ocean
The big sandstone on the mountain in Taevaskoja. Taevaskoja is a village in Põlva Parish Põlva County in southeastern Estonia known for its outcrops of Devonian sandstone on the banks of Ahja river.
The beautiful aerial shot of the Panga cliff where seen the green trees on the mountain side and the lighthouse
A small lighthouse in the river bank in Killimer Ireland. Killimer is a village in County Clare Ireland in a civil parish of the same name
A brown wallet with 650 Euro bills. The bills consisted with a 500 100 and 50 Euro bills then the man threw it on the table
Lots of Euro bills inside a metal pail. The money cant be counted inside the basin
Five Euro bills on the table. Consisting of 500 100 50 20 and 10 Euro bills
The back detail of the 500 Euro bill. It shows the image of a window or building and some stars
Man couting off the 2000 Euro bills on the wallet. On the wallet are 4 500 Euro bills then thrown on the table
The Ivangorod castle in Russia fronting the city of Narva. They are two giants of stone towering in close vicinity to each other two opposite banks.
A man counting off his money in his wallet. There are lots of 50 Euro bills in the wallet
Zooming in of the 10 Euro paper bill. Showing the details of the back of the 10 Euro bill
Lower left details of the green 100 Euro bill. Showing a map and a bridge image on the back
The upper right detail of the 100 Euro bill. Showing the green color bill and monument image
A yellow small envelope with 3 Euro bills. A mans hand showing the bills inside the envelope and giving it on the lady
The white powder lined on the top of a 500 Euro bill. A bunch of white powder on top of the 500 Euro bill is cut into six pieces by a hard white paper.
500 Euro paper bill cut the white powder into lines. With the hard and stiff paper Euro bill the white powder was cut into three pieces and lined on the table
Curled 500 Euro bill vaccuums the white powder. Four lines of white powder on the table a curled 500 Euro bill then vaccums the third line of the white powder
A white powder being lined on the table. Using a white sheet of hard paper a bunch of white powder is being cut into pieces and lined on the table
The 500 Euro paper bill on the ground. The paper bill is found on the ground with some brown soil on it.
Closer look of the top of the tower it is a cellular tower for communications with the blue sky on the background
A very tall cellular tower on the city seen on the back of the tall trees
The cable wires on the cell tower a tall tower used for commuication technology in the city
Tall cellular towers on the road side with trees covering it seen when cruising along the river
FAIL 1 notice on the calculator screen. The FAIL remarks is an error on the calculator
Number pins of a calculator from 0-9. Calculator is used for office and home works
Five blank line on the screen of the calculator. There are no number inputs on the screen
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