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Nicoleta Ionescu

Illustrator, cartoonist, image producer

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Society Wrongly Blaming the Victim Concept Vector Illustration. Misogyny in public space and prejudice against women by judging and criticizing
Sad Unhappy African Boy Vector Illustration. Upset child feeling insecure and bullied
African Woman Showing Vaccinated Arm. Vaccine distribution for general population concept illustration
Strong Healthy Happy Girl Vector Illustration. Cute African child feeling powerful, sporty and energized
Asian Woman Showing Vaccinated Arm Vector Illustration. Vaccine distribution for general population concept illustration

Hand Refusing Bribe Gift Vector Conceptual Illustration. Person rejecting an unsolicited unwanted bribery present
African Man Showing Vaccinated Arm. Vaccine distribution for general population concept illustration
Female Teacher Getting Vaccinated for School Reopening. Young professor obtaining anti viral immunization trough vaccination process
Dizzy Child with Vertigo Symptoms Vector Cartoon Illustration. Sick Child suffering from giddiness feeling nauseated
African Female Student Having a Clever Idea. Bright school child thinking innovative coming up with a solution

Happy Woman Shopping for Groceries Vector Cartoon Illustration. Shopping woman with basket full of fruits and vegetables
Curious Girl Holding a Magnifying Glass Vector Cartoon Illustration

Smart child using magnifier for science study and learning
Essential Worker Showing Vaccinated Arm. Female employee getting immunization because of job risks

Little Boy Holding a Phone Vector Cartoon Illustration. Happy child using his cellphone playing games online
Woman Getting out of the Car Suffering from Motion Sickness. Female passenger feeling sick after a long road trip
Toddler Girl Experiencing Mood Swings Vector Cartoon. Child having a tantrum outburst feeling happy then screaming

African Male Student Having a Clever Idea. Bright school child thinking innovative coming up with a solution
Exasperated Desperate Woman Vector Cartoon Illustration. Stressed young person feeling frustrated having a panic attack
NY, USA, May 7, Donald Trump Versus Joe Biden. Vector drawing of presidential candidates for 2020 American Elections
Call Center Agents Avatars Collection Set. Smiling office workers with headsets cartoon characters

Little Boy Disliking the Medicine Vector Cartoon Illustration. Child refusing to take medication prescribed by pediatrician doctor
Confused Woman Thinking about Diet Vector Cartoon Illustration. Stressed girl meal planning suffering from orthorexia obsessing over food
African Boy Having Many Questions Vector Cartoon. Funny child wondering looking for answers
Young Cute African Girl Reading a Book. Curious child expanding knowledge learning and studying
Senior Woman Vector Cartoon Portrait. Elderly granny looking stylish and fabulous with grey hair
Busy Multitasking Mom with Baby, Coffee Mug and Dishes. Tired mother needing caffeine to do the household chores
N.Y., U.S. August 14, 2020, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 
Shy Introvert Girl Hiding in Her Oversized Sweater Vector Cartoon. insecure woman wearing extra-large clothing feeling anxious and
Call Center Employee Talking to a Senior Customer Vector Cartoon. Elderly man calling customer service asking for a phone consultation for his problems
Strong Self-Confident African Woman Vector Illustration. Activist fighting for equal rights and fair treatment in society
Boy Pinching his Nose Covering Bad Smell. Funny child feeling unhappy about something stinky
Little Girl Wearing Glasses Vector Cartoon Illustration. Happy child with eyeglasses smiling feeling playful
Upset Little Girl Frowning Vector Cartoon. Frowning child experiencing negative emotions feeling frustrated
Little Boy Cringe Face Vector Cartoon. Child blenching being shy and concerned in emotional situation

Girl Not Listening to her Dad Vector Cartoon Illustration
Parent trying authoritarian discipline method being ignored by the child
Christmas Characters Social Distancing During Pandemic Outbreak. Santa Claus working next to reindeer and magic elf for a safe Holiday
Angry Little Girl Vector Cartoon Character Illustration. Enraged kid with smoke coming out of her ears  having a tantrum episode
Crew Filming a Cleopatra Artistic Movie Vector Cartoon. Beautiful female protagonist starring in biopic historical drama
Confident Cat Looking in the Mirror Seeing a Lion. Motivational kitty feeling strong and believing in personal growth
Little Birthday Girl Blowing Candles on a Cake Vector Illustration. Cheerful child attending surprised anniversary party and celebrating with red velvet cake
Boy Comforting his Sad Best Friend. Young kid showing empathy consoling and encouraging his colleague
Female Student Having a Brilliant Idea Vector Cartoon. Bright schoolgirl thinking innovative coming up with a solution to the problem
Woman with Laptop Worried About Online Privacy of Personal Data. Girl trying to keep her internet data confidential typing password in secret
Unhappy Woman Suffering from Postpartum Depression. Sad person dealing with loss and psychological trauma
Elderly Man Having Hearing Problems Vector Illustration. Senior retired grandpa having signs of deafness due to the aging process
Little Girl Having Many Questions Vector Cartoon. Funny child wondering looking for answers
Teenager Cursing Using a Bad Language Vector Cartoon. Rebel young man misbehaving using a bad obscene speech being uneducated and defiant of good manners
Woman Holding a Heart Symbol Feeling Thankful. Happy girl being grateful and having compassion
Male Worker Showing Vaccinated Arm. Man wearing hardhat just receiving anti coronavirus vaccine
Exasperated Young Woman Vector Cartoon Illustration. Young person feeling stress and fearful suffering a panic attack
Little Girl Comforting her Sad Best Friend. Young kid showing empathy consoling and encouraging her friend
TV Reporter Holding a Microphone Vector Cartoon Illustration. Female journalist broadcasting news events reporting on the field
Puzzled Young Woman Thinking Vector Cartoon Illustration. Female student trying to rationalize and solve a logic problem

People Blaming Love Angel Cupid Vector Cartoon Illustration. Angry mob, hating on little cherub disappointed by his service
Female Superhero Wearing a Cape and a Business Suit Vector Cartoon. Office worker hero employee of the month with high performance on the job and big accomplishments
Team of Female Hair Stylists Holding Their Tools.Woman working as professional  hairdressers  in beauty salon

Happy Cheerful Strong Grandma Vector Cartoon Illustration. Healthy energetic old woman feeling confident and empowered
Cool Monkey Wearing Sunglasses Listening to Music Vector Cartoon. Hipster ape with headphones set playing favorite song
Cheerful African Teenage Girl Feeling Excitement. Exuberant young woman feeling positive and optimistic raising hands expressing joy
Manager Standing in a Restaurant Welcoming Customers. Confident self-employed female entrepreneur greeting guests

Tired Bored Mother Watching her Daughter Playing at Home. Exhausted overwhelmed mom thinking concerned being stressed and wondering about daily problems
Strong Woman in Business Outfit Holding Baby. Female role model being a strong mom and an entrepreneur
Strong Healthy Happy Boy Vector Illustration. Funny child feeling powerful, sporty and energized
Handsome Man Receiving Public Appreciation Vector Cartoon. Attractive young guy archiving success and public praise
Stressed Woman Having a Dandruff Problem. Self conscious female adult having a dry scalp problem
Little Scared African Girl Suffering from Arachnophobia. Child afraid of spiders screaming and shouting
Super-heroine Grandmother Having Superpowers Vector Illustration. Strong, cool grandma having superpowers staying active and healthy
Cheerful Grandmother Flipping Pancakes for Breakfast. Senior woman cooking dessert meal with special recipe
Teen Girl and Boy Falling in Love Vector Cartoon. Young couple flirting at first romantic date being in platonic relationship
Woman Wearing Face Mask Showing Her Vaccinated Arm. Essential worker getting the anti corona-virus vaccine for workplace safety
Super Heroine African Girl Vector Illustration Cartoon. Little kid pretending to have superpowers wearing Halloween costume
Professional Male Actor Performing on Set Vector Cartoon. Young male model ready to film a new commercial
Bored Business Woman Spending Time at the Office. Lazy corporate worker procrastinating work
Little Boy Having Many Questions Vector Cartoon. Funny child wondering looking for answers
Smiling Senior Woman Making a Presentation Gesture. Happy grandma showing a promotional offer with excitement
Young Attractive Woman Receiving Likes on Social Media. Internet narcissistic personality getting dopamine from online validation and appreciation
Woman Wearing Sports Clothing Relaxing Outdoors. Fitness girl wearing sports bra and leggings resting in nature
Sad Unhappy Tearful Girl Vector Illustration. Upset child crying out of despair and regret expressing grief and sadness
Crew Filming a Superhero Movie Vector Illustration. Action actor shooting a scene on the set
Mommy Shaming Concept Portrait of a Mother and her Baby. Fingers pointed at mom being criticized by society for her choices
Tired Man Feeling Exhausted and Sleepy. Overworked person having low energy feeling sleepy
African Female Customer Services Agent. Woman wearing headset answering customer service
Children Taking Acting Classes Vector Cartoon Illustration. Little girl learning about acting at a young age starring in tv production for kids
Sad African Mother Holding Crying Baby Vector Illustration. Afro American mom suffering postpartum depression carrying upset baby in tears.
African Male Actor Filming on Set. Afro-American lead cinema star rehearsing for a scene
Student Girl Holding Textbooks Vector Cartoon. Elementary schoolgirl with many books preparing for exams
Teen Girl Waving Hello Vector Cartoon Illustration. Sociable friendly teenager saluting with a cordial amiable gesture
Young woman reacting to brilliant creative idea
Cute Happy Children Vector Cartoon Set

Funny collection of student kids avatars smiling
Happy Businessman Using Phone Vector Illustration. Smiling corporate employee using hos smartphone for work related activities
Little Boy with PC Tablet Vector Cartoon Illustration. Young child using modern technology for entertainment, communication, and distance digital learning
Woman with Laptop Worried About Online Privacy of Personal Data. Girl trying to keep her internet data confidential typing password in secret
Forgetful Mother Holding Baby Bag Traveling  with Newborn. Stressed mom remembering she forgot formula home
Woman Getting Negative Reactions on Social Media Post. Girl suffering from cyber bullying feeling depressed
Super heroine African Mom Vector Cartoon Illustration. Strong powerful pregnant woman wearing red cape and superhero costume
Cheerful Mother with Stethoscope and Doll Playing Doctor. Mom and daughter learning and playing educational game
Woman Sitting in a Restaurant Feeling Sick and Nauseated. Young person eating out feeling full and unwell from overeating
Happy Teen Girl Receiving Appreciation on Social Media. Cheerful adolescent getting positive feedback and being popular online
Superhero Grandma and Grandpa Standing Together Vector Cartoon. Strong active grandpa and grandma wearing red cloak and superhero costumes
Event Planner Coordinator PR Specialist Employee at Formal Event 
Authorized manager wearing a badge welcoming guests at hotel entrance
Happy Cheerful Teenage Girl Vector Illustration. Exuberant young woman feeling positive and optimistic raising hands expressing joy
Afro-American Waitress Holding a Tray Vector Illustration. Female fast food restaurant worker greeting customers with hospitality
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