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Close up of man's hand holding crystal glass of whiskey or brandy. Bearded man drinking and tasting strong drinks and elite alcohol in bar. Concept of expensive alcoholic beverages.
Shot of a happy senior man smiling looking away his grandson hugging him from behind copyspace relax family love people children retirement vitality lifestyle parenting childhood values weekend
Front view of angry male worker sitting in middle of table and looking at camera. Leader of company tired of arguing and debating of colleagues on conference. Concept of stress and irritation.
Shot of a cute little boy whispering something to his grandfather while resting together outdoors copyspace family communication relationships trust happiness love gossip children kids parenting
Cheerful smiling men holding glasses with alcohol beverages and laughing. Three friends spending time together and having fun in bar. Men drinking scotch, whiskey or brandy.
Close up of a young handsome bearded male veterinarian working at his office examining ears of an adorable fluffy spaniel puppy copyspace medicine pet care profession occupation job owner.
Medical research. Professional chemist young African man writing on his clipboard while working at the laboratory ethnicity profession occupation people medicine clinical biology internship copyspace
Shot of a cute young girl smiling joyfully building a robot copyspace constructor engineering playing childhood kids hobby leisure lifestyle people toys robotics technology intelligence learning
Senior female patient smiling to the camera holding a mirror sitting in a dental chair at the clinic teeth smile examination treatment procedure healthy happiness vitality seniority pensioner medicine
Cheerful worker wearing uniform and white t shirt, holding yellow clipboard. Handsome man smiling, standing and leaning on white boxes in warehouse. Concept of entrepot and commercial industry.
Portrait of a mature man smiling joyfully embracing a new car at the dealership showroom copyspace love driving masculine hobby transport technology modern vehicle buying sales consumerism shopping.
Two male friends spending time together in bar and having fun. Bearded men smiling, looking at each other and communicating. Men holding crystal glasses of whisky or scotch.
Young boy and his dog lying on the grass together. Happy boy hugging his pet Labrador smiling with his eyes closed copyspace nature happiness support friendship peaceful summer animals lifestyle
Experienced operator. Metalworking industry concept professional engineer metalworker operating CNC milling machine center in tool manufacturing workshop copyspace
Beautiful and cute girls making selfie near red car. Young female customers smiling and hugging. Girls happy because of buying new automobile in modern car dealership.
Beautiful mature Asian woman choosing cosmetics at the drugstore reaching for something on a shelf copyspace pharmacy buyer shopping shop store consumer customer purchase beauty lifestyle
Shot of a cheerful handsome man smiling to the camera sitting in a dental chair his dentist preparing for dental checkup on the background copyspace health medicine people dentistry doctor curing
Young brunette female wearing in gray uniform and yellow helmet,  driving and making operating on forklift truck at warehouse. Woman industrial worker looking forward, working in logistic and shipment
What a car! Happy handsome African man looking excited standing on his knees in front of his newly bought cool car expression emotions emotional winner victory winning arms raised victorious concept
Mature female doctor showing her female patient picture of a uterus on the laptop gynecology gynecologist education medicine healthcare feminine health pregnancy preparation prevention.
Professional male dentist smiling to the camera holding dental instruments sitting at his office copyspace dentistry profession doctor treatment curing help helpful skilled job worker health medical
Chemistry is his passion. Handsome young African male scientist wearing protective glasses smiling happily holding his clipboard working at the lab professionalism occupation job people copyspace
Bartender pouring and filling glasses with fresh delicious beer. Worker of brewery serving alcohol at bar counter. Concept of beer house, lager and pub.
Portrait of an attractive male dentist sitting at his office copyspace profession occupation doctor medicine clinic help experience trustworthy specialist care health vitality dentistry dental oral
My baby. Shot of a happy man sitting in his car touching the dashboard gently smiling cheerfully
The best lab. Handsome young African male laboratory technician using a computer working in the lab medicine research analyzer clinical chemistry immunochemistry efficiency experience digital concept
Another surgery. Surgery medical team operating in a surgery room of the hospital mature surgeon leading an operation profession professionalism occupation teamwork medical people doctors concept
Cute young girl asking harmacist about medicine at the drugstore while shopping with her mother consultation kids children positivity happiness parenting professional trustworthy experienced doctor
Mature male dentist working with his elderly patient senior woman visiting dentist having dental checkup at the clinic dentistry occupation treatment medical industry healthcare people insurance
Handsome mature male dentist standing at his clinic smiling to the camera with his arms crossed copyspace profession dentistry experience medicine doctor occupation healthcare people concept
Lab team. Multiethnic group of laboratory scientists discussing their research at the lab teamwork technician specialist profession job colleagues medicine chemists biologists team study communication
Educational process. Group of young people studying in university sitting in auditorium during lecture education students college university studying youth campus friendship teenager teens concept
Driving gets him so excited. Shot of a handsome African man sitting in a car holding steering wheel smiling happily to the camera
Adorable little boy laughing happily while his grandfather whispering something funny to his ear happiness emotions expressive together family childhood parenting communication interacting lifestyle
Thanks for help. Selective focus on a motorcycle wheel male customer shaking hands with motorbike salon manager on the background
Three male friends sitting in bar and communicating. Men drinking alcohol beverages, whiskey or brandy. Cheerful men smiling, having fun and holding glasses with drinks.
Senior specialist. Cheerful elderly female scientist smiling happily with her arms crossed posing at her lab colleagues on the background teamwork profession professor guidance people job copyspace
Handsome young man having toothache sitting in a dental chair. Professional dentist helping his male patient in pain copyspace painful treatment curing cure help advice painful dentistry medical
Side view of professional chef cooking delicious juicy beef steak on flaming grill. Handsome man with beard and tattoos on hand preparing food in modern restaurant kitchen.
Cropped close up of a professional therapist masseuse doing hot stones massage her female client service relaxation therapy treatment healthy spa wellbeing wellness recreation hotel resort
Two MMA fighters grappling on training in gym. Muscular sportsman with aggressive look looking at camera, sitting on chest of rival and choking him with hand, opponent lying in floor and resisting.
Side view of man wearing in checked shirt choosing medicines in drugstore. Male customer standing, looking at shelf with medical products and taking medicament in hand.
Beauty treatment results. Beautiful healthy cheerful woman smiling while her cosmetologist is examining her skin happiness vitality cosmetology beauty professional clinic spa center client copyspace
Cheerful African mature woman smiling joyfully posing proudly with her arms folded at her bakery store copyspace baker job occupation businesswoman salesperson retailer professional confidence success
Rear view shot of a handsome bearded cheerful male professional chef smiling happily holding lettuce standing in front of an open fridge collecting ingredients for cooking salad.
His hobby became his career. Happy senior man smiling leaning on the showcase while working at his own bakery running his small business copyspace
View from side of young colleagues talking and sharing opinions during conference in office. Pretty women and smart men sitting at table and looking at tables and statistics. Concept of business.
Cheerful young handsome male friends having fun at the beer pub celebrating victory of their favorite team watching game on TV happiness people leisure entertainment bar restaurant friendship
Cropped close up of a happy woman smiling joyfully wearing pearl necklace copyspace elegance luxury wellbeing rich wealth consumerism buying shopping jewelry accessories expressive emotional.
Excited and happy young cute girl smiling to the camera holding her electronic robot copyspace her brother posing with his robot on the background education learning science children creativity study
Pleasure working with you. Beautiful happy African couple embracing at the dealership after buying a new car together handsome man shaking hands with a salesman
Close up of crystal glass with whiskey, scotch or brandy. Bearded man wearing in spectacles holding glass and looking at it. Client of bar tasting delicious alcoholic drinks.
First car pic. Handsome young African man smiling making a selfie sitting in his new car at the dealership copyspace owner ownership driver. buyer consumerism lifestyle travel concept
As excited as he can be. Handsome African man sitting in his car smiling to the camera excitedly
Profile shot of a handsome young man reading a book at the library or bookstore leaning on the shelf copyspace interesting lifestyle hobby education learning studying project information youth.
Advice from a colleague. Professional chemist senior woman looking through the microscope helping her younger male colleague with his research professionalism assistance experience study research
Bearded handsome man in jeans apron and with tattoo on hand cooking. Chef smiling, holding oil in hand and looking at meat on grill. Tasty beef steak flaming with fire and smoke.
No money left. Mature disappointed woman looking into her empty wallet after shopping too much poor shopaholic money credit loan upset sad depressed empty cash unhappy overspending concept copyspace
Happy young woman sitting in red car and making selfie. Beautiful girl with chestnut hair smiling and looking at camera. Pretty female customer making purchase of automobile.
Two muscular sportsmen wearing gloves and shorts training in fight without rules in gym. Mixed martial fighter standing on knee and keeping with hands his rival standing on all four and resisting.
Putting in the effort. Handsome young guy smiling to the camera during the lecture at his university studying in the classroom happiness smart education exam college high school concept copyspace
Young boy concentrating building a robot while his sister is smiling watching him standing near siblings kids children education learning lesson robotics school science hobby activity childhood family
Filing document. Shot of a handsome salesman filing documents with his happy clients at the dealership
Shot of two cheerful professional kitchen chefs posing back to back together at the restaurant kitchen. Happy handsome chef and his female trainee smiling to the camera proudly.
His dream day. Portrait of a handsome African man smiling excitedly while sitting in his newly bought car showing car keys to the viewer
Blood test tubes. Senior female scientist examining blood test tubes at her laboratory dna testing analysis profession specialist clinician experienced medicine healthcare doctor concept copyspace
Choosing wisely. Selective focus on a car mature businessman standing thinking choosing a new car at the dealership copyspace choice decision business choosing buying a car consumerism purchase sales
Professional handsome male vet smiling joyfully talking to his female client after examining her cat communication service medicine pet care profession occupation job hospital advise consultation.
Stop by for homemade delicious bread! Loving senior couple embracing holding a sign together on the opening day of their small business senior couple owners of the bakery smiling to the camera
Closeup of woman face during procedure at cosmetology office. Beautiful female client looking away while doctor in gloves examining carefully skin after therapy. Concept of beauty and skin care.
Shot of a cheerful young attractive businesswoman wearing glasses smiling happily to the camera holding thermos with her morning coffee sitting at the office in front of her laptop copyspace.
Too tired. Handsome male tired student sleeping on his books during lecture at university classroom exams session tired education lazy boring college sleep people school napping overworking concept
Senior woman smiling listening to her dentist during consultation copyspace elderly seniority pensioner patient insurance medicine healthcare discount support helping helpful doctor treatment
Comfortable and cozy. Adorable little girl resting in a hospital bed with her teddy bear smiling to the camera ambulance hospitalization surgery virus healthcare medicine clinic patient child concept
Diligent student. Beautiful female student smiling to the camera while studying for exams at university classroom students sitting in the row education lifestyle university college teen concept
Prepare to travel! Handsome young African man embracing his beautiful girlfriend at the car dealership happy woman smiling holding car keys hugging with her handsome boyfriend interracial family love
Paying attention to details. Shot of two doctors examining x-ray scans together technology radiology research analysis examination medicine healthcare clinic hospital survey wellbeing industry concept
Check out the characteristics. Beautiful African mature couple choosing a car at the dealership talking to the salon manager
Shot of an attractive cheerful female baker smiling to the camera standing near the showcase copyspace
So into this film. Young emotional handsome man wearing 3D glasses shouting shaking his fist in victory gesture watching movie alone at the cinema entertainment excitement premier lifestyle copyspace
Blood test. Cropped closeup of blood test tubes arranged on a tray at the laboratory copyspace hematology medical healthcare analysis hospital expertise research biology hematology immunity virus
Horizontal shot of a handsome cheerful young male veterinarian smiling to the camera holding an adorable puppy copyspace emotions profession occupation job employment worker pet care medicine.
Rider for life. Gorgeous young sexy biker girl looking to the camera confidently sitting on her chopper motorcycle at the workshop copyspace sexy fierce attitude biker chopper moto concept
Front view of smiling blonde female warehouse worker in yellow helmet, with arm crossed. On background colleague, also wearing in uniform, with yellow folder counting by hand shells.
Happy owner. Handsome bearded mature man sitting relaxed in his newly bought car looking out the window smiling joyfully
Close up of man, wearing in special protective gloves and welding mask, brewing metal with welding machine in workshop, sparks fly in the sides. Welder wearing in black T-shirt working at workplace.
Cinema weekend. Young handsome male spectator wearing 3D glasses laughing excitedly while watching a film at the local cinema coke popcorn snack entertainment leisure hobby activity laughter copyspace
Elderly female patient with toothache talking to her dentist at the clinic pain suffering aching inflammation infection painful seniority dentistry doctor medicine helping treatment cavities concept
Study online. Cheerful young African man smiling helping his cute young son with his homework using a laptop together computer technology online internet educational studying homeschooling concept
Project coming to life. Shot of a cheerful crew of young robot developers examining a robot at their office
Looking for the best car. Selective focus on a car international loving couple choosing a car at the car dealership showroom copyspace family relationship purchase consumerism driving love concept
Female client lying on couch, showing with fingers at wrinkles and looking at young doctor in cosmetology office. Consultation before hardware ultrasound procedure. Cosmetology and beauty concept.
Professional clinician assisting mother and daughter with choosing medications at the drugstore helpful friendly experience family health clinical medicine kids children motherhood customers consumer
Handsome mature male dentist smiling to the camera over his shoulder holding a digital tablet displaying dental x-ray copyspace technology using doctor experience modern dentistry health medical
Spoiling his woman. Gorgeous woman smiling showing something in the showcase of the jewelry store to her loving boyfriend couple shopping jewelry love romance dating relationships buyers consumerism
Process of cooking vegetable salad. Chef cutting paprika and other fresh vegetables using special knife. Man wearing apron and white gloves. Background of restaurant kitchen.
Perfection in details. Shot of a handsome African man pushing some buttons on a car radio with his wife sitting on a passenger seat
Good looking loader sitting in forklift, posing and smiling. Professional worker wearing uniform and white t shirt. Background of warehouse with many boxes and goods.
Lucky owner. Vertical full length shot of an excited young African man screaming happily with his arms raised standing on his knees near his new car at the car dealership winner winning luck offer
Two beautiful girl wearing in gray uniforms, seriously communicating and gesturing, while working at metal base. One sitting on cargo truck and other getting ready to wear yellow helmet.
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