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aerial view of rural area with farm fields and winding small river among green trees in sunny summer day
industrial excavator working on construction site. heavy construction machine. aerial view
construction of new residential district with apartment buildings and new city highway. big city construction site. aerial top down view
white acrylic painting roller brush strokes texture on color paper
construction of new multistory residential complex. modern apartment buildings under construction. aerial view
rolls of architectural plans and blueprints on architect workspace, top view
city construction site with yellow tower cranes and machinery. aerial top view of residential construction area.
construction of high-rise apartment buildings. urban construction concept. top view aerial photo from flying drone
gray corrugated metal cladding on industrial building roof
crane working on under construction high-rise building. new residential area. birds eyes view
rainwater spraying from car wheels. city road during heavy rain.
reflection of tree in water puddle on the sidewalk
aerial top view of city construction site. tower cranes for building of new apartments under snow in winter
blue corrugated metal roof with rivets, industrial background
excavator on pile of debris of a destroyed building, loading dump truck. aerial view from the drone
large construction site viewed from above. new residential area under construction
Set of  metal working tools on scratched background
rolls of architecture blueprints and technical drawings on white background
construction of new residential area near city park. high-rise apartment buildings under construction. drone point view
construction of new apartment building. yellow cranes against blue sky background
city asphalt road during heavy rain. black car in motion. water splashing from car wheels
abstract background with orange paint strokes. strokes of paint roller on wall
flooded city road with rain puddles and with riding cars splashing water from the wheels
spirit level and zigzag ruler with rolls of construction blueprints on land-use project
unfinished building construction and building cranes against clear blue sky background
modern apartment buildings under construction. yellow cranes working on construction site. aerial photo
construction of a new buildings in a residential area. busy industrial construction site. aerial view
aerial view of excavator and tipper trucks working at construction site
new residential building under construction against blue sky. aerial view
abstract hand painted blue paint canvas background
parts of old broken machine under corrosion closeup
detailed view of gearwheels from industrial machine closeup
Birch plywood. High-detailed wood texture series.
set of various hand work tools for construction and renovation job on metal desk. top view, copy space
scratched metal background with yellow tool set and instruments for hand work and fixing
rolls of architectural blueprints and construction plans with measurement tools on architect workplace
set of hand tools and instruments for home renovation or DIY on grey workbench with copy space
entertainment concert lighting. led lighting devices under roof.
building under construction in snow. high tower cranes at construction site in winter. aerial top view
engineering project plans for electric lights layout in apartment
colorful ribbons are fluttering in the wind. abstract multicolored backdrop.
rain gutter system and tiled roof against green trees background
various renovation instruments and tools on grey background. screwdrivers, clamps, wrenches, keys top view
set of professional construction tools and safety glasses on metal workbench. top view
architectural plans and rolls of blueprint with pencil and ruler on architect workplace
various painting tools and accessories for home renovation on white background
forest with a winding river and meadow with dirt road and traces of human activity. aerial view from above
sidewalk with puddles of water and trees reflection
rolls with architectural plans and schemes with drawing compass and metal ruler on white background top view
aerial top view of amusement park with attractions and trees at summer morning
Architecture plan and rolls of blueprints
road roundabout intersection in urban residential area view from flying drone
parts of industrial equipment closeup. plastic gears and cogwheels on scratched metal background.
big farmers market and construction site of new market place. aerial panoramic view
aerial landscape with lake shore, small traffic bridge over water canal. overhead view.
set of hand tools and working instruments on scratched metal textured background. top view
assorted work and home renovation tools. diagonal flat lay. concept industrial background
farm green field pattern with tractor tracks. summer landscape. top view aerial photo
wheat fields from above. summer countryside landscape. aerial top view.
summer countryside landscape with arable crop fields among forests under blue cloudy sky. aerial view
flock of grazing cows on green pasture. summer landscape in sunny day. aerial top view.
panoramic aerial view of summer landscape with green and yellow rape fields, forest and village on foreground
aerial view of combine harvester machine in the partly harvested field
panoramic aerial view of agricultural cultivated fields with irrigational channels and farm
aerial view of farm buildings, surrounded by agricultural fields. drone point view.
aerial view of rural area with cultivated fields, forests and country road in sunny summer day. panoramic view.
traffic bridge over a small winding river among agricultural fields in the countryside. aerial view
Architect's workspace with rolled house plans and blueprints
house renovation tools - brushes, paint, rollers on white wooden desk. view from above
construction site with industrial equipment and tower crane. development of new residential area. aerial top view
construction of new residential area. yellow tower crane standing high near building in progress. aerial view
small winding river surrounded by green forest. aerial top view in summer day.
wall surface covered with adhesive glue plaster before laying a tile
strokes of yellow paint roller on white wall
aerial top view from flying drone of asphalt road on dam. summer nature landscape.
Architectural project of new modern house. Blueprints series.
city wet road with puddles after downpour. cars driving on flooded road.
gray bicycle lane. white markings and signs. green grass background. aerial top view.
set of different hand tools for construction or home repair job. top vie, copy space
bike lane with cycling people during sunny summer day. green park landscape. birds eyes view
aerial top down view on a footpaths junction in a green park landscape
footpaths curving through green grass on riverbank. summer park landscape. aerial view.
aerial top view of parking lot near illuminated street. aerial drone photo
Industrial factory ceiling with roof beam and lights
architect workplace with project plans and rolled blueprints top view
MINSK, BELARUS - July 18, 2020: Minsk city at sunset. aerial panoramic view at night with city lights. drone photo.
MINSK, BELARUS - May 7, 2019: Panoramic aerial view of historical center of Minsk at sunny summer evening.
Architect's workspace with rolled building plans and blueprints
cracked street pavement after the rain with water paddles
new residential area under construction. aerial photo from flying drone
multilevel parking garage under construction in new residential area. aerial top view
construction formwork in construction site. aerial topdown view of high-rise apartment building construction
summer rural landscape, panoramic aerial view. big green forest under cloudy sky. Nalibokskaya Forest, Belarus
civil building sketch drawings, rolled blueprints on dark blue surface. architect workplace background. double exposure.
road construction top view. group of yellow road rollers laying asphalt pavement
rolls of technical drawings with plans and blueprints for house construction
wheel loader and excavators work on construction of the foundation zero cycle. aerial view
aerial top view of road construction site in city suburb
aerial top view of building site. pouring concrete for the foundation of new house. process of new building construction.
car traffic driving on flooded city road during rain. water splashing from car wheels
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