Riccardo Mayer

Riccardo Mayer

German photographer who focuses mainly on African people photography.

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Water is Life for African Children, Little Gorgeous Black Girl Drinking from Tap
Running Black African Ethnicity Boys Having Fun Smiling and Laughing in Typical African Village Town
Cheerful African Ethnicity Infant Carrying Healthy Water for a dehydration concept
Candid Photo of cheerful African Black Boy So Unbelievably Happy to get Water from Rain in Dry Season
Two Little African Girls Performing A Hand Clapping Game
Little Native African Boy Standing Outdoors Under the Rain (Water for Africa Symbol)
Two Proud African Girls Carrying Heavy Household Items On Their Head
Joyful Black Child Drinks Fresh Water from a Tap
Three African Girls Filling Up Water Buckets At A Public Borhole Pump
Gorgeous Native Malian African girl so happy to finally get healthy fresh water from an NGO tap in a village in Bamako, Mali
Authentic African ethnic Young Girl Collecting fresh Water as a drought symbol
Water is coming! African ethnicity little boy happy to finally get some rain
Two Women Farmers Weeding A Salad Garden In A West African Rural Community
Two Colorful Dressed African Girls Fetching Water at the Borehole
Cute Native African Women Carrying healthful Water in a village
Washing Clean Hands with Soap and Water to Avoid Spread of Coronavirus Virus or Bacteria
Happy Little African Boy Pumping Water For His Sister
Smiling African Ethnic Girl Outdoors with Food Basket, poverty symbol
Small African Boy Sipping Clean Fresh Water From A Modern Pumping Station
Smiling African Girl With a Wet Face After Having Taken A Sip From The Water Borehole
Two African Women In Traditional Dresses Cleaning Up An Extremely Weedy Maize Field
Sweet little African boy under the rain in Mali (Africa)
Portrait of Gorgeous African Girl Carrying Food Basket Outdoors
Little Indigenous Girl getting Tap Water with major difficulties
Three Beautiful African Girls and Boys Posing Smiling at Camera Laughing and Having Fun
Cheerful African ethnicity Offspring with healthful Water in a village
Climate Change Symbol, Cute African Little Woman with Water
Water symbol of African Black Girl Kid Child Washing and Drinking
Two African Children Walk Down Natural Road in African Village
Portrait of Cute African Girl at School doing Homework
African Chidren Women Desperately Need Clean Fresh Water
Climate Change, African Children walk hours to get to a Well
Laughing Little African Girl Tangled In Her Skipping Rope While Playing Outdoor
Portrait of African Woman Wearing Face Mask Against Infection of Bacterira, Virus
Portrait of Gorgeous African Girl Carrying Heavy Water Bucket
African Family Boys and Girls Smiling Laughing in Africa
Little Aboriginal Offspring Transporting Fresh Water for lack of water symbol
Traditional West African Sheperd Feeding His Cow With Nutritional Additives
Large shot of Bamako city with two African girls Posing with Water Buckets
Candid Image of African Schoolgirl drinking Safe water from tap outdoors in Bamako, Mali
Two Funny Girls Smiling and Laughing at Computer Laptop Screen
Very happy African black boy making thumbs up sign with hands laughing happily (African ethnicity black boy isolated on white)
The Importance of Clean Water for Africa - Symbol
West African Farmer Lifting A Watering Can From A Rural Well In His Cabbage Field
Beautifully Dresses African Housewife harvesting Lettuce Salad From The Village Garden
Authentic African ethnic Girl Transporting nutritious Water in a natural environment
West African Farmer Manually Watering His Cabbage Field During An Arid Rainy Season
African Child Says STOP! To Racism and to War!
Gorgeous African Black Children Portrait Smiling and Laughing
Vaccination for African children: little black boy getting an injection from a nurse
Silhouette Of a Solitary Small African Girl Pushing Her Wheel In A Deserted Village Context
Two Women Farmers Working In A Salad Plantation In A West African Rural Community
Diversity Symbol of Three African Children with Water
Smart Little African Girl Getting Started With Her Jumping Rope Exercise
Laughing Little African School Boy Sitting in Desk Smiling at Camera
Authentic businesspeople focused discussing as a business symbol
African Christmas Children Party at Home
Caucasian Teacher Displaying Growing Seeds To African Preschool Children During A Botanical Laboratory Project
One West African Woman Farmer Carefully Picking Up Weeds In A Lettuce Salad Field
Water for Life Symbol
African boy holding his hand out as a STOP sign for racism and abuse
Beautiful Peace Symbol - White Woman Black Child Holding Hands. African Peace Symbol. White woman holds hands with a little native African girl, in Bamako, Mali.
African Body Shot of Doctor Woman Posing with Facemask and Notebook
Cleaning Washing Hands - Hygiene Symbol for African Children
African Girls Busy At Taking Clean and Fresh Drinking Water
Group of African Black Children Holding Rice Malnutrition Starvation Hunger. Starving Hunger Symbol. Black African girls holding rice as a malnutrition symbol.
Beautiful African Child Drinking from a Tap (Water Scarcity Symbol).

Young African girl drinking clean water from a tap. Water pouring from a tap in the streets of the African city Bamako, Mali.
Polio Vaccination for African children from white volunteers in Africa
Two Girls Happily Sharing Water from tap in Bamako, Mali
Two beautiful African girls and one African boy reading and writing at school as an educational symbol outside their school in Bamako, Mali. Beautiful education symbol background.
Human Rights and Climate Change Symbol: African Black Ethnicity Girl Woman Drinking Safe Water
Group of Young African Children Linung Up On Their City Home Balcony Smiling to Bypassers
African Children Holding Hands Cupped under Clean Hygienic Water
Handsome little African boy Portrait smiling with toothy smile
African black boy at School Writing with Copy Space
Climate Change Symbol: Handful Of Water Scarsity for Africa Symbol
Close-up of African boy being a little sad, angry and full of despair
Food scarcity problem affects little Girls in Africa
Thirsty Little African Girl Savoring Fresh Drinking Water From A Plastic Bottle
Candid Shot of Little Black African Boy Eating Rice Outdoors
Laughing African child holds his head whilst thinking (Africa ethnicity black boy)
African Girls Playing Peekaboo Outdoors Laughing and Smiling Together (Happiness Symbol)
Close-Up Shot of Young African Boys and Girls Eating Outdoors
Gorgeous African Black Girl Drinking with Hands Cupped (Drought Symbol)

Young African girl drinking clean water from a tap. Water pouring from a tap in the streets of the African city Bamako, Mali.
Hands of African Children Cupped under Tap Drinking Water Malnutrition. Hands of African black boys and girls with water pouring from a tap. It affects people and especially children in Africa.
Little African Schoolboy Happily Showing Thumb Up!
African Black Ethnicity Schoolgirl Studying in School
Little black boy asking begging for clean water. Its scarcity affects every continent. Around 1 billion people, live in areas of physical scarcity, and many more people approach this situation.
Three Adorable African Children Posing Outdoors Copy Space
Happy African Child Finally Gets Access to clean fresh Water
African black boy making peace sign for Africa (african ethnicity huge smile peace for the world)
Ideas and Creativity for Africa: little black boy pointing his finger to his head thinking
African Girl Contemplating Depleting Water Output From Her Village Borehole
Hope for African Children - Beautiful boys and girls outdoors
Healthcare and Medical symbol: african black boy gets a vaccination needle
Starving Hunger Symbol Black African Boy Holding Rice Malnutrition (Congo). Stop hunger in the world! Starving Hunger Symbol.
African boy makes a STOP sign with his hand, isolated on white
Rice spilling into black African woman's hand
Awesome huge smile on black African ethnicity black boy child isolated on white Portrait
For A Better Future on Earth - Black and White Women Holding Hands Together
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