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The summit of Mt. Untersberg on a clear day
Vladivostok Russkii island
Sachsische Schweiz on a sunny day
German pig's knee dish, Schweinshaxe
View of Russkii island
Braised spicy chicken with vegetables, Jjimdak
Austrian style pig knee cooking
Bulguksa Temple in Kyungju
Beautiful scenery of Jeju Island in Korea
Nepomuk Statue in Charles Bridge, Prague
Czech cuisine Svickova is good
Night view of Prague and Castle
Schloss Neuschwanstein in the woods
Vladivostok Golden Bridge
View of Russkii island
View of Russkii island
Kinkakuji in Kyoto
Night view in Anapji
Daegu city seen from the mountain
Odongdo and scenery from Yeosu Jasan Park
Qingshui Duanyai in Taiwan
A full blown Tiger lily
A bee sitting on top of a golden-wave
Crape Myrtle blooming next to a Korean-style old house
On a clear day, roofs, pine trees, and the sky
Kinkakuji reflected on the water
Pine trees in the Sosuseowon
Rudbechia blooming on the flower beds of Korean-style old houses
A one-wood bridge in the village of Museom in Korea
Austrian style Tafelspitz with soybeans
Barbeque lip with french fries
Schnitzel with ham, mushroom stir-fried
Lamb stew with pumpkin stir-fry
View of Russkii island
Sunset of Orlinoye Gnezdo Mt in Vladivostok
Hallstadt's Salt Mine in Austria
Pork steak and salad with sauce
Beef stew with egg scramble
Sour and sweet dessert with coffee
A salad full of fresh vegetables
A cod flesh with milk
Hallstadt village
Hallstadt Village
Two hikers in the sky
Salzburg on a sunny day with fine clouds
Beer at the top of Untersberg
Salzburg, seen from the Monchsberg
Salzburg, seen from the Monchsberg
Salzburg from the top of Untersberg
Three birds enjoying the beautiful landscape
Hallstadt Village
ham salad with bread and cucumber
Hallstadt, a small lake town
Schnitzel with french fries and raspberry jam
Gomo-mountain fortress in Mungyeung
Green tea field in Boseong
Chinese trumpet creeper on the fence
Downtown of Cesky Krumlov over a small hole
A wonderful view of Bastai National Park
A view of Dresden from the observatory
A foie gras dish with sour and sweet fruit
A well-cooked Iberian pork dish
Elbe River, the lily of Sachen Switzerland
Beef stew with small egg noodles
Egg scrambled with spinach and salads
Hungarian-style noodle and roast duck
The night view of Danube River
A magnificent and famous mural in Dresden
Czecheny Bridge across the Danube River in Budapest
Hungarian egg noodles, Chicken Paprikash
Hungarian lamb ratatouille in Menza
National Assembly of Budapest in Hungary
Goulash, a Hungarian traditional soup
Night view of Budapest Castle and Czecheny Bridge
The night view of Vienna shining with the moon
Karlskirche in Wien, shining with the moon
Salzburg nightscape from the Observatory of Mönchsberg
National Assembly Hall in Budapest, which is brightly lit
Gloriette in the Palace of Schönbrunn
Salzburg in the great sky
Beautiful halstadt village in Austria
The night view of Prague from Letna Park
The village of Halstadt from mountain
Cheese, ham, sousage, baked beef and salads
Boat riders against the backdrop of Prague Castle
Old tram passing over the bridge
Prague Scenery from Old Town Observatory
Beautiful scenery of Jeju Island in Korea
Beautiful scenery of Jeju Island in Korea
Beautiful scenery of Jeju Island in Korea
Beautiful scenery of Jeju Island in Korea
Beautiful scenery of Jeju Island in Korea
Beautiful scenery of Jeju Island in Korea
Beautiful scenery of Jeju Island in Korea
Beautiful scenery of Jeju Island in Korea
Sausage between potato pancakes and pickled cabbage
Cheese-covered schnitzel and egg scramble
Five sausages, potatoes, and pickled cabbage
A lake and snow mountain that can be seen over a window
Sausage and potato salad and pickled cucumbers
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