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Pink magnolia, spring, flower blossom symbol of yin, purity and dignity
Pink magnolia, spring, flower blossom symbol of yin, purity and dignity
Empty street during corona virus outbreak, no people, social isolation. Rush hour with no traffic.
Empty highway, empty road, corona virus outbreak, quarantine, social isolation. No cars, nobody on the road,
Old house with gnomes in Amsterdam
Bridge in a park in autumn with trees
Dutch park with water reflection in autumn
Silhouette of buildings at a canal in Amsterdam
On top of a waterfall. Waterfall is  flowing down between mountains. Travelling in Malawi, Africa.
Forest with fallen leafs in autumn, Netherlands
Safari car driving in Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania, next to a lake
Stunning scenery: sunset at Grand Canyon National Park, USA
Fungi in the snow. Organic and vegetarian healthy food. Close up photo.
Straight traintrack with grass and trees on the side.
Rustic landscape. Park with water and trees. On the water are waterlily leaves and the reflection of trees.  Good for meditation and relaxation.
People on the beach during a sunny day. This is the beach in Scheveningen, Netherlands.
Cover of orange leaves on top of a tree. Autumn in Holland.
Field of colorful flowers with dramatic clouds
Wild beasts and zebra's in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Vulcanic landscape and a sun. El teide national park in Tenerife, spain
Vulcanic landscape and a vulcano, el teide national park in Tenerife, spain.
El teide, large vulcano in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.
Sunbeams in a rock. Wild landscape, sunset.
Forest with a path and fallen leafs in autumn, Netherlands

A slug, mushrooms and fallen leaves on green moss.  Outdoors, natural environment.
Autumn scenery: Group of mushrooms growing on a mossy tree with fallen leaves.
Group of mushrooms growing on a mossy tree. In the background are fallen leaves.
Small purple mushrooms in a field of grass with falles leaves. Close up photo.
Two mushrooms in a field of grass. Photographed from above.
Mushroom with dirt growing among moss and grass. Next to the mushroom are some small mushrooms and an acorn.
Mushroom growing in a field of grass. Close up photo.
Blue/purple flowers (Blue-eyed Grass) on the foreground. In the background a weeping willow.
Close up of a yellow narcissus in the sun. Beginning of spring.
Yellow narcissus in the sun. Close up of a blooming flower in spring. Yellow and green background.
Stunning sunset in nature with a dream house. The nature is a frozen lake, a forest with trees and snow. The house is standing in the middle of nature, a beautiful spot.
Branch of a tree and fallen leaves with snow. Cut down tree in the foreground and a forest in the background.
Branch of a tree and fallen leaves with snow. Outside in the forest. Cut down tree.
Branch covered with snow. Contrast of colors and white. Close up photo of nature in winter.
Nature in cold winter. Close up photo of mushrooms and snow outside.
Mushrooms covered in snow during winter. Healthy food.
Mushrooms covered in snow. Close up photo made in winter.
Frozen water drop on a branch. Black and whote photo. Cold winter.
Water drop frozen on a tree. Beginning to melt at the end of winter.
Close up of melting snow on a branch. Cold winter with ice. Black and white photo.
People on the beach. In the background are dunes. Scheveningen beach in the Netherlands.
Head of a baby doll with bright blue eyes. Toy for a child.
Beautiful pink flowers.
Orange flowers in the sun.
Old European church. The Great Saint Martin Church is a Romanesque Catholic church in Cologne, Germany
Wild landscape seen from a boat. Scottish highlands, Loch Linnhe.
Mushrooms on a tree.The sun is shining through the mushrooms, giving them a golden glow. On a mushroom is a spider. Background with green, blue and white, out of focus..
Path covered with leaves fallen from the trees in a forest. Autumn scenery.
Rusty gate locked with a blue and orange rope for safety.
Beautiful nature; lake reflecting clouds and trees.
Fat cat, white and red/orange, walking on the street
Man sitting in a cafe with coffee an cake
Man walking in a forest with tall bald trees in black and white.  Forest is looking spooky.
Two small mushrooms in a forest. Close up photo.
Horseshoe bend, Colorado river, Arizona. The sun is going down. Tourists are photographing. Great colours in the water.
Big impressive waterfall in great light. This is the Wli Waterfall in Ghana. Africa. A great place for travelling and backpacking.
Sunbeams and buddhist prayer flags
Sparkler in a background of colorful lights
Burning candle with colorful lights in the background
Serene scenery: water and stones
Pink/purple magnolia flower blooming
Abstract view of trees in black and white
Wild colorful flowers
Sunset seen from the airplane
Two houses standing in the middle of wild nature
Adventurer hiking in wild nature
Serene landscape, waterfall, lake, flower, peaceful
Old yellow telephone booth
Safari in Africa: Zebra's, wildebeests and birds on savanna
Close up off a blowball with purple
Wooden boards leading the way
Small airplane during sunset
Man walking in the forest
Relaxing chairs made from bamboo
Man overlooking a valley
Reflection in the water of two people sitting on a boat
Solitary wild ostrich looking at a lake in Africa
Japanese garden with water, plants and a temple
Group of dolphins swimming
Dirt road with drifting sand in Africa
Flower looking like a smiling face
Amazing colours in lower antelope canyon, USA
Supercute baby red colobus monkey hanging in a tree
Boat by the river
Buffaloes and birds, Safari in Africa
Sun beams at sunset in Cholla Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree National Park, California
Dramatic low clouds hanging over the cliffs in Big Sur National Park, Calafornia
Dangerous scaffold in third world
Dutch landscape with animals, water and boat
Adventurer walking next to the railroad
Silhouette of a man watching sunset in the water
Authentic african city at the sea
Serene image of water drops on a flower
Boat in african village
Flowing waterfall with multiple levels
Scottish landscape with sunbeams and water
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