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I see myself as a hobbyist photographer. I photograph everything that caught my eyes. Every picture in my collection is part of my life's journey.

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Online pickup sign painted in parking area
Police sign in the uniform of policeman
Sorry we're closed but still awesome signboard posted in a brick wall near the door
Sentosa, Singapore - June 11, 2014: Sesame Street characters are performing in front of the crowds at Universal Studio Singapore.
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada - October 8, 2019: Election Canada voter information cards over small Canadian flag.
Indian River, Ontario, Canada - May 31, 2020: Building of Indian River Reptile Zoo.
Peterborough, Canada - September 11, 2019:  Sculpture dedicated by the Peterborough and District Labour Council to the men and women workers past, present and future in Millennium Park.
Toronto, Canada - May 30, 2017: Signage of Nordstrom store at Eaton Centre, Toronto.
Singapore - June 11, 2014: Sesame street muppets performing in Universal Studios Singapore.
Markham, Ontario, Canada - October 6, 2019: Tourists visiting Millenium Bandstand in the Village of Unionville.
Cross symbol in a brick wall
Hospital building
Rainy day
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada - December 5, 2018: A cup of coffee above assorted Keurig k-cup pods.
Timmins, Ontario, Canada - July 20, 2018: Northern College campus in Timmins.
Volleyball court with white sands in a beautiful day
Peterborough, Ontario, Canda - September 1, 2019: Beautiful sign of Peterborough County along the road.
Electric vehicle symbol painted in parking lot
Eat here sign hanging in front of the restaurant
New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada - September 3, 2017: Exterior of McDonald's Store in New Liskeard, Ontario.
Exit sign above the door
Toronto, Canada - September 13, 2014: A sign of an Apple company in front of their Toronto store.
Sewer with clean water in the lake
Envelope with Canada written in it and white folded paper
Kingston, Canada - April 12, 2019: Exterior of The Prince George Hotel in downtown Kingston, Ontario.
Steel light post in downtown
North Bay City signage
Green grass and wooden fence in beautiful blue skies
Carlsbad, California - January 13, 2018:  Tourists visit Legoland California in a sunny day.
No smoking in public places posted in metal pole
Toronto, Canada - May, 29, 2017: Buildings of Canada's big banks in Toronto's Financial District.
Timmins, Ontario, Canada - June 29,2018: Sign of Scotiabank in front of the building.
Pump House Steam Museum building  in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Little girl running away with the view of San Diego skyline in backdrop
Cathedral catholic school building
Toronto Stock exchange building
Cerritos, California - January 16, 2018: Sign of Comerica Bank.
Balconies of residential building
Teresa, Rizal, Philippines -  February 20, 2018: Symbol of Jollibee store in a blue sky.
No smoking sign
Police sign in policeman's uniform
Truck and trailer parking only
Electric powered parachute in a red sky
Two men biking in a trail
Box of sweet clementines
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada - June 5, 2018: Car seen in front of drive thru counter of Tim Hortons.
Timmins, Ontario, Canada - July 11, 2018: Truck full of logs and an empty truck seen in Timmins.
San Diego, California - Januray 14, 2018: Hilton San Diego Bayfront.
Beautiful classic lighted outdoor chandelier
Ottawa, Canada - May 24, 2015: Sign of National Headquarters of Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.
Warning slippery floor sign on the wall
Plastic caution wet floor sign
Smoke coming out in manufacturing factory
Plaza de la Catedral sign on the wall
Plaza de la Catedral sign
Beautiful design of old balcony
Blooming lavender flowers in the field
Sunflower plants with sun flares in blue sky
Sunflower plants in a blue sky
Beautiful sunflowers blooming in the farm
Beautiful sunflowers blooming in the field
Barn in the middle of the field
Wooden fence in a beautiful day
Beautiful sunflower in blue sky
Lone sunflower in blue sky
Havana, Cuba - November 27, 2013: Women drivers in yellow uniform waiting for passengers to ride coco taxi in the street of Havana.
Havana, Cuba - November 27, 2013: Steel outline of Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriaran on the Ministry of Informatics and Communication in Revolution Square.
Havana, Cuba - November 27, 2013: Steel outline of famous Che Guevara on the Ministry of Informatics and Communication in Revolution Square.
Havana, Cuba - November 27, 2013: Steel outline of Che Guevara on the Ministry of Informatics and Communication in Revolution Square.
Girl walking alone at Ranney Gorge suspension bridge
Havana, Cuba - November 27, 2013: Old exotic taxi car  in the street of Havana.
Street signs in Havana, Cuba
Facade of an old building
Design of  an old red door
Lighted chandelier hanging in the ceiling
Symbol of people slipping on the floor
Beach straw huts and sun beds
Beach hut with couple walking in the horizon
Empty beach beds under the straw hut
Straw hut and sun beds in a sandy beach
Straw shed and hut in a sandy beach
Table setting in the restaurant
Wine glasses and cutleries in the table
Swimming pool with clean water
Swimming pool rubber mat float
Swimming pool rubber mat float at poolside
Look up view of basketball ring with net
Basketball ring with net in a cloudy sky
Wooden dock in a lake in a sunny day
Road with cars in a beautiful day
Painting stone with yellow color
Wild grape vine backgrounds and textures
Lakefield, Ontario, Canada - July 10, 2020: Sailing boats seen docked at Lakefield Marina.
Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada - July 22, 2020: Signs of Arts and Heritage trail in Kawartha Lakes.
Two horses in the field
Carlsbad, California - January 13, 2018: Panda made of lego bricks on display in Legoland.
Wine glasses on top of the table
Empty seat in the patio
Buttermilk valley at Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada
Swimming pool with clean blue water
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