Laura Lee Cobb

Laura Lee Cobb

Photography has been my passion since 2012. Follow me on social media for all the latest! <3 Hope you enjoy my photos! <3
United States
United States

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Tree & Roots
Macro Eye - Abstract extreme close up shot. Beautiful eye colored by a rainbow of colors.
eerie black and white Doll - studio portrait session
A stunning landscape view of the Hernando de Soto Bridge in Memphis, TN
Utility Pole & distribution transformer
Back yard camping under stormy skies
Se Habla Español ("Spanish Is Spoken Here")
Time Flies
Vintage Box Camera with Claw Feet
A rainbow color wheel on a white background
Time Flies - Vintage clock on black and white light rays
A merry go round in an old, abandoned park
All Seeing Eye - Abstract extreme close up shot. Beautiful eye colored by a rainbow of colors.
Audition Sign on black
Turtle crossing the road with oncoming car

Note: No turtle was harmed in the capture of this image. We were pulled over to photograph and parked until the turtle crossed. Motion blur is added effect.
Handgun - isolated on a white background
Texas State Flag
United States Flag
Beer glass & nightlife
Old brick garage with a weathered  red door and window
Cosmic blast. This abstract black hole resembles the human eye and is surrounded by an outward blast of color.
Girl giving a flower
Hot Apple Cider with a Cinnamon Stick
Marina fishing pass. Rusty sign w/ pier in the background blurred
The hands of time - Ticking Clock
Dead Tree in Black and White
Dead Trees in black and white
A Colorful Dandelion wishing flower
Poisonous Snakes & Insects Sign
Clouds in the sky
Mattress in the Woods
A rainbow color wheel on a white background
Dark Passage - A light at the end of the wooded tunnel.
Dog panting
Light on the Tracks. There is light off in the distance on these RR tracks with cloudy weather and lens flare.
American Flag
Dog with a Ball
One Dollar Bill  Crowd Silhouette
A rainbow pinwheel on a white background
East West Road Sign Blank
Empty chair on Stage
STOP Sign in black & white and color.
Chair in a field
footbridge / fishing pier (abandoned)
2 Hour Parking City Street Sign with building and blue sky in the background
RR Crossing Sign
Tangled fishing line
Winter Holly Berries Possumhaw
Cypress Tree changing color.
Sunshine after the rain. A lone tree after a heavy storm. Storm clouds and sunshine in the background with lens flare
Stacks of twenty dollar bills
Vintage jewelry displayed on a silver stand
Vintage Games. A jacks set, red rubber ball and colorful sticks have been isolated on a light background
Blank Speed Limit Sign with striking colors, sharp contrast and lens flare
Landscape at sunset w/ moon
A toy T-Rex  w/ a ferocious roar
Woman Surprised
Woman Thinking
Colorful Fireworks
Woman thinking
Woman looking over sunglasses. Surprised expression
CLOSED: Sign hanging across a road
Corn Fields
Beautiful Infrastructure
Outdoor Water Faucet
Gibbon in her tree watching butterflies
Bridge on a Sunny Day
Bridge over River
Spring Landscape / Tree
Metal Detector Coil
Players & Coaches Sign
Bright Light Background / Concept
Black and White Bridge
Vibrant sunrise over a wide open landscape & body of water
Dog Car Ride
Fiery Sunrise
Texas flag isolated on white
Close up portrait of a woman looking up
Bare Tree at Dawn
A rainbow pinwheel on a white background
Rainbow lines on a white background
Autumn Colors: A gazebo surrounded by colorful fall foliage
Victorian Canon
Playing with Shadows - An interestingly lit selfie-style shot of a man's face
Lightning strike & matrix style letters.
Binary glitch & technology 2. Abstract w/ dark background
Digital matrix / abstract background
WARNING Deep Water Sign
Rotten Pumpkin. Photograph of a rotten Jack O Lantern edited to look like a sketch
A stop sign with southwestern background
Blank Road Sign up against a bright sky with lens flare
Film reels & filmstrips isolated on white with lens flare
These fresh ingredients, vinegar, and oils are isolated on a light background.
Wilted Red Daisy. this flower stands alone against a gray background
Side Rear-View Mirror. Reflections of fluffy clouds with rural scenery & motion blur in the background.
OLD CHIMNEY: damaged stucco with original brick exposed & year round holiday lights.
Merry Christmas
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