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New York City - June 29, 2013:  The Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway, home to the long-running musical Mama Mia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - August 23, 2009:  Seated sculpture of Benjamin Franklin at the Franklin Institute Museum *
Manheim, Pennsylvania - October 17, 2015:  A vintage late 1950's Cadillac Eldorado convertible at the Manheim Classic Car Show and Parade
New York City - July 24, 2009:    Amusing Bernie Madoff fire sale sign in a guitar shop on West 23rd Street in Chelsea
New York City - June 29, 2013:   Members of The Trevor Project with their orange banner marching in the 2013 Gay Pride Parade on Fifth Avenue
New York City - March 27, 2016:  Two men with creative bonnets at the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade *
New York City - March 7, 2006:  Students sitting on the Columbia University Library steps next to the famed Alma Mater sculpture
Woodbury, Connecticut - September 15, 2014:  Circa 1680 wooden clapboard Hurd House, headquarters of the Old Woodbury Historical Society, with its stone central chimney *
Ronks, Pennsylvania - June 4, 2015:  Vintage caboose from a former American railroad now serves as lodgings at the Red Caboose Motel  *
Chengdu, China:  A flock of doves circles the ornate bell tower with its flying eaved roofs at the Zhao Jue Buddhist Temple
Portsmouth, Rhode Island - July 16, 2015:  A regal topiary lion surrounded by colorful annuals at Green Animals Topiary Gardens
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS:   A handsome clock adorns the facade of the historic 1713 Old State House at the corner of State and Washington Streets is a landmark site on the Freedom Trail
Sudbury, Massachusetts - July 9, 2013:  1716 Wayside Inn, immortalised by poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his "Tales of the Wayside Inn", provides lodging and fine dining to travelers
Washington, DC - April 10, 2014:  The south front of the White House with its formal gardens and fountain  *
Moncure, North Carolina - January 23, 2017:  Dried pine tree needles cover the ground beneath a forest of conifers next to Seaforth Beach at Jordan Lake State Park
Baltimore, MD - July 22, 2013:  Small boats ply the waters at Inner Harbor in front of the ultra-modern National Aquarium and the Lightship Chesapeake
NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT:  The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University
NYC - July 15, 2011:  Bicyclists enjoy a summer afternoon on the Hudson River bike path sandwiched between the Hudson River and the Miller Highway (Router 9) on the west side of Manhattan
Nantucket, Massachusetts - October 12, 2009:  Charming sign depicting an early 19th century whaling ship at the Chamber of Commerce
Mystic, Connecticut - July 11, 2015:  1874 Thomas Oyster Co. house at Mystic Seaport was originally from New Haven, Connecticut
New Bern, North Carolina - April 24, 2016:  Banners hung on lamp post yardarms promote New Bern as the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola
Hershey, Pennsylvania - June 7, 2015:  Hershey Trolley Works Chocolate Avenue No. 4 ready to take visitors on a tour of the town  *
Lexington, Massachusetts - July 12, 2013: 1735 Munroe Tavern housed the British Field Hospital and Officer's Headquarters on the eve of April 18, 1775, the night before the Battle of Lexington  *
LI'AN VILLAGE, CHINA - NOVr 26, 2007:  Little Chinese school children gathered in a group are all smiles
Stockbridge, Massachusetts - September 16, 2014:  Norman Rockwell's Studio with cupola and weather vane at the Norman Rockwell Museum  *
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - June 25, 2013:  Historic sign in front of the Betsy Ross House at 239 Arch Street
Nantucket Island, Massachusetts - October 12, 2008:  Former residence of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin Hart built in 1852 now serves as a small regional museum
New York City - July 18, 2010:   Children splashing one another with water guns is part of the big fun at the Thingyan Burmese Water Festival
Stockbridge, Massachusetts September 16, 2014:  Norman Rockwell's Studio with cupola and weather vane at the Norman Rockwell Museum *
New York City - April 27,  2013:  Crowds stroll past legendary Zabar's food emporium on Broadway at West 80th Street on Manhattan's trendy Upper West Side
Melacca, Malaysia - December 27, 2006:  Hand-painted facade of a Nyonya heritage house on Jonker Walk with arched windows featuring large fans and louvered shutters
Baltimore, Maryland - July 24, 2013:   Man helps a young boy seated in a wheelchair to board an Orange Route free circulator bus on Pratt Street
Hillsborough, North Carolina - April 20, 2016:  1790 Home of Quaker Alexander Dixon, now the town visitor center
Lancaster, Pennsylvania - October 14, 2015:  Landis Valley House Hotel built in 1856 by Jacob Landis, Jr. at the Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum *
Lancaster, Pennsylvania - October 18, 2015:  White fences, pathways, trees with Autumn foliage, and the Old Farm Equipment Shed-Corn Barn at the Amish Farm and House Museum *
Patong / Phuket, Thailand - January 6, 2007:  Western tourists lying on mats getting a massage on Patong Beach from two Thai women
New York City - May 22,2011:  Buddhist-Japanese group SOH DAIKO musician playing a reed instrument at the 32nd Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Festival 2011 in Union Square
Woodbury, Connecticut - September 15, 2014:  The 1750 colonial-era Glebe House with its unusual combination of gambrel and saltbox roof styles
NYC - May 19, 2006:  A classic vintage automobile owned by the Oz Moving & Storage Company on display next to their booth at an Amsterdam Avenue Street Festival
New York City - November 15, 2015:  Giant billboard for Disney's "The Lion King" and ABC-TV's crawl screen in Times Square
Hershey, Pennsylvania - June 7, 2015:  Visitors entering the immense Hershey's Chocolate World super store
Beijing, China - May 1, 2005:  Rows of Chinese soldiers stand at attention during the evening lowering of the flag ritual in Tiananmen Square
New York City - July 4, 2009:  Billboard in red and white for Target stores in Times Square on 42nd Street at 7th Avenue
New York City - May 28, 2012:  Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaking at the 2012 Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremonies at the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Riverside Park
Lancaster, Pennsylvania - October 18, 2015:  Interior of the Willow Lane one room Amish school house at the Amish Farm and House Museum   *
New York City - July 4, 2009:  The legendary New Amsterdam Theatre on West 42nd Street, home to the Broadway musical "Mary Poppins"
Lexington, Massachusetts- July 10, 2013: Minuteman statue of Captain John Parker on the Village Green where the Battle of Lexington ignited the American Revolution on 19 April 1775  *
New York City - July 17, 2009: Lions of Judah flank Ten Commandments tablets above the entrance to Congregation Eumanath Israel on West 23rd Street in Chelsea
Li'an Village, China - November 26, 2007:  A group of smiling Chinese children wearing their regulation red scarves gather outside their school
Newark, New Jersey - July 4, 2009:  Marquee of the former Paramount NEWARK movie theatre on Market Street
Provincetown, Massachusetts - September 6, 2009:  Bas relief panel on base of the Pilgrim Monument depicts Pilgrims signing the Mayflower Compact in 1620
New York City - September 2, 2009:  Three women seated on stone bench in front of the Library of Columbia University
Yonkers, NY - August 6, 2012:  Metro-North Railway sign on the Yonkers railroad station platform
Lancaster, Pennsylvania - June 8, 2015:   Federal-style historic Wheatland mansion, home of James Buchanan. the 15th President of the United States *
Beijing, China - May 1, 2005:  Rows of Chinese soldiers stand at attention during the evening lowering of the flag ritual in Tiananmen Square
Hershey, Pennsylvania - June 7, 2015:  The Rose Garden gazebo with climbing pink roses at the renowned Hershey Gardens *
Guilford, Connecticut - July 10, 2015:  Historic stone 1639 Rev. Henry Whitfield House and Museum originally served as both a protective fort and the minister's home
Singapore - December 22, 2007:  The Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage surrounded by a moat filled with lily pads is used for outdoor concerts at the Singapore Botanic Gardens
Pengzhou, China - May 24, 2007:  A group of smiling Chinese children at the Miao-Miao school on National Children's Day
Newton, Massachusetts - July 14, 2013: The D Line Riverside subway train of the Boston "T" municipal transportation system pulling into the Newton Centre station
Bennington, Vermont - September 19, 2014:  Vermont - View along historic Vermont State Route 7 to the distant Green Mountains   *
Chengdu, China - November 3, 2009:  Starbucks Coffee emporium in a finely renovated home on Zhai Alley in Old Town
Baltimore, Maryland - July 22, 2013: Smoke blows from the nostrils of a giant green dragon snaked over the entrance to the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum at Inner Harbor
Wilmington, Delaware - October 20, 2015:  AMTRAK's Acela Train #2160 arriving on Track 2 at the Wilmington Train Station
New York City - July 2, 2011:  Alice Tully Hall and the Juilliard School of Music at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Pittsfield, Massachusetts - September 17, 2014 :  American author Herman Melville's home, Arrowhead, where he wrote the classic novel "Moby Dick"
Washington, DC- April 10, 2014:  The North front of the White house with its grand entrance  portico and fountain
New York City - May 23, 2015:  A single white rose left in tribute amongst the inscribed victims names surrounding the 9/11 Memorial south tower footprint
Sleepy Hollow, NY - July 9, 2009:  The beautiful setting at historic c. 1750 Philipsburg Manor with the grist mill at left and the Frederick Philipse Manor house
Boston, Massachusetts - July 14, 2013:  19th century brick homes with front curved bays  Beacon Hill's historic Louisburg Square
Pengzhou, China - March 17, 2010:  Farmers at work in a field harvesting Spring crops of green garlic
New York City - August 1, 2013:  Queensboro (59th Street) Bridge over the East River and Roosevelt Island tramway tower
New York City - July 4, 2009:  Statue of famed showman George M. Cohan and huge outdoor billboards promoting Broadway musicals in Times Square
Newark, New Jersey - July 18, 2012: NJ Transit light rail trolley stopped at the Washington Park station
Medford, Massachusetts- September 5, 2009:  National historic landmark 18th century Georgian Isaac Royall House built between 1733-1737
NYC - May 18, 2014:  Two women wearing ballet tutus marching in the annual AIDS WALK NYC 2014 walkathon raising money to fight AIDS
New York City - September 2, 2009: : Orientation leader (in blue tee-shirt) briefs a group of new students from China about life on campus at Columbia University
Washington, DC - April 11, 2014:  The Hirshhorn Museum of Art designed by Gordon Bunshaft jokingly known as the "Doughnut on the Mall"
Sanya / Hainan, China - MAY 16, 2009:  Set on a small man-made island in the sea the 108 meters high Bodhisattva Guan Yin Chinese Buddhist Goddess of mercy is the fourth largest statue in the world
New York City - July 12, 2009:   Young boy with super soaker water gun at the annual Burmese Thingyan Water Festival in Chinatown
New York City - July 13, 2007:  Beautifully restored early 20th century brownstones with stoops on West 120th Street in Harlem
Brooklyn, NY - August 13, 2007:  IKEA flags fly from metal poles at the entrance to the Red Hook Brooklyn IKEA superstore
Hopewell, Pennsylvania - October 15, 2015:  Buckley & Brooke Office and Store at Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site
New York City - November 15, 2015:  Billboards advertising hit Broadway musicals Kinky Boots, An American in Paris, and Matilda in Times Square *
Newark, New Jersey - July 18, 2012:  A NJ Transit system bus on Washington Street
New York City - June 26, 2010:  Former U. S. Congressman Anthony Weiner marching in the 2010 Gay Pride Parade on Fifth Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island - July 16, 2015: 1763 Touro Synagogue, built by the Jeshuat Israel colonial congregation, is the oldest Jewish synagogue in the United States
Solomon's Island, Maryland - September 9, 2011: Hexagonal 1883 Drum Point Lighthouse at the open-air Calvert Marine Museum
Chengdu, China - April 28, 2007:  Smiling sales clerk wearing a red sash in the doorway of a trendy sporting goods shop on Chun Xi Street
Woodstock, Connecticut - July 11, 2015:  1846 gothic revival Roseland Cottage built for NYC businessman Henry Bowen with its boxwood and flower gardens
Middletown, Rhode Island - July 18, 2015:  Visitors on a tour at the renowned Newport Winery vineyards learn about viticulture
Newark, New Jersey - July 4, 2009: Yellow Day Lilies and trees in front of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center at 1 Center Street
Chapel Hill, North Carolina - April 19, 2016:  Newly built contemporary homes line a street at the Briar Chapel residential Village
Baltimore, Maryland - July 22, 2013: The Vagabond Theatre along with specialty shops, pubs, and restaurants housed in 18th and 19th century buildings at historic Fells Point
Mount Hope, Pennsylvania - October 17,  2015:  The King of the Faire emoting for visitors to the annual Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
New York City - May 23, 2015:  9/11 Memorial north tower footprint with cascading waterfalls and the rising Santiago Calatrava PATH Transportation Center with its distinctive soaring white wings  *
Baltimore, Maryland - July 23, 2013:  Clockfaces of the 1911 Bromo-Seltzer Arts Tower on Lombard Street
NYC - June 29, 2014:  Marchers with banner for Chelsea Manning, a Wikileaks whistleblower, marching at the 2014 Gay Pride Parade on Fifth Avenue
Baltimore,Maryland - July 24, 2013:  18th century federal era colonial homes on Montgomery Street in the Federal Hill historic district *
New York City - August 14, 2009:  Art deco bas relief over east entrance to the GE Building at 30 Rockefeller Center
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